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Fall Ninja Steel Megazords Released

Bandai’s fall wave of Power Rangers Ninja Steel Megazord toys have released!

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The Bull Rider Megazord and Astro Megazord are out now – allowing fans to own the Gold Ranger’s powerful Megazord, as well as the stealthy Astro Zord.

Owning the Astro Megazord, a silver/blue repainted version of the Ninja Steel Megazord, will be the only way to own the Astro Zord. Each Megazord retails at approximately $34.99.

The newest toys were found at Toys R Us in Australia by Instagram user @Brayden_2603, following yesterday’s release of the Wave 3 Ninja Power Star Packs (recap here).

More Power Rangers Ninja Steel toys are expected to release soon.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel airs every Saturday at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon. Be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW for all the latest updates.

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