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Tamashii Nations’ Diecast Dragonzord Revealed

Get those Dragon Daggers ready – it’s time to summon the Dragonzord!

After the highly successful release of the Diecast Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megazord, premiere collectible toy company Tamashii Nations is ready to follow up the hype with a Diecast Dragonzord.

The first photos of the toy surfaced from Amiami Hobby Toys and Twitter user @_Erasu, as seen below. The toy will release in July 2018 at an approximate price of $150.

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The Diecast Dragonzord will have full capability to combine and transform with the previously release Diecast Megazord.

The toy will draw similarities from the Diecast Megazord released in May 2017, which contained extreme articulation and incredible detail for the highest quality Megazord ever to be released.

Tamashii Nations released the toy under two names: one to represent Power Rangers, and one to represent Super Sentai. The Diecast Megazord/Soul of Chogokin was released in two box arts, one for each show. The Diecast Dragonzord/Dragon Caesar is expected to follow suit, allowing fans to add to their collection of Tamashii Nations’ Megazord products.

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  1. I dont think I ever saw SoC DaiZyujin/ Megazord for $499. I got mine for $300 and have seen it for around that.

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