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Power Rangers Dino Charge Cast Returning For Beast Morphers

The cast of Power Rangers Dino Charge is coming back for Power Rangers Beast Morphers!

In a special teamup episode due to air in 2020, at least three of the Power Rangers Dino Charge cast members will make their return to the show: Brennan Mejia who played Tyler the Red Ranger, Yoshi Sudarso who played Koda the Blue Ranger, and Davi Santos who played Ivan the Gold Ranger.

All three actors are currently in New Zealand filming the highly anticipated team up that will be a part of Power Rangers Beast Morphers‘ second season. The season will air on Nickelodeon in 2020.

James Davies, who portrayed Chase the Power Rangers Dino Charge Black Ranger, is also expected to return for the episode.

The cast will be joined by the original red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, Jason Scott, portrayed by actor Austin St. John (click here for the full recap).

The teamup episode is expected to adapt footage from the dino-themed team-up featuring Super Sentai’s Zyuranger, Abaranger, & Kyoryuger (known as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Dino Thunder, & Power Rangers Dino Charge overseas).

Photos of characters from Power Rangers Dino Charge on the set of Power Rangers Beast Morphers had previously leaked online, including Keeper, Poisandra, and an army of Vivix.

Michael Taber, Camille Hyde, and Claire Blackwelder, all of whom portrayed Riley the Green Ranger, Shelby the Pink Ranger, and Kendall the Purple Ranger respectively are not expected to return.

Fans will have to wait until 2020 to find out more about Hasbro’s plans for this brand new team-up!

Power Rangers Beast Morphers will have 22 episodes, and air on Nickelodeon throughout 2019 (click here to recap). Episodes currently air every Saturday at 8am ET on Nickelodeon.

Fans can check out the official Power Rangers Beast Morphers synopsis below.

Set in the future, a secret agency combines a newly discovered substance called “Morph-X” with animal DNA to create the Power Rangers Beast Morphers team. The Rangers must fight off an evil sentient computer virus bent on taking over the source of all Ranger power, the Morphin Grid itself. Featuring never-before-seen leather suits and an all-new beast-themed arsenal (including dynamic new Zords), fans should get ready for a season full of secret ops and morphinominal fun.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers stars Rorrie Travis as Devon the Red Ranger, Jasmeet Baduwalia as Ravi the Blue Ranger, Jackie Scislowski as Zoey the Yellow Ranger, Abraham Rodriguez as Nate, Colby Strong as Blaze, Liana Ramirez as Roxy, Kristina Ho as Betty, and Cosme Flores as Ben.

Austin St. John’s return was first reported by That Hashtag Show.

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54 thoughts on “Power Rangers Dino Charge Cast Returning For Beast Morphers

  1. Kendall (Claire Blackwelder) was one of the best characters in Dino Charge, why is she not coming back?

      1. Well, duh! That goes for every other actor on the show, including your main stars. That’s not an excuse.

    1. @Robert Claire’s busy with a couple of concerts, but I can understand how you feel about Saban back then against more original footage for purple, deciding that she’s given the type of screen time female Kyoryu Violet had.

  2. Only the Mighty Morphine and Dino Charge??? what about any Dino Thunder representative ??? i saw some article that Jason from MMPR will make a appearance on Beast Morphers

    1. Well, Connor’s actor is an independent film director and Kira’s actress is on Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger. Either they’ll just do voiceovers or they’ll have to film around the footage.

      1. Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters: The Great Dinosaur Battle– Only the core five (or three, in Abaranger’s case) members of the other Dino-themed teams appeared in that film.
        No Dragonranger and no AbareBlack means no Tommy for the Beast Morphers special.

        Besides, there’s no need for Tommy.

        1. Hasbro can do original footage of the Black Dino Thunder Ranger so it’s possible for JDF to be in it!!

    1. Dont get me wrong i love JDF he was my childhood hero, still look up to the guy but honestly im all tommy’d out they should let some other legands from the ranger family to run the show on team ups not just tommy and a few other rangers from seasons past with tommy as the leader ehh so happy jason coming back tho

    2. None of his Sentai counterparts are in the source film footage Burai stays dead and Abere black stays with his family in Dino world. Both Neo goldar and Neo Zeltrax only kidnapped living on Earth Dino Rangers and sent the brain washed red rangers to attack the current Dino team. The actors we got are due to actor availability even the NZ cast has moved on to the US by now. They might dub over like the Japanese cast did who was off screen in the film

  3. I can understand why brennan, yoshi, and davi are coming back but with the other cast members I’m unsure but i do now that micheal taber said that he regrets being on power rangers

    1. Tell me exactly what you mean when you said “Michael Taber regrets being Dino Charge Green in the PR Dino Charge series”. Because we need to know, that’s all.

