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Wave 3 Power Star Packs Released

Bandai’s third wave of Power Rangers Ninja Steel Power Star Packs have been released!

Six total packs are included in the third wave, with each pack including three Power Stars that fans can use to unlock exclusive sounds from their Power Rangers Ninja Steel battle gear. Among the highlights of stars included in this wave are:

•Power Rangers Samurai Team Star
•Power Rangers Super Megaforce Team Star
•Red Lightspeed Rescue Ranger Star
•Red Time Force Ranger Star
•Red Wild Force Ranger Star
•Red S.P.D. Ranger Star
•Red Super Samurai Ranger Star
•Red Megaforce Ranger Star

There are more Power Stars planned for a Wave 4 release later in 2017.

New Ninja Training Gear, Mega Morph Battle Stations, and Deluxe Battle Gear have also been released:

•Triple Sickle and Ninja Star Dagger Set
•Double Dagger and Battle Axe Set
•Mega Morph DX Claw Battle Station
•Rockstorm Guitar Blaster
•Ninja Master Blade

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The all-new toys were found at Toys R Us in Australia by Instagram users @PowerRangersToysAU.

And be sure to watch Power Rangers Ninja Steel every Saturday at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon.

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