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Hasbro CEO Comments On Power Rangers’ Performance

Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner has released his first official comments on the Power Rangers brand’s performance since acquiring the franchise from Saban Brands!

On a 1st quarter earnings call with Hasbro shareholders last week, Goldner commented that he was “very pleased” with the ratings for Power Rangers Beast Morphers thus far. He also called it “improved in a number of ways” from its predecessor, Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.

“I’m very pleased with the ratings of the new show. It’s a ratings leader in its time slot. It’s offering a very strong lead out. And Nickelodeon’s been a very good partner and helping us to market the new series. The team has done a great job in producing this transition from Saban [Brands] to our own studio has been seamless, and I give the team a lot of credit for producing such a high quality show that’s really beloved by kids and improved in a number of ways from the last production.” – Brian Goldner, CEO, Hasbro

Thus far, ratings for Power Rangers Beast Morphers have set new viewership lows for the franchise, although part of that can be attributed to the increasing number of cord cutters and households shifting towards streaming instead of traditional cable TV. One could also attribute the viewership lows to the new time slot as Power Rangers Beast Morphers is the first season in the last decade to air at 8am ET.

Still, the season has opened to incredibly positive reviews from fans, and Hasbro’s CEO appears to be in the same boat.

On the toy front, Hasbro’s first Power Rangers toys have just begun hitting store shelves, including the company’s highly touted line of Lightning Collection action figures. Goldner promises that this is just the tip of the iceberg, as more toys are slated to roll out in the near future.

“Well, the launch of Power Rangers is starting in North America. The line launched there. We had some products ship in Q1, but limited. It will roll out in the subsequent quarters, both in North America and around the world. So we’re, obviously, very excited about Power Rangers, not only for this year, 9 months, but for 2020 as we’ll have a full year impact. So very good there.” – Brian Goldner, CEO, Hasbro

2020 will be the first full year in which Hasbro owns the Power Rangers brand as Bandai America’s master toy license did not expire until April 2019.

For now, fans can head to their local stores to pick up toys for Power Rangers Beast Morphers, as well as Hasbro’s first wave of Lightning Collection action figures.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers will have 22 episodes, and air on Nickelodeon in 2019 (click here to recap).

Fans can check out the official Power Rangers Beast Morphers synopsis below.

Set in the future, a secret agency combines a newly discovered substance called “Morph-X” with animal DNA to create the Power Rangers Beast Morphers team. The Rangers must fight off an evil sentient computer virus bent on taking over the source of all Ranger power, the Morphin Grid itself. Featuring never-before-seen leather suits and an all-new beast-themed arsenal (including dynamic new Zords), fans should get ready for a season full of secret ops and morphinominal fun.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers stars Rorrie Travis as Devon the Red Ranger, Jasmeet Baduwalia as Ravi the Blue Ranger, Jackie Scislowski as Zoey the Yellow Ranger, Abraham Rodriguez as Nate, Colby Strong as Blaze, Liana Ramirez as Roxy, Kristina Ho as Betty, and Cosme Flores as Ben.

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17 thoughts on “Hasbro CEO Comments On Power Rangers’ Performance

  1. Nickelodeon is the problem and these stupid breaks which the show is on as I write this. Hasbro going to see all the momentum the show got will be gone. Because nobody likes the break the show has to take. But most important everyone hates the super second season. If you really want to turn this show around then take it of Nickelodeon.

    1. Agreed, as understandable as it may be it really does hurt a production. You hooked everybody on the first handful of episodes and then everybody is left hanging, moving on to other things. I was getting into the show with the introduction of the Gold Ranger, but now? Time to focus on my summer project and wait for Spidey: Far From Home. They really should be taking the time to ensure each episode of the season is coming out weekly and not going on hiatus like this.

  2. Part of viewer rating problems can also be because of switching premiering episodes from 12:00pm to 8:00am. Not everyone is capable of waking up that early especially if they stay up late the night before.

  3. I do not have cable t.v. I do tv streaming with Hulu. So it be nice to watch my favorite childhood show again if Hasbro decides to go through streaming services.

  4. well at the hasbro ceo is happy. I don’t watch tv anymore so if they could just put power rangers on a streaming site I would watch it

  5. that will not happen until 2022 to the contract renewal last year for three more years. the real problem withe Super season is not so much the season, but the overuse of the word Super in the title and growing incoherent story telling between the two season since Super Samurai. Samurai was the best of the neo-Saban era as it was for the most part straight adaptation of its Sentai counterpart.

