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Hasbro Planning “Live Entertainment” Power Rangers Event

The Power Rangers brand is in new hands, and Hasbro has some special cooking for 2019!

Next year, Hasbro plans to bring a “Power Rangers live entertainment event” to fans on June 20-21, 2019. These dates fall on a Thursday and Friday, with more details still to come.

The special “live entertainment event” will not necessarily be related to Power Rangers Beast Morphers, as the “live entertainment event” is said to run “in addition” to the 26th season of the show airing on Nickelodeon.

The news comes from Hasbro’s Casey Collins, who spoke with the media at Brand Licensing Europe, an overseas trade show (click here for more).

Hasbro also revealed their plans to begin releasing Power Rangers products sooner than Spring 2019, when their toys can start to release on store shelves. Prior to that, Hasbro has plans to begin releasing Power Rangers-themed school supplies, costumes, and party goods through the company’s best-in-class licensing partners.

Hasbro will also be licensing out the other brands they acquired from Saban Brands, which includes Luna Petuna, Popples, Julius Jr., and more.

“Now that we control the entertainment we are able to integrate new product offerings or ideas into the shows which will do more for our (licensing) partners. We want to work with best-in-class partners and sometimes less is more. I would rather work with top partners in each of the categories rather than taking a shotgun approach and just signing a deal to sign a deal. Those days are long gone.” – Casey Collins, Hasbro

At this time, fans can only speculate what the Power Rangers “live entertainment event” may be. While many may be quick to assume a revival of the Power Rangers Live! stage show, which has since been cancelled (click here for more details on Power Rangers Live!), it should be noted that Hasbro’s event will only be 2 days long.

In order to fit Hasbro’s description, Power Rangers Live! would have had to be paired down to a two-day show, occurring in 1-2 cities, rather than a nationwide tour – a drastic change from its initial scope.

Fans will have to wait and see what exactly Hasbro has up its sleeve for June 20-21, 2019. During those dates, Power Rangers Beast Morphers is expected to be on hiatus, and San Diego Comic Con (the company’s biggest convention) will still be a few weeks away.

Hasbro first became involved with the Power Rangers brand in February 2018, when they were named the master global toy license to produce products for the franchise moving forward. The first wave of those toys will still hit stores in Spring 2019 for Power Rangers Beast Morphers, the TV show’s upcoming 26th season airing on Nickelodeon.

On June 12 2018, Hasbro announced that they closed on their deal to become the new owner of Power Rangers.

The move gave Hasbro full control over the Power Rangers property including entertainment, toys, games, and all other assets. Hasbro now owns all characters, naming rights, past seasons, and future seasons under the Power Rangers umbrella.

Power Rangers now joins Transformers and My Little Pony as brands owned in full by Hasbro, as they attempt to continue boosting their presence in the entertainment business as a way to fuel toy sales.

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