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Chinese Power Rangers Movie Character Posters Released

New character posters for China’s upcoming release of Saban’s Power Rangers movie have been released!

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Each poster features the individual Rangers with an intriguing animal design behind them, most of which do not coincide with the Rangers’ respective Dino Zords.

Red Ranger – Dragon
Blue Ranger – Qilin
Black Ranger – Tortoise
Yellow Ranger – Tiger
Pink Ranger – Phoenix

Saban’s Power Rangers movie releases in China next weekend. The country is expected to give the film a major boost in sales after what has been an incredibly lackluster international performance thus far. With Europe generating minimal sales overseas, fans will be looking to China to save the day when Saban’s Power Rangers opens there on May 12.

Fans can currently track the box office performance for Saban’s Power Rangers movie by clicking here.

Following China’s release, Japan will remain the only country where Lionsgate’s newest film has yet to open, with their release set for July 15.

China has already enlisted pop superstar Dimash Kudaibergen to perform a remix of the “Go Go Power Rangers” theme song, as released last week (recap here). With new posters, and a powerhouse musician remixing the franchise’s iconic theme, fans will keep their fingers crossed that China can deliver the box office boost that Saban’s Power Rangers is in search of.

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