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Talon Ranger Is Now The Dark Ranger


The Talon Ranger is now known as the Dark Ranger.

While the character never appeared in Power Rangers Dino Charge or Power Rangers Dino Super Charge in 2015-2016, the newly named Dark Ranger will make his first canon appearance in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #31, a comic book releasing in September 2018 from BOOM! Studios (recap here).

The issue will be the first story written by new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book writer Marguerite Bennett, who has yet to reveal exactly how the Dark Ranger is joining the team.

The Dark Ranger will team up with Andros (Red Ranger, Power Rangers In Space), Mike (Magna Defender, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy), Tanya (Yellow Ranger, Power Rangers Zeo), Cam (Green Ranger, Power Rangers Ninja Storm), and the Ranger Slayer to form a new, core team of Rangers.

The identity of the Dark Ranger is not yet known.

Fans will recognize the Dark Ranger as an evil character from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, the Japanese Sentai season fueling Power Rangers Dino Charge‘s adaption by Saban Brands.

The character was extremely popular overseas, and ultimately left fans disappointed when he didn’t appear on the actual TV show. Fans were teased that the character might appear at some point when the name “Talon Ranger” was leaked from Bandai America’s Power Rangers Dino Charge Morpher toy product.

Still, the Talon Ranger never came to fruition, and fans were left to believe that the character was long gone.

However, BOOM! Studios is changing that narrative. The Talon Ranger lives, but under the name Dark Ranger.

How exactly has the Dark Ranger, and the powers of his Dark Energem, entered BOOM! Studios’ comic book universe? What kind of personality does this brand new character have? Who is the Dark Ranger? Fans can look forward to those answers when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #31 hits comic book store shelves this September.

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33 thoughts on “Talon Ranger Is Now The Dark Ranger

  1. I hope it’s Heckyll taking up the mantle, I thought he was going to become the Talon Ranger in the show but was disappointed not to see him dawn the suit.

  2. That would be me has the dark ranger for Halloween I’m happy that the dark ranger is join the power rangers against evil but the dark ranger was never appeared on power rangers dino supercharge just heckyl and the dark energem what if the dark ranger will make it appearance with the legendary rangers on power rangers super ninja steel thanks to boom studios for mmpr #31 i will get it in august there will air new episodes of power rangers super ninja steel if they announced this year I want to be a dark power ranger be ready for power rangers beast morphers in 2019

  3. Listen to me Vaughn. I’m 33 years old so I’m not a young man. Hell I’m probably way older than you and who are you to tell me what to say and not say. You ain’t my Dad. So shut your damn mouth. I’m 33. Born in 1985. And I’m always keeping it real

    1. Mikey! I’m 32 years old okay?!

      And i’ve been watching PR since the golden days of both Fox and Fox Kids in ’90’s as well the silmey days of Nickelodeon also in the ’90’s!

      And this site doesn’t need any foulmouthing fowler punks like you to tell me to shut up!



  4. Please add the dark ranger to power rangers legacy wars game and make a fan film about the dark ranger from power rangers dino charge and dino supercharge cast me as the dark ranger for the power rangers shattered grid movie and go one on one with lord drakkon and rules the world and add 2017 green ranger from power rangers movie to legacy wars I love power rangers

  5. So Heckyl is The Dark Dino Charge Ranger! Why he’s going to destroy the team-up power rangers: ninja steel & dino charge?

  6. i want to be dino charge dark ranger please say yes i need a girlfriend to be a green ranger just like rita on power rangers movie has an alliance okay and i want to be the red beast morpher ranger on power rangers beast morphers coming 2019 on nick please reply thank you

  7. This so called new team is just the 2nd retro one since Operation Overdrive. Also, is this supposed to be a permanent Power Ranger team? What’s next, the new writer will be revealed as another toxic SJW? This is incredibly stupid. If your gonna create a new Power Ranger team, than why not make them a true American exclusive team like Power Rangers Hyperforce was? The only thing worse is Jonathan Tzachor and the head writer of Super Ninja Steel got involved in the comics. I don’t even wanna know how their Zords can combine with one another, which is supposed to be impossible. Not even Zord Builders could have it make sense out of that.

  8. Guys ! there are 2 other rangers who were missing .They are gold ranger from power rangers SPD and green ranger from power rangers megaforce .I think we can think about power rangers dino ultra charge In 2020 in which the talon ranger appears, but I think the talon ranger is an evil ranger because it’s Arcanon as in talon ranger fight on the evil talon ranger chargers there is Arcanon symbol .

    1. Yes and there is missing that in power ranger ninja steel green ranger. Pls say that i want to become the green ninja steel ranger

  9. but this is a green female ranger for the first time.The nexus prism should create another ranger which shall b-com the ice ranger.

  10. Star girl,there is awebsite that has new rangers of different kind.He should be given an award.I have forgotten the name of the website.

  11. And as for Abhijaya ther,is no gold ranger in S.P.D.The rangers that i know ar red,blue,green,yellow,pink,omega,shadow and cat ranger

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