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New Rejected Power Rangers Movie Suit Designs Revealed

New artwork has been released giving fans a look at suit designs for Saban’s Power Rangers movie that didn’t quite make the cut.

The designs appear close to the final version of Lionsgate’s re-imagined Power Rangers armor, but with distinct features that were removed including ears on the Yellow Ranger, and Mastodon tusks on the Black Ranger.

Fans can check out the full gallery of all five rejected Power Rangers suits below.

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The newest artwork comes from artist Ian Joyner (@ianjoynerart), who worked closely with Dean Israelite, the film’s director, to piece together the suit designs. While Joyner’s work didn’t make the final cut, he was clearly involved in the late stages of suit development as the product bears strong resemblances to the suits’ final state.

Among the notable features fans will notice are the suits’ drawing more similarities to the Rangers’ Dino Zords. The Blue Ranger sports a spike much like the Triceratops, the Yellow Ranger features ears from her Sabertooth Tiger, and the Black Ranger can be seen with tusks and a trunk much like his Mastodon. It would appear that the final version of the suits, while similar to these, aimed to make them less dinosaur-like.

Since the outset of the project’s announcement, both Lionsgate and Director Dean Israelite have remained adamant that they were looking to capture a design in Saban’s Power Rangers movie that felt organic, and “coming from within”.

Israelite also explained that the filmmakers sought to stay true to more organic-like designs for Power Rangers in order to avoid conflicting with the “sharp, angular” designs that have become closely associated with Transformers.  While the film certainly captures that appearance, it perhaps explains why Nemolato’s pitched artwork never made the final cut.

Fans can click here and here to check out even more rejected suits designs from the Power Rangers’ biggest silver screen re-imagining to date.

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7 thoughts on “New Rejected Power Rangers Movie Suit Designs Revealed

  1. The eyes should’ve been added. I actually began to dislike the final designs because the red ranger’s helmet design is the only one that resembles the original, and it’s actual dinosaur. The others don’t at all, except maybe the pink. But blue, black, and yellow literally all look the same. They all even have wide visors, whereas red’s doesn’t. I didn’t like it. I also think the center in the chest could’ve been white/light grey, similar to smoke, and could’ve resembled purity or pure energy. I just think the designs could’ve been better.

  2. It’s All Power Rangers Armor. In Fact. Why is this next year’s power rangers movie sequal is about 5 heroes in armor suits like iron man, spider-man, garo or brahma?

  3. To all previous com enters, no sequel to Power Rangers (2017) has been officially announced. These designs were rejected from that movie, and it is unlikely that designs will be used in any sequels. I do, however, think that these designs should have been used instead. If Michael Bay (director of the “Transformers” movies) was involved in the making of Power Rangers (2017), I think that we would have gotten something more like classic designs while still looking newer and unique.

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