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Power Rangers Wave 3 Lightning Collection Figures Revealed

The third wave of Hasbro’s Power Rangers Lightning Collection has been revealed!

•Red Ranger (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) – Click here to pre-order!
•Gold Ranger (Power Rangers Dino Charge) – Click here to pre-order!
•Blue Ranger (Power Rangers Beast Morphers) – Click here to pre-order!
•Lord Drakkon (BOOM! Studios’ Comics) – Click here to pre-order!

Fans can check out their first look at the new brand new figures below, releasing this holiday season!

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The lineup will still lean heavily on Hasbro’s skew towards male characters, bringing the Lightning Collection’s total to 20 male characters and 1 female character.

Three of the characters in Wave 3 will be a part of the dino-themed teamup coming to Power Rangers Beast Morphers in 2020, with all but Lord Drakkon to appear on the show. The upcoming teamup fueled the characters selected for the third wave of Hasbro’s toy line, leaning very heavily into Power Rangers’ dino-themed seasons (click here for more on the upcoming teamup episode).

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Red Ranger figure will feature a human head for Jason Scott, not Rocky DeSantos.

The Wave 3 figures are slated to hit stores in late 2019 and into early 2020.

At San Diego Comic Con 2019, Hasbro also officially announced, for the first time, the complete Wave 2 of Lightning Collection action figures, which includes the long-rumored:

• Pink Ranger, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
• Magna Defender, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
• Red Ranger, Power Rangers Beast Morphers
• Gold Ranger, Power Rangers Beast Morphers

The Power Rangers Lightning Collection is a line of action figures with an emphasis on quality. The line will span over time to include action figures based on different Power Rangers heroes and villains, each with a premium design.

Each action figure will include weapons, accessories, and swappable heads. Some figures, where necessary, could include multiple accessories or swappable heads.

Fans can click here to watch a trailer introducing Hasbro’s Power Rangers: Lightning Collection!

Action figures in the Lightning Collection line will stand at 6 inches tall, and feature 27 points of articulation. Hasbro will also be including optional special effects with each figure.

The brand new toy line will be Hasbro’s equivalent to Marvel’s Legends line, or Star Wars’ Black Series line. Many fans will liken it to Bandai America’s previous Power Rangers Legacy line.

The strategy marks a different approach from Bandai’s, the former maker of Power Rangers toys from 1993-2018. While Bandai planned its Legacy Figure waves around the release of complete seasons, Hasbro appears unafraid to jump across all 25 years of the Power Rangers timeline. Some fans may be excited to see representation from every point in Power Rangers history (with villains included), while others may grow weary of the possibility that they may never see complete teams released.

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57 thoughts on “Power Rangers Wave 3 Lightning Collection Figures Revealed

  1. “…while still leaning heavily on Hasbro’s skew towards male characters.”

    You seriously had to add that?

    1. I know it’s stupid to think people are actually complaining about more males being made when power rangers has always been more for boys than girls. While power rangers has had a ton of females in the past and a lot of fans that are female even they would go for male figures as oppose to the girls. Not to mention they’re just starting with the third wave and they did add one more female. Honestly you just can’t please everyone

  2. Great, but how about telling me when the f**king show will return to TV in the U.S.

    This waiting is literally destroying me

  3. When will they stop with Mighty Morphin and do other Ranger series? They do realize that there are other cooler Rangers out there

    1. You do realize last wave was SPD, MMPR, and Dino Charge, this wave is MMPR, Shattered Grid, and Dino Charge. Exclusives have been similar, with psycho rangers, Lost Galaxy, MMPR black and Goldar, and Zeo gold? trust me, once they get MMPR out of the way, they will be full force towards other series, probably finishing up Lost Galaxy and Beast Morphers, as well as starting to get into Dino Charge and Zeo. we are already getting A LOT more variety than we did with Bandai.

          1. Why do you hate RPM! Are you a fan of MMPR since true fan watch all Power Rangers. MMPR is the most overrated season ever. We didn’t even have any RPM figure yet

  4. I thought I hear a rumor back than that Beast Morpher Yellow was going to be a game stop exclusive when someone show off Beast Morpher Red at New York Toy Fair 2019 unless they forgot about it. Maybe it will soon come and I’m excited to see Beast Morpher Blue since it my favorite suit in Go-Buster/Beast Morpher, it might be biased since blue is my favorite color. Lol! When we do get it I will try to collect the whole entire current time. For me if I have to pick one team to be completed soon, it be current team since I give them a special place on shelves! Maybe Beast Bot, especially Steel since he never got Sh. Figuart! I don’t know how I will display the season since Lost Galaxy Red and Pysco Red from different season if I display by era, but I will figure it out! Can’t wait to get Boukenger/ Operation Overdrive and Tensou Sentai Goseiger/ Megaforce since they didn’t complete team in Sh. Figuart! Please Sh. Figuart do more Super Sentai figuart especially Kyuranger who suit look great, but it need little more time by either attaching like Washi Pink wing or Sasori Oranger Tail, or complete different mode like Oakami Blue and Oshi Black!

