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New Yellow Ranger Cast on Ninja Steel


Per an email to us from Saban Brands, Chantz Simpson, the original Yellow Ninja Steel Power Ranger has been re-cast. Now playing the role of Calvin the Yellow Ranger will be actor Nico Greetham.

Saban Brands also included the above behind-the-scenes picture of the Power Rangers Ninja Steel cast, as they prepare for filming to begin shortly.

“The Power Rangers Ninja Steel cast is on set and excited to start filming soon! For a sneak peek, check out this exclusive behind the scenes image of the cast.

Ranger Update: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the role of the Yellow Ranger was re-cast and we’re excited to announce the awesomely talented Nico Greetham will be playing the role of the Yellow Ranger. It’s going to be an amazing 24th season!”

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