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Wave One Power Morphicon 6 Guests Announced

The first wave of guests for Power Morphicon 6 have been announced!

Featuring 22 cast/crew members with previous ties to either Power Rangers or another form of American Toku (Japanese television brought overseas with an American influence), Wave 1 will be the first of several waves still to come announcing new guests that fans can interact with at the show – through Q&A panels, autograph signings, and photo ops.

Officially coming to Power Morphicon 6 in August 2018 are:

•Carla Perez – Rita Repulsa, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
•Romy J. Sharf – Alpha 5, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
•Sabrina Lu – Scorpina, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
•Carol Hoyt – Divatox, Power Rangers Turbo
•Derek Stephen Prince – Elgar, Power Rangers Turbo
•Selwyn Ward – T.J. Johnson, Power Rangers In Space
•Christopher Khayman Lee – Andros, Power Rangers In Space
•Tracy Lynn Cruz – Ashley Hammond, Power Rangers In Space
•Patrick David – Psycho Red Ranger, Power Rangers In Space
•Cerina Vincent – Maya, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
•Melody Perkins – Karone, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
•Jason Faunt – Wes Collins, Power Rangers Time Force
•Dan Southworth – Eric Myers, Power Rangers Time Force
•Kate Sheldon – Nadira, Power Rangers Time Force
•Ann Marie Crouch – Princess Shayla, Power Rangers Wild Force
•Jorge Vargas – Blake Bradley, Power Rangers Ninja Storm
•Jeff Parazzo – Trent Hernandez, Power Rangers Dino Thunder
•Alycia Purrott – Syd Drew, Power Rangers S.P.D.
•Mike Ginn – Gem, Power Rangers RPM
•Brennan Mejia – Tyler Navarro, Power Rangers Dino Charge
•Adi Shankar – Power/Rangers Fanfilm
•Mike Hollander – VR Troopers

Patrick David, who played the Psycho Red Ranger on Power Rangers In Space, will be making his first Power Morphicon appearance.

The Wave 1 guests announced today will join the previously announced Power Rangers Ninja Steel cast and Jason David Frank, bringing the current show total to 29 guests with many more still to come.

Power Morphicon 6 will take place from August 17-19 at its new, larger location in Anaheim, California – the Anaheim Convention Center, home to other popular events including Disney’s D23 Expo and Blizzard Entertainment’s Blizzcon.

Tickets for the event officially went on sale in August 2017, and can be purchased by clicking here.

Power Morphicon first began in 2007 and has since become a bi-annual convention in Southern California featuring cast members, news, and panels from the past, present, and future of Power Rangers. Power Morphicon 6 in will feature events and surprises geared towards Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, Saban’s Power Rangers movie, the brand’s incredible range of product offerings, and the show’s wide-spanning 25-year history.

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