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Thunder Ranger Legacy Figures Revealed


The Thunder Rangers are joining Bandai America’s Legacy Figure collection!

Originating from Power Rangers Ninja Storm in 2003, the Crimson and Navy Thunder Rangers first made their debut under the overwatch of villain mastermind Lothor, before later joining the Wind Rangers to help take down the forces of evil.

The brother tandem of Hunter and Blake Bradley will help further fans’ Power Rangers Ninja Storm Legacy Figure collections after the Red, Blue, and Yellow Rangers kicked off the popular toy line in 2016.

The news first broke when word leaked by Amazon/Walmart toy listings via Twitter user @JohnPGreen.

While no official release date has been given for the Thunder Ranger Legacy Figures, the toys are expected to be two of the final three unrevealed Legacy Figures slated for release in late 2018. The final unrevealed Legacy Figure is believed to be the Ninja Storm Green Ranger, although that remains unconfirmed at this time.

Should this presumption come to fruition, 2018 would allow fans to complete their Legacy Figure collections with full teams for every season that’s released thus far: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers In Space, Power Rangers Ninja Storm, and Power Rangers Dino Thunder – allowing 2019 to kick off with a fresh slate of seasons.

The most recent public Legacy Figure schedule currently has future waves mapped out as seen below.

Late 2017
Zeo Green Ranger
Zeo Yellow Ranger
Zeo Gold Ranger
Dino Thunder Red Ranger
Dino Thunder Blue Ranger

Early 2018
Zeo Red Ranger
Zeo Blue Ranger
Zeo Pink Ranger
Dino Thunder Yellow Ranger
Dino Thunder Black Ranger

Mid 2018
In Space Silver Ranger
Dino Thunder White Ranger
Psycho Red Ranger
Psycho Blue Ranger
Psycho Pink Ranger

Late 2018
Psycho Black Ranger
Psycho Yellow Ranger
Ninja Storm Crimson Ranger
Ninja Storm Navy Ranger
Ninja Storm Green Ranger (presumed)

Special Wave (Planned for Late 2018)
Ninja Steel Red Ranger
Ninja Steel Blue Ranger
Ninja Steel Yellow Ranger
Ninja Steel Pink Ranger
Ninja Steel White Ranger
Ninja Steel Gold Ranger

*It should be noted that although the Legacy Figures are split into waves, not all figures in a wave will release simultaneously, as evidenced by the delayed release of the Zeo Yellow Ranger.

All six heroes from Power Rangers Ninja Steel will release as a special wave (much like Saban’s 2017 Power Rangers Movie Legacy Figures) currently planned for the end of 2018, as confirmed to us by Bandai America.

At this time, it is unknown what weapons or Build-A-Figure pieces the Thunder Ranger Legacy Figures might include.

Bandai’s Power Rangers Legacy Figure line first started in 2016, consisting of premium collector’s edition figures at a $19.99 price point. Bandai originally announced plans to release an action figure for every Ranger ever.

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