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Wave 2 Power Star Packs Released


UPDATE (8/4/2017): The Power Star Packs have reached a new low, as Walmart has discounted the Wave 2 series as low as 42 cents!

Bandai’s second wave of Power Rangers Ninja Steel Power Star Packs have been released!

Nine total packs are included in the second wave, with each pack including three Power Stars that fans can use to unlock exclusive sounds from their Power Rangers Ninja Steel battle gear. The nine team Power Stars featured in this wave are:

•Mighty Morphin
•Lost Galaxy
•Wild Force
•Ninja Storm
•Dino Thunder
•Operation Overdrive
•Jungle Fury
•Dino Charge

There are more Power Stars planned for a Wave 3 release later in 2017.

The all-new Wave 2 Power Stars were found at Walmart in both Oklahoma and Washington DC, by Twitter users @LinearRanger and @prfan1978.

And be sure to check out the premiere of Power Rangers Ninja Steel at 12pm ET, January 21 on Nickelodeon.


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