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New Ninja Steel Toys Revealed

All new Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toys have been revealed at Toy Fair 2017!

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Throughout 2017, tons of new additions will join Bandai’s TV show toy line as part of Bandai’s Fall wave of toys! Fans can check out photos of the new Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toys at Toy Fair by clicking here. And catch Power Rangers Ninja Steel airing every Saturday at 12pm on Nickelodon!

New 5″ Action Figures (RELEASED) – Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s core 5″ action figure line will be receiving brand new additions: included in the villain line will be Madame Odius, Spinferno, and a Skullgator. The Ninja Steel Rangers will also be released in Training Mode and Ninja Master Mode. (Madame Odius and Spinferno have been released as part of brand new Good vs. Evil packs at Walmart, as found by Jominicano.)

Ninja Comm (RELEASED) – Power Rangers fans will have the chance to own the communicator device that keeps the Ninja Steel Rangers connected. Featuring show-accurate sounds, the Ninja Comm will release in late 2017 at an approximate price of $16.99. The toy was released in the UK as found and reviewed on YouTube by Airlim.

Gold Ranger Morpher (RELEASED) – The Ninja Steel Gold Ranger’s brand new Morpher has been unveiled – his own version of the Ninja Battle Morpher designed in new colors. The new Morpher, which will retail at $29.99, will take the place of the infamous Burger Morpher from Ninninger.

New Zords (RELEASED) – Along with the Astro Zord  (which will be sold as part of another packaged repainted Megazord; known in Ninninger as the UFO Zord), the Gold Ranger’s Bull Rider Zord was revealed. Together, the respective Zords will form the Astro Megazord and Bull Rider Megazord, each retailing at $34.99.

Lion Fire Fortress Zord (RELEASED) – First revealed in late January (recap here), the highlight of Bandai’s Fall Ninja Steel toy line was revealed in better detail. The massive playset will come included with numerous features, including interaction with Deluxe Megazords, 5″ figures, Ninja Steel Cycles, and more.

Ninja Master Blade (RELEASED) – Joining Bandai’s Deluxe Battle Gear line will be the Ninja Master Blade, the powerful weapon harnessed by Brody the Red Ranger inside the Megazord’s cockpit. With a unique chainsaw-sword design, the Ninja Master Blade will retail at approximately $34.99.

Gold Ranger Battle Gear (RELEASED) – The Gold Ranger’s guitar-styled weapon will be coming to Bandai’s Battle Gear line. Retailing at $29.99, the Gold Ranger’s Battle Gear will have the ability to fire away at opposing enemies with show-accurate sounds.

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  1. when does astro megazord from power rangers ninja steel come to stores along with the bull rider megazord.

  2. I can’t wait for the release of the new megazords,ninja steel
    Astro and bull rider megazords,NINJA STEEL!

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