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China Releases Power Rangers Movie Zord Posters


The mighty Zords of Saban’s Power Rangers movie are charging into action!

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Following yesterday’s release of the final theatrical poster for Saban’s Power Rangers movie in China (recap here), new individual posters have been released for the Power Rangers’ Zords. Each Zord depicts a larger than life, robotic dinosaur commanded by our heroes in their quest to take down Rita Repulsa.

Fans may even recognize some of the Zords as being in their original biomes from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show, including the Mastodon Zord descending from a blistery white snowfield.

Together, the five Zords can combine to form the Power Rangers’ towering Megazord.

Saban’s Power Rangers movie opens in China this Friday, May 12. The country is expected to give the movie a major boost in sales after what has been an incredibly lackluster international performance thus far. With Europe generating minimal sales overseas, fans will be looking to China to save the day.

Fans can currently track the box office performance for Saban’s Power Rangers movie by clicking here.

Following China’s release, Japan will remain the only country where Lionsgate’s newest film has yet to open, with their release set for July 15.

China has already enlisted pop superstar Dimash Kudaibergen to perform a remix of the “Go Go Power Rangers” theme song (recap here). With new posters, and a powerhouse musician remixing the franchise’s iconic theme, fans will keep their fingers crossed that China can deliver the box office boost that Saban’s Power Rangers is in search of.

9 thoughts on “China Releases Power Rangers Movie Zord Posters

  1. Yeah totally are beautiful, I wish still more. I wish myself, that we would change Rita, that she will have different suit with shield and looked as Rita al witch old please!

  2. Such burrowed Rita Repulsa at all is not beautiful, let her change hair let has to air. Rangers are beautiful to me very much, alone let Rita accompanying, doesn’t like her black let be brown o no.

  3. their posters are Chinese to me more beautiful of better idea see. I would also change Rita, as he doesn’t look this as he kicks, he doesn’t at all look strong. Also of shield not has at tits yeah some you looks like vampire very sadly.

  4. Hi movie of PR. is very good, I have remark after witch Rita. I don’t understand that made such naturally simply, we miss old Rita. like this is this even in mourning garment not has piss not has shoes, I don’t like him. This is not Rita even a little and. I would agree with you, that let Chinese change Rita totally, thanks.

  5. These posters are awesome looking at makes the cords so much cooler how could people not even think these cords were awesome

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