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Super Ninja Steel Primary Villain Revealed?


Has the primary villain for Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel been revealed?

The show’s 25th anniversary season will commence on Nickelodeon in 2018. And while Saban Brands has yet to reveal any official details on the highly anticipated season (although that is expected to change at Licensing Expo in 3 weeks), small elements have begun to surface.

A new Instagram post from shirt designer Valentine Arnel revealed the Cast & Crew t-shirt for the conclusion of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel’s filming (seen below). In addition to the first look at the season logo in color, fans may also recognize the face of a new villain on the shirt’s center.


The villain depicted was named Juza Yumihari in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Japan’s Sentai season fueling the overseas adaptation of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. Exclusive to Ninninger’s summer movie, the villain could very well become the primary antagonist of Power Rangers’ silver anniversary season.

The move would resemble what Chip Lynn, the show’s executive producer, ultimately decided to act on in Power Rangers Dino Super Charge – taking a movie exclusive villain from Japan’s Sentai, and turning him into Snide, the Dino Super Charge Rangers’ primary foe.

For now, details on Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel’s villains remain as speculation only. Will Galvanax stick around to battle the Ninja Steel Rangers into 2018?

Be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW as more details on Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel are revealed.

13 thoughts on “Super Ninja Steel Primary Villain Revealed?

  1. Maybe we should have to take rumor for Yuru-Chara Jigen to become Cutiecon in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel: She will have the power to transform into one of the villains from the past.

  2. Just like Snide was adapted from Neo-Geildon from Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters, but he was the main villain for Dino Super Charge for a while. And for Juza Yumihari will be adapted to Super Ninja Steel but his counterpart name has not yet revealed.

  3. what if he the true villian and even galvanax works únder him like how the Main villian, and ruthless bounty hunter sledge only caputured outlaw for he worked for and feared Lord arcanon and maybe at the end maybe galvanax gets a power star and destroys his boss to regin control of the warrior dome. I really don’nt care as Long as he not a boring villian like ripcon, galvanax who so far do not have a flesh out back story, you say the same about Madame odious myterious plans to ‘overthrow galvanax ‘ saves her from being a boring villian. I’m just họpe hẻ not just another boing gẻneral, galvanax army already had 3 and only 2 of them are some what intertaining , but that only because cosmo royal is sometimes funny.

    1. Brax probably end up working for Odius, his sentai counterpart only showed up for 4 episodes, the more likely chose is keep Odius, Sledge takes over, Juza Yumhari, or Massakage.

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