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Super Ninja Steel Episode 18 Spoilers

Power Rangers’ international spoilers have returned, as countries outside the United States have begun to blow the doors open on all of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel’s second half episodes.

Today, France aired Episode 18 of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel on Canal J, a French TV station which airs blocks of children’s programming.

France is currently scheduled to air new episodes every weekday. As always, international airing patterns tend to be much more fluid, so the schedule is subject to change at any moment.

The United States will air new episodes of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel every Saturday at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon.

Below, fans can find spoilers from Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel’s 18th episode, courtesy of French fan Sungel:

Episode 18 – Magic Misfire
Airdate: October 27
Tynamon kidnaps Mick, allowing Madame Odius to launch her diabolical final plan.


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Madame Odius discovers Tynamon’s secret. He’s a small man inside of a larger, robot body who one day dreams to be tall. Madame Odius decides to use Tynamon’s small size to her advantage and equips him with a new weapon that can brainwash anyone.

Back at school, magic club begins, and Victor and Monty arrive. A bee flies into the club, and Victory and Monty freak out, making a mess.

The magic club teacher isn’t happy about the mess, and wants to shut the club down. Not wanting to see his favorite club go, Preston casts a spell on the bee that puts it to sleep. But it also hits the teacher.

Principal Hastings walks into the magic club, sees the teacher sleeping, and fires him. But the Rangers know it wasn’t the teacher’s fault.

Back at the Rangers’ base, Tynamon sneaks in using his tiny size, and brainwashes Mick.

The Rangers begin to campaign for Principal Hastings to re-instate their teacher, but the plan doesn’t work. So Calvin devises a new plan – the Rangers can set up a ninja plan that puts Principal Hastings to sleep. Their plan works, Principal Hastings is caught sleeping, and she immediately learns her lesson about how people can make simple mistakes.

She decides to reinstate the magic club teacher.

Tynamon soon attacks, and Madame Odius makes his dream to become tall come true by Gigantifying him. The Rangers destroy him using their Megazord.

The episode ends as Mick informs the Rangers that he must travel back to the Lion Galaxy to visit his sickly parents. But it’s revealed that Mick is lying. He’s actually traveled to Madame Odius’ ship, under her control.

Madame Odius’ final plan is to use Mick to build a satellite so large, it could brainwash the entire planet.

To be continued…

15 thoughts on “Super Ninja Steel Episode 18 Spoilers

  1. This is not good at all. The rangers must need to fine a way to break the spell on Mick in episode 19. I have a bad fleeing about this. In episode 19. Madame Odius fine the rangers HQ.

      1. It’s time to stop appearing the comedic duo. They’re useless and just ruined the main plot. It’s okay to creating two supporting characters, but should be developing characters. Almost 10 times Pr always making comedic duo which have their scenes without related with rangers stories.

  2. I just want Super Seasons to be over. I’m so tired of Super Seasons. Hasbro please please put an end to the 2 year crap. No more Super Seasons and no more 20 episode seasons and no more crappy holiday specials. I want 1 year seasons with more episodes. Doesn’t have to be a big jump in number of episodes. Even if we only get 26 episodes which is the average length of 1 season of all kids shows these days. I’ll be happy with that.

  3. I see a lot of negative comments about this show. I just want to know why is there so much hate for it? I haven’t seen the recent episodes lately, but from the episodes I did see, they were good. In my opinion, I think it’s a decent season, and no one bash me for this. Sure, it has it’s flaws but doesn’t every season of Power Rangers have some sort of flaw? And all this hype for Beast Morphers. I’m ready for it, but how do we they aren’t setting us up for disappointment?

    1. Personally, I like Ninja Steel. I have to admit to its flaws, but every show has flaws. In my opinion, Ninja Steel is better than Dino Charge. Also, how do we know the episode it terrible if you haven’t even seen the episode? Just because the spoilers seem bad doesn’t mean the episode itself is bad! Give the show a chance! Like how you gave Dino Charge a chance. Also, at the very least, Ninja Steel is better then Megaforce

      1. Thank you! I like your statement. Like Den of Geek, Japanime, and other review pages either have meh or negative reviews on it. Like, what do they want from the show? Now I will say, at a few points, the writing was kind of cringeworthy, but that was like a few times. And obviously Ninja Steel is doing something good if they’re nominated for awards shows and review pages keep watching it every Saturday yet they made it obvious they don’t like the show.

  4. okay were almost at the end of power rangers super ninja steel there only four episodes left plus the specials just call the final episode is the power of the ninja nexus prism is the last episode in power rangers history before the first look at the new series power rangers beast morphers coming in february on nick and on dvd the complete season of power rangers super ninja steel on dvd like a four dvd set if lionsgate reveal the annouce date in 2019 i love power rangers and next halloween i will be red beast morphers ranger and help everybody with the others rangers

  5. Saw the episode. Fairly decent, and very entertaining, unless you’re Den of Geek’s Shamus Kelley. DO NOT READ HIS REVIEWS EVER! Trust me, it ain’t worth the read. Unless you like reviews who gives questionably, unreasonable ratings for a show that he said “was bad for children” and goes into babyish nitpicking.

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