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Hasbro Wins Power Rangers Toy License

Out with the old, in with the new.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Saban Brands and Bandai had mutually agreed to part ways on the master toy license for Power Rangers (click here for full recap). Today, it was revealed that Hasbro will become the new owners of the aforementioned agreement.

Starting in Spring 2019, Hasbro will become the exclusive toy provider for Power Rangers worldwide – including all past seasons, movies, and upcoming incarnations. The first Power Rangers toys under Hasbro will release in March-April of 2019.

“We’re particularly excited to partner together to help reignite and drive this brand for the next 25 years and more. It’s a partnership that is very collaborative and feels very good to us to be in business with Saban and to help power Power Rangers.” – Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner to Hollywood Reporter

Bandai will continue to produce Power Rangers toys in support of the franchise’s milestone 25th anniversary, and Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, until March-April 2019. The company will also continue to support toys for Super Sentai, Power Rangers’ original source footage which airs overseas in Japan.

In addition to unveiling a brand new master toy license, Saban Brands also unveiled a brand new Power Rangers logo for 2019 – although it is currently unclear in what capacity this logo will be used, and what implications this will have on the franchise’s previous logo.

New Power Rangers 2019 Logo

Hasbro’s focus will be on creating Power Rangers toys for young children, as well as the older fanbase. Brian Goldner, the company’s CEO, insists that fans can expect to see products for future seasons of Power Rangers, as well as its legacy seasons.

“We’re particularly excited to introduce the brand to the youngest Power Rangers fans, but we’ve also talked for many years about the growth and development of the fan economy. We do believe that [older] fans today have more interest in, and more access to, fan-oriented products. The online retailing world allows us to retail products at higher price points, along with conventions, to move product that are aimed at older fans. You can only imagine with the amazing creativity of the Power Rangers show, as well as Haim’s own creativity, that this allows for some very exciting things as we move forward. I think there’s a lot of love for the classic characters. I was around in the first years when Haim and Saban decided to renew the concept every year, and we could see how it renewed interest every year. It allowed the creative to change and the brand to evolve. We want to continue to evolve and reinvent. We’re very dedicated to continuing to evolve and rededicate the brand every year.” – Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner to Hollywood Reporter

Moving forward, Power Rangers will be a three-way partnership between Saban Brands, Nickelodeon, and Hasbro, with the latter expanding the size of its team in Los Angeles to accommodate the addition of Power Rangers into its toy lineup.

“Toys are absolutely essential to Power Rangers. Toys are basically the leading merchandising and licensing partner that we have. It’s very important.” Power Rangers Founder Haim Saban to Hollywood Reporter

Aside from being a powerhouse company in the toy industry, Hasbro’s relationship with Saban Brands dates back to the longterm friendship between CEO Brian Goldner and Haim Saban.

“Our friendship started, as a matter of fact, when Brian left the advertising agency he worked at and moved to Bandai, which had the license at the time. Since then, we’ve been in touch on and off, on different subject matters. From time to time, Brian would say to me, ‘So when are you coming to Hasbro?’ This is just the culmination of events that have been happening for some time. We’re just beyond thrilled.” – Power Rangers Founder Haim Saban to Hollywood Reporter

Hasbro is currently the master toy company behind Transformers and Star Wars, making Power Rangers an impressive addition to their already expansive slate.

The news comes on the heels of Toy Fair 2018, which kicks off in New York City on February 17.

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18 thoughts on “Hasbro Wins Power Rangers Toy License

  1. This is cool! For the power rangers! And the toys and the show must go on! Power rangers is my favourite TV show ever also the toys too. I can’t wait for the brand news toys made by Hasbro.

  2. this looks really interesting, i really hipe that works, i love Power Rangers with my hart, and very hard is my love, since i was one year old.

  3. These are REALLY bad news. Hasbro is well known in the transfandom for their cheap hollow plastic syndrome. The CHPS doomed the Transformers brand, and help to create KO and 3P companies that offer unlicensed products with better quality than officials. Fans looking for the old great quality of Transformers are pushed to look for these unofficial products, because current Transformers usually have low quality plastic and a lot of hollow pieces.

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