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Ninja Steel International Spoilers To Begin July 31


UPDATE: Cartoon Network, the home of Power Rangers in Latin America, has pulled the newest episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel (Episode 9) from airing on July 31. The move comes as a surprise as Power Rangers’ annual international spoilers have been staved off (for now), but also not as a surprise as international airing patterns tend to be much more fluid. With Latin America no longer slated to receive Episode 9, the United States is currently scheduled to be first in line for new episodes as they return to Nickelodeon on August 12. This would mark the first time in six years that the United States premiered a Power Rangers second half episode before any other country.

They’re back!

Power Rangers’ annual international spoiler party is making its return on July 31, when Latin America begins to blow the doors open on all of Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s second half secrets.

The United States will receive the second half of Power Rangers Ninja Steel starting August 12 on Nickelodeon, where the show has remained on its summer hiatus since late March.

With Latin America airing Power Rangers episodes every Monday, they are expected to beat the United States to the punch for the remainder of the fall, consistently airing new episodes two weeks ahead of the United States.

As always, international airing schedules are subject to change at any moment.

For Power Rangers fans, international spoilers have become a familiar annual tradition as countries from France, to India, to Mexico, and beyond have found ways to air Power Rangers’ fall episodes before the United States for the past six years.

Power Rangers’ international spoilers typically begin in late June, but this year were avoided until late July.

With Saban Brands once again unable, or unwilling, to control their international episode distribution, a frenzy of poor quality Power Rangers screencaps and foreign language clips are expected to rain down on social media once again.

Latin America will kick off the international spoilers with Episode 9 of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, titled ‘Rocking And Rolling’ (recap here). The episode is expected to pick up the continuation of the Gold Ranger saga.

The episode’s July 31 air date was confirmed by Latin American Power Rangers fan @IoriJericho.

Be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW as all of Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s international spoilers begin to roll in.

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  1. im ready to watch the new episodes of power rangers ninja steel with the new gold ranger has join the power rangers to fight against evil with new power stars new zords brand new battlizer which will call the lion fire so then specials like the halloween episode and christmas episode until season 2 start if they reveal the release date for season 25 after super ninja steel the next power rangers series will come to nick in 2019 like power rangers astro force following super astro force in 2020 plus upcoming power rangers movie saga power rangers 2 coming in march 2019 will debut the second green ranger plus the debut of the new dragonzord then new villians if they reveal the release date for power rangers 2 go go power rangers

  2. Wait, what makes you think that, there would be 2 New Ranger seasons in the future (particularly based on the Kyuranger adaptation)?

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