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First Ninja Steel Fall Toy Press Photos Released

The first images from Bandai’s fall wave of Power Rangers Ninja Steel toys have been released!

Bandai first unveiled these toys at Toy Fair 2017 (recap here), where the near-entirety of the Power Rangers Ninja Steel toy line was on display in New York City. The toys are expected to begin releasing sometime this summer, finishing in the late part of the year to round out the show’s toy line for 2017.

Check out all the newly released press photos below, with more photos of the fall wave to follow in the coming weeks.

Ninja Power Star Packs

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Bandai will continue to expand on Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s gimmick line with new Ninja Power Star Packs to come this fall. An assortment of 15 packs are already available on retail shelves, with that number expected to more than double this fall.

Above, fans can check out some of the newest stars which will join their collections soon, including Ninja Power Stars based on Legendary Megazords, and Red Ranger Battlizers.

The newest stars were revealed on Bandai’s official Power Rangers Ninja Steel website.

Ninja Master Blade

Joining Bandai’s Deluxe Battle Gear line will be the Ninja Master Blade, the powerful weapon harnessed by Brody the Red Ranger inside the Megazord’s cockpit. With a unique chainsaw-sword design and show-accurate sounds, the powerful weapon will allow fans to role play as the Red Ranger like never before.

The Ninja Master Blade will retail at approximately $34.99. Press photos were found online by Twitter user @JohnPGreen.

Lion Fire Fortress Zord

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The highlight of Bandai’s fall wave will be the ultimate Lion Fire Fortress Zord – a massive playset that will give buyers play-ability with the entirety of Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s toy line.

The set will allow fans to interact with their Deluxe Megazords, 5″ action figures, Ninja Steel Cycles, and more. With lights, sounds, and an attached jail cell, the Lion Fire Fortress Zord promises to be the toy to own from Bandai’s fall releases.

The Lion Fire Fortress Zord will retail at approximately $129. Press photos were leaked by RB.

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  1. I don’t see any Battlizers on those Ninja Power Stars, just a couple of power-up modes. The Megazord Stars do interest me, though.

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