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Zeo Gold Comes To Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Go Zeo! Jason Lee Scott, the iconic Gold Ranger, is coming to Power Rangers: Legacy Wars!

A quick and dangerous character, players will be able to unlock the game’s newest character through a special Morph Box beginning on Friday, September 29. From Power Rangers Zeo in 1996, the first-ever Gold Ranger re-introduced familiar face Jason Lee Scott to the franchise, and has since gone on to become one of the most popular Power Rangers ever.

With the powers of his Golden Power Staff in hand, the Gold Ranger is ready to take down evil, as well as opponents in nWay’s mobile fighting game, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars!

Check out the Gold Zeo Ranger’s ability details below, and get ready to go for the gold!

The Basics:

The Gold Zeo Ranger is a quick and dangerous character that has multiple ways of opening up his opponents. He thrives at capitalizing on almost any ability, making him a threat at any distance while never drawing a bad hand.

Ability Details:

Quadruple Kick (Strike): A flurry of kicks that sends his opponents crashing into the wall behind them.

  • EP Cost: 3
  • Can be canceled after first hit.
  • Last hit Knocks back.
  • If used to follow up either Leg Sweep or Lord’s Rush, all hits will connect.

Leg Sweep (Breaker): A leg sweep that’s as strong as steel and leaves the opponent vulnerable

  • EP Cost: 3
  • Uses a new hit reaction “Sweep”, which is a short range Launch that can lead to juggle combos.
  • A great opener for either Quadruple Kick or Golden Pulse, allows for both of these Strikes to connect all their hits mid air and thus, be unblockable.

Golden Pulse (Strike): Jason shoots a flurry of energy attacks at his opponent that is both deadly close up and at a distance.

  • EP Cost: 4
  • Great for adding pressure from a distance, as well as following up with Leg Sweep or Lord’s Assault

Lord’s Assault (Breaker): Like a bolt of lightning, Jason dashes at his opponent as a golden blur, leaping onto his opponent multiple times.

  • EP Cost: 5
  • Mid range Breaker that can launch opponents to connect with Quadruple Kick or Golden Pulse

Gold Rush (Breaker): Jason rushes at his opponent shooting powerful bolts of energy at anything in his way.

  • EP Cost: 4
  • Runs across the screen, dealing 3 charges of a short range melee.
  • Great from across the map, deadly to cornered or launched opponents.

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Fans can click here to check out the Gold Zeo Ranger’s moveset in action!

Additionally, fans will notice changes to the previously released Lord Drakkon and Magna Defender characters starting this Friday.

Balance Changes:

  • Lord Drakkon:
    • Damage reduced on Furious Blade Combo and Thunder Slash.
    • Cost increased on Furious Blade Combo (now 4).
    • Startup increased on Furious Blade Combo.
  • Lord Drakkon (Assist):
    • Damage reduced.
    • Startup increased.
  • Magna Defender:
    • Damage reduced on Valiant Combo and Noble Blow.

Introduced in March 2017, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a multiplayer fighting game which features heroes and villains from the long-running TV series, in combination with those from Lionsgate’s action-packed feature film.

With a wide array of characters already made available, nWay has plans to continue expanding the character roster to include nearly every Power Ranger ever!

Fans can click here to check out a running list of playable characters and stages available in the Power Rangers’ hit fighting game.

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10 thoughts on “Zeo Gold Comes To Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

  1. Why Nerf Magna Defender further? Or even Lord Drakkon for that matter? Both can easily be beaten by commons? Yay more money grab. Still didn’t fix the real issue like MMPR Rita assist spam.

  2. Yeah they keep nuking lord drakkon but yet still havent touched korrags over powered leader. And just now lowered magna defenders attack. Why make people pay 200$ for a character just so nway can nuke the whole character multiple times..

  3. This is exactly the character I wanted them to add to this game. Terrific. Now I would like to see an Operation Overdrive Ranger. Yes I liked that season.

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