    1. Well what I remember that we got season 2. but there was no super new name in it. from Hasbro. Most of the new name of power rangers come in Jan or Fab time. But the only we got about the next season of power rangers in 2020. is just call power rangers beast morphers season 2. Back then. So Hasbro is doing something to get the power rangers fans back to watch it again.

  6. Power Rangers Beast Morphers is cool. I cant not wait to see the others episodes in few months time.

  7. OK, here’s Megaforce S1 now (in which it should’ve been and gotten).


    Main Cast
    •Sky Couple •
    Andrew Gray as Troy Burrows,
    Christina Masterson as Emma Goodall.

    •Land Couple •
    Azim Rizk as Jake Holling,
    Ciara Hanna ” Gia Moran.

    •Sea Single•
    John-Mark Loudermilk as Noah Carver.

    Chris Auer as the voice of Robo Knight.

    •Main EPS S1, High School Theme•
    1. Mega Mission (NOTE: Mega S1 Premiere; Megaforce Rangers, Gosei, Tensou and the Warstar Insectoids’ debut appearances; Gosei and the Warstar Insectoids’ backstories; Mega Arsenals – Mega Blast; Megaforce Blazer) {2/2/13 – Original, 22mins; 25/5/13 – Extended, 30mins}
    2. He Blasted Me With Science (NOTE: Mr. Burley’s backstory; Gosei Great Megazord) {9/2/13}
    3. Going Viral (NOTE: Sea Brothers; Sea Megazord) {16/2/13}
    4. Stranger Ranger (“: ” Blast; Land Brothers; Land Megazord) {23/2/13}
    5. United We Stand (NOTE: Sky Brothers; Ultimate Dino Blast; Sky Megazord) {2/3/13}
    6. An Electric Shock (“: Sky-Land-Sea Blast; Hyper Zord & Blast; Hyper Battlezord) {9/3/13}
    7. Harmony & Dizchord (“: Emma’s backstory; Land-Sea Blaster) {16/3/13 – 25mins}
    8. Who’s Crying Now? (“: Troy’s “; Hyper Gosei Great Megazord) {23/3/13 – 25mins}
    9. Robo Knight (NOTE: Robo Knight’s storyline 1of2; Warstar Toxic Beasts’ debut appearances & backstory; Robo Blade & Blaster; Vulcan Cannon; Sky Blast; Land Lion Mechazord) {6/4/13}
    10. Prince Takes Knight (NOTE: Robo Knight’s storyline 2of2; Land Blast; Knight Brothers; Gosei Grand Megazord) {13/4/13}
    11. Egg Hatch (NOTE: An April Special; Mid-Season Finale; The Team is talking about how many monsters they defeated so far; Sky Blast #2; Octrich Zord; Gosei Great Megazord Octrich Formation) {20/4/13}
    12. Man & Machine (NOTE: Mid-Season Premiere; Takes a week after Egg Hatch; Knight Blast; Gosei Great Grand Megazord) {7/9/13}
    13. Ultra Mode (NOTE: Takes more than 4 months after Man & Machine; Ultra Mode – Ultra Mechazords & Sabers; Tremma’s wonderful Moment together) {14/9/13}
    14. The Last Laugh (NOTE: Troy & Emma are talking about their future college plans; Noah’s backstory) {21/9/13}
    15. Troy & Emma (“: Tremma EP Vol.1; Troy’s backstory #2 & Emma’s backstory #2; Comprethunder Card; Sky Blaster; Jake, Gia, Noah and Robo Knight don’t appear until at the end of this episode) {28/9/13}
    16/17. Dreams (NOTE: Tremma EP Vol.2; Emma’s backstory #3) {5/10/13 – 1pm & 1:30pm; 25mins x2}
    18. The Ultimate (NOTE: Toxic Beasts’ final appearance; Tensou’s backstory; Gosei Ultimate Megazord) {12/10/13}
    19. The Human Factor (NOTE: Warstar Robots’ debut appearance & backstory) {26/10/13}
    20. Rico the Robot (“: Ultra Sky-Land-Sea Strike) {2/11/13}
    21. Jake & Gia (“: Jakia EP Vol.1; Jake’s backstory; Gia’s backstory; Ultra Blast; Ultra Megaforce Blazer; Troy & Emma don’t appear until at the end of this episode) {9/11/13}
    22. Staying on Track (“: Gosei Jet Megazord) {16/11/13}
    23. No Thanks, No Giving (NOTE: A November Special; Robo Knight learns about Thanksgiving; Ernie’s backstory; Ultimate Gosei Great Megazord) {23/11/13}
    24. The Human Condition (NOTE: Ultimate Dino Blast #2; Jet Blast) {30/11/13}
    25. The Robo Knight Before Christmas (NOTE: Mega S1 finale; A December Special; Robo Knight learns about Christmas; Troy & Emma’s 1st secret KISS under the mistletoe in this Holiday Special) {14/12/13 – 30mins}

    •TV Movie•
    Tremma: A Megaforce Love Story (NOTE: Takes place between Harmony and Dizchord & Who’s Crying Now? In Megaforce S1; Troy & Emma’s 1st secret KISS in the final scene of the TV Movie) {18/12/17 – 65mins}

    The Megaforce Rangers will return next year in 2014!

