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Zordon As Original Red Ranger Confirmed

One of the worst kept secrets in Lionsgate’s upcoming Power Rangers movie has been the long-standing rumor that Zordon was the original Red Ranger.

Played by Bryan Cranston, the actor appears to have confirmed that the often heard rumor of Zordon being a Power Rangers 10,000 years ago is in fact true.

The A-list star sent a signed copy of his new book, A Life In Parts, to Andrew Gray, who portrayed Troy the Red Ranger in the TV show’s Power Rangers Megaforce in 2013. Inside the book was a note shared on Andrew’s Instagram (@DrewMGray) that reads:

To Andrew, Happy Birthday! To a Power Ranger, from a Power Ranger. Be well. – Bryan Cranston, 2017.

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This appears to confirm the fact that Andrew and Cranston now share one big similarity – that both are former Red Rangers.

Of course Zordon being the original Red Ranger in the Power Rangers movie is a deviation from the original TV show, as Zordon was never a Power Ranger in the show’s history.

The full Power Rangers movie rumor suggests that the original Red Ranger, Zordon, was defeated by Rita Repulsa, the original Green Ranger gone rogue, thus dispersing Zordon into a field of energy. Years later, Jason Scott (portrayed by Dacre Montgomery) discovers the Red Power Coin and carries on Zordon’s legacy as the leader of the Power Rangers.

Fans will have to hit their local movie theaters on March 24 when the Power Rangers movie releases to see exactly how the story unfolds. Until then, be sure to follow Power Rangers NOW on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest film updates.

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