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Hasbro’s Beast Morphers Toy Plans Revealed

Amazon is giving fans their first sneak peek at Hasbro’s plans for its toys based on Power Rangers Beast Morphers!

Power Rangers Beast Morphers will be the first Power Rangers season with toys not produced by Bandai America, who handled the franchise’s master toy license since its inception in 1993. Fans will enter the great unknown for the first time in franchise history, unsure of what to expect from the brand’s action figures, deluxe Megazords, Morphers, and more.

Among the first wave of Power Rangers Beast Morphers toys will include action figures based on the following characters:

•Red Ranger
•Red Ranger Powered Up
•Blue Ranger
•Yellow Ranger
•Gold Ranger
•Silver Ranger

The action figures range in sizes from 6 inches, to 12 inches. This leads fans to question if 6 inches will become the new base size for Hasbro’s Power Rangers action figures, after years of Bandai America following a base size of 5 inches.

While many fans will recognize Blaze, Roxy, and Evox as villains from Power Rangers Beast Morphers, a couple of names on the list belong to characters yet to be identified: Drilltron and Tronic. It’s possible that both could be “Monsters Of The Week” who only appear in one episode, or it’s possible they could belong to other mainstay characters. Could one of the names belong to the Silver Ranger, who’s expected to be a robot?

Cruise, Smash, and Jax will be the names of the Beast Bots – robotic sidekicks who accompany the Power Rangers. Cruise will be the Red Ranger’s Beast Bot, a cheetah. Smash will be the Blue Ranger’s Beast Bot, a gorilla. Jax will be the Yellow Ranger’s Beast Bot, a jackrabbit.

Additional toy listings on Amazon included:

•Beast X Morpher
•Cheetah Beast Blaster
•Cheetah Blade
•Cheetah Claw
•Beast Racer Zord
•Beast X Megazord

This list would appear to reveal the name of the season’s Morpher: the Beast X Morpher.

The same naming convention will apply to the season’s primary Megazord: the Beast X Megazord.

A lot of Hasbro’s appeal to Power Rangers Beast Morphers rests on the Red Ranger’s Zord. The Red Ranger’s Zord is capable of transforming into three modes: a cheetah, a fighting machine, and a racer. It appears the name of the racer mode (at least) will be the Beast Racer Zord.

Other names revealed for the Rangers’ arsenal/weaponry include the Cheetah Beast Blaster, Cheetah Blade, and Cheetah Claw – all weapons figuring to belong to the Red Ranger.

All the new Power Rangers toy listings mentioned above were found on Amazon by Twitter user @PowerRangerTalk. Photos remain unavailable at this time.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers will have 22 episodes, and air on Nickelodeon in early 2019 (click here to recap).

Hasbro’s Power Rangers Beast Morphers toys will begin hitting store shelves in Spring 2019. Fans can check out the official Power Rangers Beast Morphers synopsis below.

Set in the future, a secret agency combines a newly discovered substance called “Morph-X” with animal DNA to create the Power Rangers Beast Morphers team. The Rangers must fight off an evil sentient computer virus bent on taking over the source of all Ranger power, the Morphin Grid itself. Featuring never-before-seen leather suits and an all-new beast-themed arsenal (including dynamic new Zords), fans should get ready for a season full of secret ops and morphinominal fun.

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    1. Under contract they can’t release there Power Rangers toys until Spring of next year due to Bandai’s contract which runs until then. Yes, it sucks that we have to wait until after the show begins airing to get the toys but it can’t be helped unless Bandai somehow agrees to a buyout to the remainder of their contract to which don’t hold your breath on.

  1. Hopefully Hasbro improves the show making it more teen-friendly and less of a cringe fest.

    1. PR has even been aimed at teens. Teens are outside the target audience you stupid idiot. its for kids, not teens. OMG your so freaking retarded.

  2. I can wait for the debut of power rangers beast morphers toys and roleplay like the beast x morphers and kata sword and more until the premiere date is revealed in February plus a power rangers beast morphers t shirts and books its morphin time activate beast power I will join the beast morphers power rangers and save the world the cyber world and our world

  3. My Team is Mitghty Morphin Rangers
    Michael Red Power Ranger
    Zack Black Power Ranger
    Alex G Blue Power Ranger
    Trini Yellow Power Ranger

    Kimberly Pink Power Ranger
    Cosmo Green Power Ranger
    Mate White Power Ranger
    Rimp Knight Power Ranger
    Sean Gold Power Ranger
    Curtis Liset Green Power Ranger
    Blaine Brown Power Ranger
    Skull Oargner Power Ranger
    Bull Pupler Power Ranger
    Rosmo Liset Blue Power Ranger
    Cooper Ceram Power Ranger
    Rory Ryu Ranger

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