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Zyuohger Becoming Least Watched Sentai


Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, Sentai’s current season on air in Japan, is not faring well in viewership ratings per the latest report.


The image above (per agreetings08 of our forum) depicts a 3.6% viewership rating for Zyuohger, which at its current pace, leaves it projected to become Sentai’s least watched season to date.

As alarming as that statistic may sound, Sentai as a whole has been battling a downward trend in Japan in recent years. Seasons like Gekiranger, Go-Busters, and most recently Ninninger, have struggled to stop the slide, with last year’s Ninninger becoming the lowest merchandise selling season to date.

While the issue was once written off by fans as an anomaly, Toei will now need to figure out how to put a halt to what is clearly a serious decline. They’ll look to reverse the trend when Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger takes the air in 2017. Definitive plans for that season have yet to be released, but rumors suggest it may be outer space themed.

And of course, as viewership for Zyuohger continues to remain low, fans in the United States and abroad will continue to wonder what impact, if any, that may serve on a possible Power Rangers adaption in 2019.

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