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Weta Workshop Bringing Power Rangers To SDCC


Weta Workshop, designer of the suits from Saban’s Power Rangers movie, is coming to San Diego Comic-Con 2017!

The special effects/props company will be bringing their annual booth to the biggest pop culture news show, and this year will include a special presentation geared towards Lionsgate’s action-packed Power Rangers film.

On display will be the Red Power Ranger suit, included with other dazzling effects and more info from Weta Workshop’s designers on what went into creating the suits.

To begin building fans’ excitement for the event, Weta Workshop released brand new photos of the Green Ranger suit, worn by the evil Rita Repulsa (seen below), as well as a small preview video of what’s to come in San Diego (watch here).

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The new Green Ranger images were released by Weta Workshop Artist Lindsey Crums.

Can fans expect more of the Green Ranger to come, presumably in a future film should Lionsgate announce a sequel to Saban’s Power Rangers movie?

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6 thoughts on “Weta Workshop Bringing Power Rangers To SDCC

  1. That my favorite power ranger green ranger when the suit was destroy in the beginning of the movie power rangers Rita repulsa was the first green ranger but the green power coin remaining who will be the second green ranger and join the power rangers which girl to be choosing in the sequel of power rangers 2 on March 2019 could be rihanna or Chloe grace or Selena Gomez let me know the winner and go to power rangers 2 its morphin time dragonzord green ranger power

    1. If a sequel is to be made they would be going with a lesser known actor/actress for the role of Tommy/Tommie just like the rest of the ranger cast.

      1. I think they would make it so Rita remolds her staff into the suit’s shield. But then if they decided to incorporate her ability to grow monsters then it’d have to be done a different way than throwing the staff down to earth, since she wouldn’t have it anymore.

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