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Zeo Crystals Coming To Power Rangers Movie


The Zeo Crystals are coming to Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie!

The powerful artifacts (seen above), which transformed the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers into Zeo Power Rangers on the original TV show, were first rumored last month to be included in Lionsgate’s upcoming film.

Today, their inclusion was confirmed via Lionsgate’s online chat with Alpha 5, which fans can partake in on Lionsgate’s official website by clicking here. In the online simulation, Alpha provides users with automated responses based on questions input by the user.

Fans can check out some of the more interesting responses from Alpha below, one of which confirms the Zeo Crystal’s existence in the Power Rangers movie universe.

Q (Alpha): An energy signature seems almost disgusting, repulsive even. Who do you think it is?
A (User): It has to be Rita Repulsa.
A (Alpha): Rita Repulsa! Could she be looking for the Zeo Crystal?

Q (User): What’s the Zeo Crystal?
A (Alpha): It’s a powerful crystal with an enormous amount of energy! In the wrong hands, it could be disasterous!

Q (User): Who is Goldar?
A (Alpha): I have not heard that name in ages! It was a terrifying creation. Very difficult to defeat.

Q (User): What’s a Putty?
A (Alpha): Evil creatures that are created by Rita Repulsa!

Q (User): Who is Zordon?
A (Alpha): A hero and one of my oldest friends.

Q (User): Go Go Power Rangers.
A (Alpha): No one will ever take them down. The power lies on their side…

Q (User): What are Zords?
A (Alpha): Powerful vehicles that Power Rangers can use to defend the galaxy.

Q (User): What is a Megazord?
A (Alpha): The ultimate form of all five Zords that can be used to defend against galactic threats!

Q (User): What is a Power Coin?
A (Alpha): Powerful artifacts of unknown origin that unlock the potential in individuals to become Power Rangers!

Q (User): Who is the Yellow Ranger?
A (Alpha): My data suggests it is Trini Kwan of Angel Grove.

*When asked what Morphers, the Green Ranger, or Tommy Oliver were, Alpha did not recognize those phrases.

The responses above, along with the Zeo Crystal’s confirmed inclusion, lends more credence to the rumor that the Power Rangers movie will follow the storyline just below (spoiler warning!).

Fans will find out for sure when Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie hits theaters on March 24. Until then, be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.

The Zeo Crystals are a powerful artifact in the new Power Rangers Cinematic Universe (PRCU) that channel the Morphing Grid – the dimension that allows the Rangers to harness their powers. To keep it from falling into the wrong hands, the Zeo Crystals were hidden on Earth and protected by a force field that would vaporize anyone looking to steal the Crystals upon contact.

And it’s on Earth 65 million years ago that Rita Repulsa, the original Green Power Ranger gone rogue, creates the evil Goldar for one purpose – to steal the Zeo Crystals. With the Zeo Crystals, Rita plans to deliver them to her master, Lord Zedd, who sports a half burned face from his attempt to steal the Zeo Crystals himself.

Unsuccessful in his attempt to steal the powerful relic, Goldar is vaporized into particles of gold – until Rita resurrects him from his gold particles 65 million years later to take on the modern-day Power Rangers and their larger-than-life Megazord.



4 thoughts on “Zeo Crystals Coming To Power Rangers Movie

  1. I tried to talk with him, but after saying a few sentences, he says he will “Finish the conversation” with me on Twitter, Facebook Messanger or kik, I tried going to the link and saying something after a few min, but he will not talk to me anymore! I wish you could only chat with him on the site at anytime and not just go to the site, say a few sentences, and then say ” Lets Finish The conversation on 1 of the three things, and then not say anything anymore, it makes me kind of lonely!

  2. He actually did recognize Tommy Oliver. He uses a unique phrase for him that did not match any of his other error messages. So he did not recognize Rocky Desantos but used a similar phrase if you were to ask him about the weather. I tested this a few times and this is what came up everytime only in reference to Tommy. Here it is:
    “That name does not “ring a bell” so I’m afraid that one of your angels will not get it’s wings.”

  3. If you type in “Bill Hader”, he says:
    “I’m not sure what you mean. I don’t listen to any of my “haders.”

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