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Toy Fair 2017 Recap

Power Rangers fans better prepare to start clocking in some overtime hours, following the dazzling display at Toy Fair 2017 made possible by Bandai, Saban Brands, and so many more.

2017’s annual Toy Fair weekend has reached its conclusion, and stores shelves are about to be hit with a Mighty Morphin punch. Power Rangers products ranging from all seasons to Lionsgate’s upcoming movie are about to hit hard – and Power Rangers NOW has you covered with the full recap of everything from Toy Fair 2017 in New York!


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As the A-list product company in the world of Power Rangers, Bandai rolled out the red carpet with a ton of new Power Rangers toy reveals. Below, fans can recap all the new toys coming to each of Bandai’s three Power Rangers toy lines, and relive just a few of the many highlights Bandai had on display!

Power Rangers Movie Toy Reveals
Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toy Reveals
Power Rangers Legacy Toy Reveals

New 5” Action Figures – The core staple in Bandai’s Power Rangers toy line has long been the standard 5” action figure. And Toy Fair 2017 had no shortage of new characters coming to the beloved line: from the Power Rangers Movie’s Putty Patrol, to Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s Madame Odius and Gold Ranger, there’s a lot to look forward to for Power Rangers action figure buyers.

New Legacy Figures – Power Rangers Zeo’s iconic “It’s Coming!” tagline has now turned to “It’s Here!”. The first look at Power Rangers Zeo’s Legacy Figures arrived on the scene at Toy Fair 2017, and brought with them brand new Morphin Metallic versions of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Legacy Figure naysayers had best turn away – the line is here to stay, and it looks better than ever!

New Ninja Steel Megazords – Following fans’ positive reaction to how Power Rangers Ninja Steel has managed to explain the show’s wacky and random Zord theme, brand new Zords to join the fray were unveiled at Toy Fair 2017. The Astro Zord and Gold Ranger’s Bull Rider Zord were among the highlights, but nothing tops the mega Lion Fire Fortress Zord which will highlight Bandai’s Fall wave of toys. The massive structure will change the way fans interact their action figures, with their cycles, with their Megazords in one of Bandai’s largest toys to ever hit store shelves.

New Legacy Coin Sets – Legacy Ninja Coins are finally coming, but that wasn’t the biggest deal. Because even more exciting was the announcement of Legacy Power Rangers Movie Power Coins. On display were all five legendary Power Coins that the cast of Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie will use to discover, unlock, and harness the abilities of the iconic Power Rangers.

Just Play

Just Play will be unleashing a tidal wave of Power Rangers plushies ranging from various seasons including Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Power Rangers Ninja Steel, to Lionsgate’s upcoming Power Rangers movie.

Fans can recap all the details of Just Play’s exciting new plushies by clicking here.


If you’ve ever wanted to give your kitchen a Mighty Morphin makeover, say no more. Vandor will be delivering to fans brand new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers themed kitchenware – ranging from mugs, to sports bottles, to lunch boxes.

Fans can recap all the details of Vandor’s new Power Rangers products by clicking here.


The successful Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Kawaii Cubes are about to power up and become larger than ever. Now in a brand new line of Cuddlerz, fans will be able to own their beloved square Power Rangers characters in larger sizes than ever before – plus, the inclusion of the brand new Green Ranger!

Fans can recap all the details of the new Power Rangers Cuddlerz coming soon by clicking here.

Phat Mojo

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Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie is about to hit theaters on March 24, but before then, fans can get their hands on a ton of Power Rangers movie collectibles coming from Phat Mojo. Ranging from backpack accessories, to collectible helmets, to dog tags, Phat Mojo has tons of Power Rangers Movie goodies any fan can ask for.

Fans can recap all the details of Phat Mojo’s upcoming Power Rangers Movie products by clicking here.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 3D keychains are coming soon, courtesy of Monogram. As part of a line of blind packaged releases, fans will be able to collect all their favorite characters from the original TV season that started the worldwide sensation.

Fans can recap all the details of Monogram’s brand new keychains by clicking here.


Lionsgate’s upcoming Power Rangers movie promises to be bigger than ever, but thanks to Zuru, fans can own all-new mini figurines based on the film’s Rangers that are tinier and cuter than ever.

Fans can recap all the details of Zuru’s new Power Rangers Movie figurines by clicking here.

Tamashii Nations

A long-time partner in the world of Power Rangers products, Tamashii Nations is back with brand new Tamashii Buddies – collectible figurines based on the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Joining the lineup will be the Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, and White Rangers, which fans can look forward to owning soon.

Fans can recap all the details of Tamashii Nations’ new Tamashii Buddies by clicking here.

The Loyal Subjects

The Loyal Subjects are back with even more new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers figurines. Now, their toy line will expand with all new Translucent Ranger figures, and Ivan Ooze Splattered figures that feature the battle scars of taking on the evil Ivan Ooze!

Fans can recap all the details of The Loyal Subjects new figures by clicking here.

Surreal Entertainment

In the category of “Things You Never Thought You’d Get To Own”, Surreal Entertainment has you covered with upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers paper weights, coasters, and can holders. Now, Power Rangers fans can decorate their office, living room, and tailgates with Mighty Morphin style.

Fans can recap all the details of Surreal Entertainment’s new merchandise by clicking here.


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