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Power Rangers Ninja Steel Fall Toy Photos Released

New press images for Bandai’s fall slate of Power Rangers Ninja Steel toys have been released by Amazon!

Fans can check out all the new toy photos by clicking here!

Bandai first unveiled these toys at Toy Fair 2017 (recap here), where the near-entirety of the Power Rangers Ninja Steel toy line was on display in New York City. The toys are expected to begin releasing sometime this summer, finishing in the late part of the year to round out the show’s toy line for 2017.

Among the new photos released are:

5″ Figures

The core staple in Bandai’s Power Rangers toy line has long been the standard 5” action figure. And this fall, new characters will be coming to the beloved line: from Madame Odius , to the Gold Ranger, to the Ninja Steel Rangers’ Training Mode, and more.

The Gold Ranger was the first of the figures to hit stores, as found by Twitter user @darkSchnegge.

Deluxe Megazords

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Brand new Zords will join the fray this fall. The Astro Zord and Gold Ranger’s Bull Rider Zord will join the massive Lion Fire Fortress Zord as Bandai’s Fall wave of Deluxe Megazord toys. The massive structure can combine with their cycles and other Megazords for ultimate combination possibilities.

Training Gear

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The Training Gear Sets give kids the ability to fight just like their favorite Ninja Steel Ranger. Made from soft, safely crafted weaponry, fans will be able to refine their ninja moves to take down the evil Galvanax. Bandai’s Fall wave will add a new Triple Sickle and Ninja Star Dagger Set, and a new Double Dagger and Battle Axe Set.

12″ Figures

The Gold Ranger will join Bandai’s lineup of 12″ action figures for Power Rangers Ninja Steel, bringing the show’s heroes to their largest available scale.

Armored Figures

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Fans can complete their Armored Figure collection with the final three Rangers. Each Armored Figure comes included with a spring-loaded Power Star that allows fans to power up their action figures with a powerful armor.

Exclusive Hero Sets

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Toys R Us will be bringing exclusive Hero Sets to stores – allowing fans to own packs that combine the show’s action figures, deluxe Megazords, cycles, and battle gear. Toys R Us’ Hero Sets will be the only place to own the action figure version of the Ninja Steel Rangers’ Ninja Battle Morphers.

Gold Ranger Morpher

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The Gold Ranger’s infamous Morpher can transform from Morpher mode to blaster mode. And fans who pick up the Ninja Battle Morpher will also continue to build their collection of Ninja Power Stars – including the first chance to own the Gold Ranger Ninja Power Star. (The toy has since been released at Walmarts, as found by Japanime News).

Ninja Steel Cycles

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New Mega Morph Cycles will be released, for both the Red Ranger and Gold Ranger. Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s cycles continue to give fans an added bonus: the ability to transform their cycles into a Ninja Power Star.

Fans can check out all the photos by clicking here!

And be sure to head to all major retailers to find the latest toys for Power Rangers Ninja Steel – returning with new episodes August 12 on Nickelodeon!

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