  8. Here’s the next one:

    PR: MEGAFORCE 2 (What really should’ve been and gotten)

    Main Cast
    •(Giga) Sky Couple •
    Andrew Gray as Troy Burrows,
    Christina Masterson as Emma Goodall.

    •(Giga) Land Couple •
    Ciara Hanna as Gia Moran,
    Azim Rizk ” Jake Holling.

    •(Giga) Sea Single•
    John-Mark Loudermilk as Noah Carver.

    •(Giga) Aztec Single•
    TBA as Zador.

    Chris Auer as the voice of Robo Knight.

    •Main EPS S2, High School Theme #2•
    1. A Lion’s Alliance (NOTE: A Wild Force Tribute; Emma’s backstory #4; Legendary Black Ranger Mode – Space, RPM, Mighty Morphin’, Aquitar & Dino Thunder Black; Animus’ cameo appearance; Legendary Wild Force Arsenals & Megazord) {1/3/14}
    2. Samurai Surprise (NOTE: A Samurai Tribute; Jayden’s cameo and Ji’s guest appearances; Legendary Samurai Arsenals, Enhance Mode & Megazord) {8/3/14}
    3. Good Spirit Of The Animals (NOTE: A Jungle Fury Tribute; No cameo or guest appearance; Troy’s emotional explanation; Legendary Jungle Fury Ranger Mode – Troy/Jungle Fury Red, Emma/Jungle Fury Purple, Jake/Jungle Fury White, Gia/Jungle Fury Yellow and Noah/Jungle Fury Blue; Legendary Claw Cannon; Tremma’s emotional moments #2) {15/3/14}
    4. Red Sword & Pink Sheild Saga (NOTE: Tremma EP Vol.3; Troy’s backstory #3; Legendary Red & Pink Humanoid Lip – Mighty Morphin’, Zeo, Turbo, Galaxy & Time Force; Legendary Red & Pink Non-Humanoid Lip – Space, Lightspeed Rescue, SPD, Mystic & Operation Overdrive) {22/3/14}
    5. Love is on the Land (NOTE: A Jakia EP Vol.2; Legendary Yellow Ranger Mode – Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, Aquitar, Mighty Morphin’ and Time Force Yellow) {5/4/14}
    6. Unconventional Methods (NOTE: An Operation Overdrive Tribute; Emma’s fake wedding with Troy, fake cheerleading with Noah taking a picture, fake ambulance with Jake, and fake FBI with Gia; Legendary Overdrive Arsenals & Drivemax Megazord; Emma’s emotional explanation; Tremma’s 2nd secret KISS in the final scene of this EP) {12/4/14}
    7. A Blast From The Future (NOTE: Mid-Season Finale; A Time Force & SPD Tribute; Cruger’s cameo appearance; Legendary Time Force Arsenals; Legendary Time Force/Delta Squad Megazord) {19/4/14}
    8/9. Solid Brass (NOTE: Mid-Season Premiere; Takes 4 months after A Blast From The Future; Legendary Green Ranger Mode – Zeo, Time Force, Galaxy, RPM & SPD Green; Megaforce Brass’ debut appearance & backstory; Aztec Laser, Saber & Morpher; Legendary 6th Zord Mode – Q-Rex Battlezord, Dragonzord & Dino Stegozord) {16/8/14 – 1pm & 1:30pm}
    10. Power of Six (NOTE: Legendary RPM Hybrid, Armor Mode including Titanium Ranger, but not Robo Knight; Legendary 6th Ranger Launcher, and 6th Zord Mode – Tiger Battlezord) {30/8/14}
    11. The Perfect Thunderstorm (“: A Ninja Storm & Dino Thunder Tribute; Legendary White Ranger Mode – Mighty Morphin’, Wild Force, Dino Thunder, Aquitar White & Omega Ranger; Legendary Ninja Storm/Dino Thunder Ranger Mode – Troy/Dino Thunder Red, Emma/Ninja Storm Crimson, Jake/Dino Thunder Black, Gia/Ninja Storm Yellow, Noah/Ninja Storm Blue and Zador/Dino Thunder White; Legendary Ninja Storm/Dino Thunder Arsenals; Legendary 6th Zord Mode – Cyclone Battlezord) {6/9/14}
    12. From Zero To Zeo (NOTE: A Zeo Tribute; Legendary Super Zeo Cannon, Legendary Blue Ranger Mode – Dino Thunder, Ninja Storm, Mighty Morphin’, Aquitar & RPM Blue; Legendary Zeo Megazord) {13/9/14}
    13. In The Driver’s Seat (“: A Turbo & RPM Tribute; Zador doesn’t appear in this episode; Phantom Ranger’s Guest Appearance; Jake’s backstory #2; Legendary Turbo/RPM Arsenals; Legendary Turbo/Zenith Megazord) {20/9/14}
    14. Fire and Rescue (NOTE: A Lightspeed Rescue Tribute; Tremma EP Vol.4; Carter & Dana’s Cameo Appearances; Troy’s backstory #4 – Emotional; Legendary Pink Ranger Mode – Mighty Morphin’, Space, Samurai, Overdrive & SPD Pink; Legendary Rescue Arsenals, and Lightspeed Megazord) {27/9/14}
    15. All Hail Prince Vekar (NOTE: Mavro and Vekar’s backstories and Vekar’s Battlezord; Legendary Gold & Silver Ranger Mode – Zeo Gold, Space Silver, Solaris Knight, RPM Silver and Samurai Gold; All 19 Legendary Red Zords) {4/10/14}
    16/17. Vrak is Back (NOTE: No Giga or Legendary mode; Vrak’s backstory #2; Gosei Great Megazord reappears; Robo Knight’s sacrifice; Troy & Emma’s emotional hugs) {11/10/14; 18/10/14}
    18/19. Intergalactic Journey (NOTE: A Space & Lost Galaxy Tribute; Troy & Emma’s romantic moments; Leo & Karone’s cameo appearances; Gosei and Tensou’s backstories; Legendary Space/Galaxy Arsenals; Legendary Galaxy Megazord and Delta Battlezord; Troy & Emma’s 2nd secret KISS in the final scene of this EP) {1/11/14; 8/11/14}
    20. The Emperor (NOTE: Mavro’s debut appearance; All 10 Legendary Battlized Red Modes; Troy & Emma confess and admit their Red & Pink Sky connection feelings; Tremma’s 3rd secret KISS in the final scene of the Main EP; Andrew Gray & Christina Masterson have finally saved their Red & Pink Ranger Romance, together!) {15/11/14}
    21. A New Year Hope (NOTE: Mega S2 finale; A December Special; Takes a month after Legendary Battle; Zador leaves Megaforce; Gosei now tells his Megaforce family about how the true Legendary Rangers regained their powers from the Morphing Grid; Goliath, the last Insectoid General; Sky-Land-Sea Megazord; Vrak’s actual final appearance; Tremma’s 1st beautiful heartwarming Prom dance; Troy & Emma now KISS infront of Jake, Gia and Noah for the 1st time in the final scene of the Main EP) {20/12/14}

