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Most Exciting Things Over Power Rangers’ Hiatus!

Well, here we are again. The annual summer hiatus – the long, dreaded five-month offseason that feels like an eternal slumber for the Power Rangers brand.

It feels like a meteoric-sized void in your life that won’t be fulfilled until late-August. Especially coming off of Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s spectacular Gold Ranger debut, and Lionsgate’s incredible Power Rangers movie. But contrary to how it feels, Power Rangers isn’t completely shutting down until new episodes return on Nickelodeon. There actually are some major stories that will play out over the summer that are sure to get Power Rangers fans buzzing. But what are they?

And yes, a sequel announcement to Saban’s Power Rangers movie tops all of our lists. But it’s not on this countdown list because no one knows when it may come, or if it may come. That ball is in Lionsgate’s court.

But let’s count down the things that we definitively know are coming – the TOP 6 things to look forward to over Power Rangers’ summer hiatus!


#6. San Diego Comic-Con

The biggest pop culture convention of the year promises to bring loads of trailers and news stories for all of entertainment’s biggest brands – and Power Rangers is no different.

Maybe Lionsgate does something for Saban’s Power Rangers movie, or its potential sequel. Or maybe not. But at the very least, San Diego Comic-Con promises to deliver new Power Rangers toy reveals from Bandai, tons of fun with the cast of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, and a sneak peek at the show’s return to Nickelodeon this fall.

What other surprises await at the biggest convention of 2017? We’ll find out in mid-July when San Diego plays host to all of the action.


#5. Boom! Studios’ Comics

Power Rangers’ TV show universe might be on hold, but its comic universe is still bustling.

The summer of 2017 will award fans the final three issues of Boom! Studios’ Justice League/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers crossover series, including the action-packed final issue which will drop in late June.

The summer will also bring the brand new Go Go Power Rangers comic series in July, diving into the personal lives of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers in ways the series has never quite explored. And in addition to a handful of new issues from Boom! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic series, including the epic conclusion to the Lord Drakkon story arc in June, Boom! Studios has you covered this summer.

So, no movie? No TV show? No problem.


#4. Power Morphicon 6 Announcement

While most fans assume the existence of Power Morphicon 6 in 2018 is a forgone conclusion, that would unfortunately be untrue.

But the fate of Power Rangers’ most successful convention will be revealed this summer. Will Power Morphicon 6 come to life in 2018? When will it happen, where will it happen, and how fast can you book your travel arrangements? What will Saban Brands do to ensure the event is the biggest Power Rangers party of the year, especially with the 25th anniversary coinciding?

All will be revealed at some point this summer.


#3. Ninja Steel International Spoilers

Maybe this is more of a low-light, but it is a major Power Rangers news story nonetheless.

Saban Brands’ inability to control their international airings will result in the 7th annual summer of foreign countries blowing the doors open on all of Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s secrets. Whether it’s France, India, Mexico, or some other minuscule country off the coast of Zimbabwe, you can guarantee that everything on Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s final 12 episodes will be spoiled by international airings.

You can choose not to read them, but for how long can you avoid them? The international spoilers are expected to begin at their usual time frame of early to mid-June.


#2. Power Rangers Movie DVD/Blu Ray

You’ve seen Saban’s Power Rangers movie maybe twice, maybe three times, or maybe even more.

But this summer, you’ll be able to see it until your eyes roll backwards. Expected some time in July or August, Saban’s Power Rangers movie will release on DVD and Blu Ray. And the chance to own Power Rangers’ best movie ever, in all of its HD glory, will be yours.

With deleted scenes, bonus features, and exclusive content galore, fans who left the movie theater wanting more of Saban’s Power Rangers movie will be able to get just that. We can’t wait.

And maybe, at some point, some official announcement regarding a sequel will be made? Maybe?


#1. Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel

The fate of Power Rangers in 2018 will be revealed this summer, when all the details on Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel come to light.

The scene will likely be Licensing Expo 2017 in late May, Saban Brands’ usual destination for providing the first look at Power Rangers’ upcoming season. And while the Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel title and logo may have already been leaked (recap here), there’s still plenty of juicy details to come – including the season’s story line, and its plans to pay homage to the show’s silver anniversary.

What will go down for Power Rangers’ 25th anniversary? How will the show’s 25th season intertwine? What kinds of teases, or reveals, can fans expect from returning cast members?

It’s the story to follow in 2018. And its first look will come in the summer if 2017.


So, did we get it right? What else are you looking forward to during the annual Power Rangers summer hiatus? Let us know in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “Most Exciting Things Over Power Rangers’ Hiatus!

  1. Oh yeah I’m ready for some power rangers action plus the debut of power rangers movie coming to DVD and blu ray and new episodes of power rangers ninja steel plus super ninja steel and upcoming power morphicon 6 In 2018 power rangers forever

  2. I will definitely buy that Power Rangers movie DVD. I thought the movie was amazing. As for the Ninja Steel spoilers, if there are any more major ones (other than the Gold one) then I will try to avoid them. My faith in the season was already restored by the recent spoiler so if they can pull off more major plot twists like that then I will be satisfied

  3. Nice countdown! Morphicon announcement is #1 for me! I can’t wait to go and Saban better make it the most epic con of all time!

    I’m also praying for a sequel to be announced by Lionsgate.

  4. I’m anticipating a Bluray release of the original Power Rangers movie sometime around the new movie’s bluray release as well. They already made the HD available on Amazon/HBO. It’s only smart to release it on bluray as well

  5. I’m Rumored that Yuru-Chara Jigen will be having a Power Rangers Counterpart named Cutiecon for Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel in 2018. She will be assisting Galvanax in sending in new Contestants of Galaxy Warriors and she is the daughter of the deceased Emperor Mavro.

  6. Looking forward to the new toys. Can’t with til the Gold Ranger and the ninja training suit figures come soon.

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