    1. The new lightning collection (especially original superhero team suits only) I really want to see are these:
      Megaforce Red (Troy Burrows) & Pink (Emma Goodall-Burrows) Sky Ranger Love Couple in one lightning collection box; Megaforce Black (Jake Holling) & Yellow (Gia Moran-Holling) Land Ranger Love Couple in another lightning collection box; Megaforce Blue (Noah Carver) Sea Ranger; and finally Robo Knight. That’s all.

  5. For Mahou Sentai Magiranger/ Mystic Force, can someone please tell Hasbro to made the cape part only out of cloth material instead of plastic since I want the figure to move better and when making my own animation, it will look like the cape is moving?
    This applies to any cape heroes!
    For example if they going to make a different Magna Defender with Mike head and different accessories, I want the cape to move!
    I don’t know have this will apply to head that have moving hair especially the female since they can get stuck on head movements.
    Another idea is it can apply to female like the skirt since I don’t mind the slit between skirt but it can look weird in that it seem like the skirt is rip open. It doesn’t always have to be the female ranger, it can be villain too and especially in Gokaiger/ Super Megaforce the male have like side flip pieces.
    Just an idea 💡

  6. Lightning Figures I want to include that important to make are:
    *Super Sonic: It made an appearance in PR Super Megaforce and Boom Studios Comic
    *Hyper Force: Beside Hero of the Grid, it need more love in toy industry
    *2017 Movie: Even though we got some in Legacy Line, I want a Rata, Golden Goldar
    *Chameleon Green: It was cool to make a first appearance on Boom Studios Comic, but this one can be confusing unlike it get a rerelease when Kyurangers actually come
    *Dairanger: So that I can put Tommy on this team, please Boom Studios write a story on what happens to the rest of the Dairanger suit!
    Fun Idea:
    *If you going to sell to especially Japan and fan of Super Sentai in America, make some deal with Bandai Japan making Super Sentai figures in this line can be cool!! Maybe make it Amazon Exclusive, or Hasbro!

    1. Sorry I mean Toei, not Bandai Japan, or let Toei to remind Bandai Japan to make some of these Lightning Collection figures over their so I buy it here for the price. Usually I think these figures will not be too expensive to ship here since in Japan you can get better quality for less! Especially a $15 or under rider kick figure is better than $20 or more legacy/ lightning collection!

  7. How can the fans get in contact with Hasbro? there is no poll or anything like that.
    There are so many cool characters, which were never or rarly released.
    Kind Mondo, Darkonda, Ecliptor, Phantom Ranger, Scorpina, Rito Revolto, Astronema….

    1. You know we can receive better quality paint and plastic in other area. So to keep it in 20 dollars range with cloth cape, we can receive more weapon, hand, and to add on.
      Since Cloth doesn’t cost much, maybe Both? In that if you want to change the cape, but I don’t mind if they have peg hole that is hidden under the cape!

      1. Soft goods/cloth at this scale actually ends up costing more, so you would end up with less accessories…

  8. Couple of things.

    1. MMPR is always going to be the most popular to the general public and the line’s cash cow, so expect every single wave to have an MMPR figure.

    2. I hope this line stays so far away from soft goods, it ALWAYS looks awful at this scale and if a cloth cape is really that desired it’s super easy to mod one yourself (you can’t really do it the other way around).

    3. When they get to Rita (which I hope is sooner rather than later), I hope they do one of those awesome plastic overlays with the snaps like they used on their Marvel Legends Talos figure! It looks a million times better with all the details visible and it doesn’t look crazy like how the Star Wars Admiral Holdo turned out (I really hate when they mix cloth and plastic because it NEVER looks good).

    They’ve even proven they can do a great articulated sleeved arm like on the Marvel Legends Collector and Grandmaster.

    The base body could even just be the basic female ranger body cast in brown to save on tooling. It’d just be new head, arms, removeable plastic collar/conebra, brown plastic dress overlay, and her staff.

    1. Yes we do need that cape! Do you really want your figure to look cheap on paint? Personally I agree with Anonymous on this one since you should of not be mean to them since you should of say that I great idea, but I think this will make it look better. To me I think it important since with plastic you can’t do that. If you want a plastic one, make one yourself since Power Rangers meant to be in dynamic pose since cloth will make it look better since you need the cape to fully move!