      1. Some might assume that he agrees with fans of Dino Super Charge considered somewhat of a letdown, after it was going so well in season one, but I was told that he was drunk.

        1. In case you’re still wondering, Zyuranger was in the Kyoryuger vs Go Busters team up. Same with Abaranger.

  4. Maybe Jason and Tyler can talk to Ravi about Roxy. Ravi can say “but rangers can’t date other rangers” and Tyler can say “that’s crazy. I’m dating the pink ranger on my team” followed by Jason “yeah and two of my friends dated on my team. Even after they broke he dated another member my team.” It’s no guarantee but it would be nice to see them let Ravi know just because your a ranger that doesn’t mean you only have to be friends

  5. Im just glad that now the sentai movie stuff isent off the table .. for years anything from the sentai movies was a def no no for American adaptations but im assuming that saban musta worked that out cause now were getting movie characters and villains (woulda been cool to see ninja steel green 😒) but yeah def excited to see wat they gunna so especially with that neongriffazor aka goldar from MMPR

  6. Well hopefully they do it justice. The original footage leaves tons of room to play around. However, in the past that’s not always turned out the greatest in adaptation. Either way, hoping it’s a massive hit and if they were smart they would do it just like Sentai does…. Make it a summer special. Made-for-tv movie Style. Maybe even Power Rangers primetime. That was a great way to introduce Zedd back in 94 (3 of the best Friday nights ever). And just like we posted on our social medias previously……. it would be awesome if this was what led into the next series, which we here at the Dozier Studios family are hoping is RYUSOULGER!!!

  7. What about Power Rangers Ninja Steel Cast?

    If Nate is related to Brody & Sarah from Power Rangers Ninja Steel because of Hi-Tech Gadgete from Sarah & her Mother; Jackie & Karate from Brody

    1. If Kelson wasn’t voicing cruise I say just do him but that’s a no go. The only one from ninja steel I like to see is Levi but only for his singing voice.

  8. So, does that mean the Original Megaforce & Beast Morpher team up is either no more or not gonna happen? Please tell me it’s not true!

  9. It’s a shame that we’re not going to get James Napier, Kevin Duhaney and Emma Lahana in the Dino Team up.
    Wonder how Hasbro is going to get around it

      1. People are actually thinking that, especially with the guy who plays Riley in Dino Charge so leave the poor guy alone!

  10. Power rangers Dino Charge was a hit in the power rangers season. So this is great for the power rangers fans will be happy to see them on power rangers beast morphers season 2.

  11. Remember the supervillain named Baccaus Gill, the cousin of Warz Gill (Prince Vekar’s counterpart) and nephew of Emperor Gill (Emperor Mavro’s counterpart) from the sentai TV Movie – Go-busters Vs Gokaigers?
    Well, I gave a name for that supervillain a few years ago and called it “VERIKHO”. So, what do you think of that?

  12. I Hope Tommy & Kate are in this the last cross over was just to small in the info. Want info on J.J. & are Tommy & Kate married or not??

  13. The one who plays Riley in Dino Charge said the same as Connor from Dino Thunder. They didn’t like how they were handled.

  14. poor tanya have never be on other power rangers seasons . I can’t stand kat in power rangers zeo . kat ok in power rangers turbo. my three favorites female rangers are one tanya,two cassie and three Ashley.

  15. my all time favorite female pink ranger is Kimberly . I can’t stand kat in power rangers zeo. poor tanya new character in power rangers zeo and tanya have three episodes in zeo. no one cares about tanya ,my favorite female is trini,aisha,tanya,ashley yellow rangers.

  16. MMPR, Dino Thunder & Dino Charge are Not on the team up? I thought Jason, Connor & Tyler are the Dino Heroes. Why are they team up in beast morphers?

  17. If Hasbro would give both Andrew Gray and his only real life love interest Christina Masterson another chance by rebuilding their true/proper generous faith, hope, love and respect and by making special guests in the 1hr long tv movie of a Megaforce and Beast Morpher team up crossover (focusing on the Megaforce Rangers’ backstories and how Troy & Emma truly ended up together as a true Red & Pink Sky Love Couple), then they would not be the same people as they were in the 2nd season of Megaforce. -sighs- So, what do any of you think of that idea?

  18. I like power rangers a lot infact i like power rangers jungle fury I wish I can see a second series to that power ranger tv series and I want to be apart of it

  19. Dino Power Rangers

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
    Dino Thunder Power Rangers
    Dino Charge Power Rangers

    Team up with Power Rangers Beast Morphers

  20. Power Rangers team up with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Masked Rider, even another Power Rangers

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