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12th Kyuranger Revealed

The current Super Sentai season, Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger, already features a walloping lineup of 11 Rangers. But the show has no plans of slowing down, as Toei prepares to add a 12th Ranger and new power-up mode to the mix!

Today, HeroShock provided fans their first look at a second Red Ranger.

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The 12th Ranger (seen above) will add a second male Red Ranger to the team, going by the name of Houhou Solider. Embodying a Phoenix, the character will wield a sword and shield, and use a Rocket Voyager Zord/Mecha which can transform into a larger Megazord/robot.

Details on the new Red Ranger’s identity, have not yet been revealed. It’s possible the character could be passed off as a Crimson Ranger.

A new power-up mode for the Red Ranger was also revealed, giving the team leader a new White mode.


No other context on the new mode was provided. Stay tuned as more details surface.

Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger currently airs every Saturday in Japan. The season is expected to be adapted overseas as a Power Rangers season in 2019.

6 thoughts on “12th Kyuranger Revealed

  1. I knew these guys would appear! White is a separate person from the other Kyuuranger, as proven by Shou Ronpou’s Kyuutama collection. I’m curious about Houhou Soldier, according to some theorists he might appear 8 or 9 episodes from now. He seems really cool though.

  2. dank more like 13 astro force power rangers that new after power rangers super ninja steel that will be call power rangers astro force new teams new morphers new zords then new battlizer there will be two seasons based on kyurangers if saban brands will work on another power rangers series featuring power rangers 2 movie with the debut of the female green ranger which ever actress will revealed before next march of 2019 go go power rangers love power rangers I want to join both teams then save the world

  3. If you look closely you can see the same Lion design on the White helmet as it is also Shishi Red’s helmet design…I’m quite sure that this is like his ultimate form at this moment like AbareMax or whatever Triassic Mode was called in Abaranger again, he has his normal form, the Pegasus armor, a moon form, a sun form, and the White. The Houhou Soldier is seperate entirely which is cool because Lucky annoys me with his overuse of the word Luck and Lucky, hope that doesn’t carry over into Power Rangers after Zyuohger’s adapted

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