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New Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode Details

New episode descriptions and titles for Power Rangers Ninja Steel have been revealed!

The second half of the season will pick up on August 12, when Nickelodeon kicks off the show’s return with Episode 9. Power Rangers Ninja Steel is expected to return with the continuation of the Gold Ranger story arc, featuring the introduction of the Gold Ranger’s powerful Bull Rider Zord.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel will air its remaining 14 episodes (including two holiday themed specials) from August to early December – airing every Saturday at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon.

Fans can find the newest Power Rangers Ninja Steel episode details below.

Episodes 1-8 Info

Episode 9 – Rocking And Rolling
Episode description TBA.

Episode 10 – The Ranger Ribbon
Episode description TBA.

Episode 11 – Poisonous Plots
Episode description TBA.

Episode 12 – Family Fusion
Episode description TBA.

The newest episode info comes from Nick Germany Wiki.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel stars Will Shewfelt, Chrysti Ane, Nico Greetham, Zoe Robins, Peter Sudarso, and Jordi Webber.

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