    2. You know we can receive better quality paint and plastic in other area. So to keep it in 20 dollars range with cloth cape, we can receive more weapon, hand, and to add on.
      Since Cloth doesn’t cost much, maybe Both? In that if you want to change the cape, but I don’t mind if they have peg hole that is hidden under the cape!

      This ment to be said to GivemeRita
      Content from Power Rangers NOW: https://www.powerrangersnow.com/hasbro-power-rangers-lightning-collection-wave-3-revealed/#comment-6882

      1. You guys understand that cloth capes increase the production costs right? So say goodbye to your accessories and unmasked heads if you want ugly cloth capes so bad…

    3. Yes Rita Repulsa should come ASAP!

      Love the idea of plastic instead of cloth because you’re right, it NEVER looks good!!

      I hope Hasbro sees your comment!

  9. How is the 1st comment crying about the article mentioning a lack of women? Rita is one of THE most popular and recognizable people in MMPR history. Relax, fans do want all the iconic favorites and some of them happen to be female.

    Hopefully she and Rito Revolto are in a two pack. Personally, I want Andros, Scorpina, Ninjor, SPD Red, and Andromeda.

      1. Most of the people here in the comments can’t form proper sentences, yet even if they could they still wouldn’t make sense.

  10. Okay, I’ve skimmed through everyone’s comments so far and now it’s my turn. First, the overabundance of male characters. I don’t really care about that, but I understand where people are coming from. Representation is important and while not always a necessity, is still nice. Second, the lack of originality, e.i. redoing MMPR from the Legacy Figures and a few others so far. I perfectly understand them doing Lord Drakkon because he was an exclusive that not everyone was able to get, so now this a perfect opportunity for someone like me to get him. But I already have a full team of MMPR and there’s already a full team of Zeo and Dino Thunder. In Space and Ninja Storm were lacking rangers, so there’s an opportunity to fill the gap. I honestly do not care if MMPR is the most fondly remember among every iteration of this show, I think I speak for everyone when I say we want to see something different. Fighting Spirit Green Ranger counts, he has the silver strip, Legacy Figure did not. 😉 Honestly, I broke my Legacy Green Ranger and now I need something to replace it with, so, I guess there’s that for an excuse to do MMPR again, but still.

    1. I was scrolling through this page thinking it was brand new because it was the front headline on the hub and saw my own comment thinking, “who’s stolen my identity!?” Then I read it and I was like, “oh, ok. it’s an old article.”

      1. You do know that she still in Power Rangers community right so please don’t tell us lie and give us information on this because we want to heard from actors itself!

  11. I love them.
    The Power Rangers are for me… My force, is… My force, my love, my friends, my…
    Are fantastic! And they are my talent too!

  12. Why does this website make everything about gender/sexuality. You coulda just said new Wave so and so’s incoming… NEW WAVE 9 COMING SOON! 1 Hetero Male, 1 Bisexual Male, 1 Transgender Female, 1 Gender Neutral Villain coming to a store near you! Like cmon

  13. Makayla Harmer will be in Portugal from Power Rangers Beast Morpher! I was a background character and cast was really nice!

  14. They don’t really care about the gender. its just that this site is all about drama and they want attention

      1. Actually, Lauren is Jayden’s sister and has their dad’s Samuraizer.
        She is the first (not counting Charlie, the Red A-Squad SPD Ranger) female red ranger
        Watch the episode Fight Fire with Fire

      2. True to me most of the time.
        Red Rangers are always Male, because Pink Rangers are always Female. Especially on every Main team core.

  15. With the Legenday Dino Rangers (including Dino Charge Rangers) happening for Beast Morpher S2 (you know, S is short for Season), I wonder if Hasbro would bring the Legenday Ninja Rangers (including Ninja Steel Rangers), in the upcoming ranger season like the one based on or off the Kyuranger adaptation. What do you think, Willis James?

  16. Here’s the List:
    Legendary Dino Rangers (Mighty Morphin, Dino Thunder and Dino Charge) in Beast Morpher S2.

    And now, Legendary Ninja Rangers (Ninjor, Ninjetti Mode, Ninja Storm and Ninja Steel) maybe in the upcoming ranger season – Power Rangers Starforce (based on or off the Kyuranger adaptation).

  17. Hello PR fans, I’ve got something unexpected that you have to read and look it. It’s the words from a PR fan, Eli J Brony:

    “I just got an announcement today that Hasbro is going to be adapting Kyuranger and RyuSoulger as the next two Power Ranger series after Beast Morphers. So yeah, ToQger, ZyuOhger, and Lupinranger Vs. Patoranger have all been skipped over. Kyuranger (future PR season title – Starforce) will be adapted in 2021 with RyuSoulger (future PR season title – Dino Knight, the possible sequel to Dino Charge) coming out in 2022. RyuSoulger’s adaptation will also be a sequel to Power Rangers: Dino Charge with all six of the core-team actors returning.”

