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Hasbro’s First Power Rangers Toys Revealed

Plans for Hasbro’s very first Power Rangers toys have surfaced!

New Amazon listings have revealed the toy giants’ plans to include Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Power Rangers S.P.D., Power Rangers Dino Charge, and more among the company’s first offerings.

Hasbro is slated to release action figures for the following characters, which are presumed, but unconfirmed, to be a part of the company’s new Lightning Collection.

•Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger
•Mighty Morphin White Ranger
•Lost Galaxy Magna Defender
•S.P.D. Shadow Ranger
•Dino Charge Red Ranger
•Beast Morphers Red Ranger
•Beast Morphers Gold Ranger
•Lord Zedd

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers White Ranger was already confirmed to be a part of Hasbro’s Lightning Collection at Power Morphicon 2018. The Lightning Collection will be a premium action figure line that includes weapons, accessories, swappable heads, 27 points of articulation, and special effects (full recap here).

It is presumed that the other 7 characters on the list above will join the White Ranger as the first wave of Lightning Collection figures – due in stores in Spring 2019.

Each Lightning Collection action figure will retail at $19.99.

The strategy marks a different approach from Bandai’s, the former maker of Power Rangers toys from 1993-2018. While Bandai planned its Legacy Figure waves around the release of complete seasons, Hasbro appears unafraid to jump across all 25 years of the Power Rangers timeline. Some fans may be excited to see representation from every point in Power Rangers history (with villains included), while others may grow weary of the possibility that they may never see complete teams released.

Hasbro’s Power Rangers Lightning Collection will be akin to their Marvel Legends line, or Star Wars’ Black Series line.

Also revealed on Amazon were new Playskool Heroes Power Rangers action figures, a toy line aimed at younger kids. Those slated for release include:

•Feature T-Rex Zords
•Mega Mighties
•Mighty Morphin Red Ranger
•Blind Bags
•2 Pack Figures
•Morphin Rinozord
•Morphin Zords
•Feature Wolf Zords
•Feature Zords
•Morphin Pterazord
•2 Pack Tri-Cycle
•2 Pack Red/Yellow Rangers
•2 Pack Green/Black Rangers
•Mighty Morphin Black Ranger

It is currently unknown which Power Rangers seasons, or characters, are included in the above titles.

Playskool Heroes often come in packs of multiple figures, with prices ranging from $12 to $20. Blind bags will also be available at a much cheaper price of $4.

Hasbro’s Playskool Heroes action figures come at a much smaller size, akin to Fisher Price’s Imaginext line. Each toy stands at about 2.5 inches tall, with limited articulation.

All the new Power Rangers toy listings mentioned above were found on Amazon by Twitter user @PowerRangerTalk. Photos remain unavailable at this time.

Hasbro’s first Power Rangers toys will hit store shelves in Spring 2019.

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26 thoughts on “Hasbro’s First Power Rangers Toys Revealed

  1. oh man! if they are part of the lightning collection, that means each will have actor likeness with the ability to swap heads and bodies that aren’t super ripped as well as accessories. I don’t even by toys and now I’m really tempted to.

  2. A win from top to bottom. I’m wondering if the Beast Morphers figures might actually just be from the basic Beast Morphers line, though.

  3. Please do not include the embarrassing Super Megaforce (Gokaiger) toy items. Just don’t.

    Just only include the original Megaforce (goseiger) toy items. Please, I’m begging you, Hasbro.

    1. I would like to get super megaforce action figures. It’s the worst power rangers for me but I could just pretend they are gokaiger figures that Hasbro made

    2. Or, of they include them, you could just not buy them. And for people who want them, they’d be available. I didn’t love the Super Megaforce show (or Megaforce, really), but I thought the suits were pretty spiffy.

      1. You know what? You’re talking like the treacherous and unwise Mr. Tzachor, who almost brought death to the ranger back in 2014. By the way, it wasn’t the 5-core cast group’s fault, it was just Tzachor and Saban.

          1. I dunno if you’ve gotten my message yet, but let me ask you again – Well, what has lazy scumbag Mr. Tzachor really done when Saban made a big mistake by hiring that traitor?

            1. I’ll tell you what Mr. Tzachor had done, he almost brought death to the PR Franchise by using the Gokaiger outfits, helmets, weapons, zords (which the pirate theme never made sence), and those some older sentai suits that should never had been on Megaforce S2. Plus, Mr. Tzachor should never have brought another blonde caucasian Cameron Jebo aka Ca-Moron Jerko to play an unofficial 6th Ranger, and Mr. Tzachor should never brought back Jason Smith as the writer

  4. I would like them to complete the missing Rangers from the previous Bandai waves, including ninja storm’s Thunder Rangers (Crimson & Navy) & Green Samuari, in Space Silver, who knows if those will ever get released or if any Bandai versions will be remade in Hasbro

  5. I care about the morpher. I want a decent quality morpher and since its a wrist morpher, I want it to have a thick and durable strap that isn’t just meant for little kids wrists. I want a morpher that this 33 year old man can rock.

  6. Only those with more effort and creativity in their work deserve better credit and respect. Bandai did try with the Zordbuilder bikes, but weren’t good enough. Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel sucked because it doesn’t have enough NINJA or STEEL in it.

  7. Looks good so far, and we get villains? Awesome. I really want the full set of in space rangers, especially the silver ranger.

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