    •TV Movies•
    Earth Fights Back (NOTE: Mega S2 Premiere; Takes 2 months after The Robo Knight Before Christmas; The Messenger’s only appearance; Vrak’s backstory; Warstar Robots’ final appearance; Warstar Armada’s debut appearance and backstory; Giga Mode – Giga Mega Arsenals; Legendary Red Ranger Mode – Samurai, Jungle Fury, Galaxy, Ninja Storm & Wild Force Red; Legendary SPD Arsenals; Legendary Delta Squad & Astro Megazord; Tremma’s emotional moments and 1st secret KISS in the final scene of this S2’s TV Movie) {15/2/14 – 85mins}
    Legendary Battle (NOTE: Levira’s Battlezord; Legendary Ranger Mix Mode – Mighty Morphin’ Red, Mighty Morphin’ Pink, Overdrive Black, Overdrive Yellow and Space Blue; Original Saban Era cameo appearances; Robo Knight miraculously reappears; Warstar Armada’s final appearance; Jake & Gia KISS for the very 1st time) {29/11/14 – 1hr}

    •One Shots•
    Amazing (NOTE: Takes a week after Who’s Crying Now?; Troy shares his backstory with Emma) {11/7/15 – 20mins}
    Love Takes Two (NOTE: Takes a week after Legendary Battle; Troy & Emma’s 1st secret KISS in the TV One Shot) {18/7/15}
    Firefly (NOTE: Takes 2 months after A New Year Hope; Emma shares her backstory with Troy in return; Troy & Emma’s 2nd secret KISS in the TV One Shot) {25/7/15 – 20mins}

    Music By John Ottman (S2: 2014)

    The Megaforce Rangers will return in the future!