    What are your unexpected thoughts?

  18. Wait a couple of Minutes. There are other words before that from a PR fan – Eli J Brony, again:

    “Hey guys, as we are here in 2019, the year that we will be getting Power Rangers: Beast Morphers, I thought I’d tell you what I think they should do in Power Rangers following Beast Morphers. Now I have from time and time again said that the season I want so very badly is the adaptation of Uchu Sentai: Kyuranger, which was expected to be adapted by this year, but Hasbro for some reason thought it would be a good idea to go back and adapt Go-Busters. I know some people are excited for this, but I’m personally disappointed. And I’m sure a lot of other fans are disappointed as well. Now this year is also the year we’ll be getting Kishiryu Sentai: Ryusoulger, and some fans are hoping that will get an adaptation as well. I’m going to tell you what Hasbro should be doing when it comes to adapting seasons.

    ToQger – This season doesn’t seem like it could fit into Power Rangers in my opinion. While the suits are cool and all, I had heard that the reason it was skipped over was because it was considered too childish. Now I’m not sure if Hasbro would feel the same way, but judging by how some ToQger costumes were already used in the Ninja Steel seasons, this to me suggests that Saban never had any intentions on adapting ToQger. Although they probably never had any intention on adapting Go-Busters, too. I could be wrong, but I think the decision on adapting Go-Busters was decided on after Hasbro had come in. So, I have doubts that ToQger will get adapted, and even if it does get adapted, I doubt it’ll be a good one. I would advise Hasbro to skip this one entirely and never go back to it.

    ZyuOhger – While the suits look cool and all, I’m not sure if the cube-shaped mechs will work. I think I previously saw a post stating that the cubes WON’T work. Now I’m not sure if Bandai had said this, although it would sound a bit odd for them to say it since they made the ZyuOhger toys. Perhaps it was Bandai of America that said this, separate from Bandai of Japan. Are they separate? I’m not sure. I think ZyuOhger should be skipped entirely.

    Kyuranger – The season I will continue to hope that an adaptation will happen until one finally does. Kyuranger would be such a great season to adapt since it has a space theme and seasons with space themes in Power Rangers had done very well in the past. Plus, we haven’t had a space themed season of Power Rangers since Lost Galaxy & In Space. There are some people that think that with Kyuranger’s large cast, it might not work for the budget, but I think people are forgetting about the Kyulette wheel which determines teams for each episode. Since they’ll be relying on Sentai footage half the time, they will have to have just some rangers go out on the missions while others stay at the base (Although as this would be Power Rangers, it’s possibly that the remaining rangers may assume their normal lives if they’re not picked for the mission). As lots of other people are hoping for, I hope that they do reuse the same suits for the de-transformed forms on the non-human rangers. Just as they did with Zenowing in Dino Supercharge. So for me, I’m hoping that 2021 will bring us a Kyuranger adaptation. It makes good sense for this to come right after Beast Morphers. I just hope Hasbro doesn’t decide to adapted a post-Kyuranger Sentai before adapting Kyuranger.

    RyuSoulger – This will be the new Sentai series we’ll be getting this year. Now the episodes have not come out yet and it’ll be March before episodes do begin airing in Japan. I read up that this is the first time since Carranger that the season began airing episodes in March. Apparently, from Megaranger to LupinVsPato, they’ve had the seasons come out in February. Although I might be wrong about some of them, but that’s what it sounds like based on what I’ve read. Anyway, I personally think that RyuSoulger should be adapted in 2022 after the Kyuranger adaptation (I think Beast Morphers will be the final season to have a Super Season, based on how it’ll be the last season to air on Nickelodeon) and I also think it should be a sequel to Dino Charge called Dino Charge Knight or just Dino Knight. I’m not sure if Hasbro would be willing to considering such an idea, but maybe after the Kyuranger adaptation happens (Which hopefully will be BEFORE RyuSoulger) I may write to Hasbro and tell them my idea. Not sure if Hasbro would be able to bring the Dino Charge cast back to film a new season considering that in Dimensions in Danger, only Koda returned. But I think it would make sense if RyuSoulger became a Dino Charge sequel series. What do you think? Plus, if they have it adapted in 2022, it would work perfect for Power Rangers when it comes to having one dino-themed season every decade (Mighty Morphin in the 1990’s, Dino Thunder in the 2000’s, Dino Charge in the 2010’s, and RyuSoulger adaptation aka Dino Knight in the 2020’s).
    And that’s my thoughts about why and when I think each yet-to-be-adapted season of Sentai should or should not be adapted. What are your thoughts?”

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