  9. Oh, here’s an extra one for this fall of 2019:

    RED & PINK SKY RANGERS: A Beautiful Heartwarming PR Love Story (A Spin-Off TV Movie from PR MEGAFORCE, 90mins or less)

    Main Cast:
    •Engaged Sky Couple •
    Andrew Gray as Troy,
    Christina Masterson as Emma.

    TBA as the voice of Robo Knight.

    Guest Appearances:
    Brennan Meija as Tyler,
    Camille Hyde as Shelby,
    William Shewfelt as Brody,
    Chrysti Ane Lopes as Sarah.

    NOTE: This will be the first time to see an actual Red & Pink Ranger Couple finally getting married for real; Troy & his now wife Emma both living Happily Ever After!

    Music By Mervyn Warren (Spin-Off: Troy & Emma’s Love Theme, Fall 2019).

  10. Here’s the final one:

    PR: MEGAFORCE S3, the 30th Pearl PR Anniversary (2023) (Based on or off the Untitled Sentai Season Adaptation)

    Main Cast:
    •(Prototype) Married Sky Couple •
    Andrew Gray as Troy Burrows,
    Christina Masterson-Gray as Emma Burrows.

    •(Prototype) Married Land Couple •
    Azim Rizk as Jake Holling,
    Ciara Hanna-Rizk as Gia Holling.

    •(Prototype) Sea•
    John-Mark Loudermilk as Noah Carver.

    TBA as the voice of Robo Knight.

    •(Prototype) Single Sun•
    Lisa Ramos as Tina Burrows (Troy’s Little Sister).

    •(Prototype) Single Moon•
    Kai Braden as Obadiah Goodall (Emma’s Big Cousin).

    •(Prototype) Single Hunter•
    TBA as Male Megaforce Platinum.

    •(Prototype) Single Galactic•
    TBA as Female Megaforce Iridescent.

    Main Episodes:
    1. Mega Reunion/Premiere Pt.1 {4/2/23}
    2. Prototype Mode/Premiere Pt.2 {11/2/23}
    3. Sky Hearts/Romance {18/2/23}
    4. Episode 4 {25/2/23}
    5. Episode 5 {4/3/23}
    6. Episode 6 {11/3/23}
    7. Episode 7 {18/3/23}
    8. Episode 8 {25/3/23}
    9. Episode 9 {1/4/23}
    10. Episode 10/Easter {8/4/23}
    11. Episode 11 {15/4/23}
    12. Episode 12 {22/4/23}
    13. Episode 13 {29/4/23}
    14. Episode 14 {6/5/23}
    15. Episode 15 {13/5/23}
    16. Episode 16 {20/5/23}
    17. Episode 17 (Pt.1) {27/5/23}
    18. Episode 18/Mid-Season Finale (Pt.2) {3/6/23}
    19. Episode 19/Mid-Season Premiere (Pt.3) {5/8/23}
    20. Episode 20 {12/8/23}
    21. Episode 21 {19/8/23}
    22. Episode 22 {2/9/23}
    23. Episode 23 {9/9/23}
    24. Episode 24 {16/9/23}
    25. Episode 25 {23/9/23}
    26. Episode 26 {30/9/23}
    27. Episode 27 {7/10/23}
    28. Episode 28 {14/10/23}
    29. Episode 29 {21/10/23}
    30. Episode 30 {28/10/23}
    31. The Grand Mega Finale Pt.1 {4/11/23}
    32. The Grand Mega Finale Pt.2 {11/11/23}
    33. The Grand Mega Finale Pt.3 {18/11/23}
    34. Episode 34/Thanksgiving {25/11/23}
    35. Episode 35/Christmas {16/12/23}

    The Final Ever Season!

    Music By Alan Silvestri (S3: 2023)

  11. I’d really like to see, NOT another magic theme like Magiranger (Disney’s PR Mystic counterpart) – No, but another miraculous angel theme like Goseiger (Nickelodeon’s PR Megaforce counterpart) with more Red & Pink Sky element, Black & Yellow Land element, and Blue Sea element – Yes in the year 2020, after the Ryusoulger’s finale. So, what does Toei Company think about this idea?
    Please, feel free to leave a comment.

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