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New Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode Details

New episode descriptions and titles for Power Rangers Ninja Steel have been revealed!

The second half of the season will pick up on August 12, when Nickelodeon kicks off the show’s return with Episode 9. Power Rangers Ninja Steel is expected to return with the continuation of the Gold Ranger story arc, featuring the introduction of the Gold Ranger’s powerful Bull Rider Zord.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel will air its remaining 14 episodes (including two holiday themed specials) from August to early December – airing every Saturday at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon.

Fans can find the newest Power Rangers Ninja Steel episode details below.

Episodes 1-8 Info

Episode 9 – Rocking And Rolling
Full Spoilers
Airdate: August 12
Levi is excited to be embarking on his world tour, but as mysterious earthquakes start shaking up Summer Cove, he’s presented with a tough decision.

Episode 10 – The Ranger Ribbon
Full Spoilers
Airdate: August 19
When Summer Cove’s sentimental “Ribbon Tree” is in danger of being cut down by Preston’s wealthy dad, Preston must learn to stand up to his father to save what’s important.

Episode 11 – Poisonous Plots
Full Spoilers
Airdate: August 26
Brody is poisoned by Galvanax’s latest contestant. Will the Rangers make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save him?

Episode 12 – Family Fusion
Full Spoilers
Airdate: September 2
The Rangers access a powerful new Megazord formation to battle Ripcon.

Episode 13 – Ace And The Race
Full Spoilers
Airdate: September 9
Calvin finds himself increasingly distracted from his friends and Power Ranger duties when he spends all this time trying to impress his local hero.

Episode 14 – The Royal Rival
Full Spoilers
Airdate: September 16
A mysterious princess and her royal guard arrive on Earth to challenge the Rangers.

Episode 15 – The Royal Rumble
Full Spoilers
Airdate: September 23
The Power Rangers band together with a new ally to try and defeat Galvanax’s new champion – but even their teamwork may not be enough.

Episode 16 – Monkey Business
Full Spoilers
Airdate: October 14
Calvin and Hayley decide to run for office at school, but are thrown into discord by a monster capable of recording their voices.

Episode 17 – The Adventures Of Redbot
Full Spoilers
Airdate: October 21
Redbot documents the adventures of the Power Rangers on his new blog, while a cat-like monster attempts to steal the Ninja Power Stars.

Episode 18 – Abrakadanger
Full Spoilers
Airdate: October 28
Preston must confront one of Galvanax’s newest contestants after his magical spells backfire on his teammates.

Episode 19 – Helping Hand
Full Spoilers
Airdate: November 4
While Sarah deals with issues at school, the Rangers must overcome an invincible force field.

Episode 20 – Galvanax Rises
Full Spoilers
Airdate: November 18
The final battle begins as Galvanax unleashes his devastating attack.

Halloween Special – Grave Robber
Full Spoilers
Airdate: October 7
A Halloween board game leads the Rangers into Cosmo Royale’s trap where they must confront monsters they have already beaten.

Christmas Special – Past, Presents, And Future
Full Spoilers
Airdate: December 2
When Cleocatra paralyzes the Power Rangers, Sarah and Santa Claus must travel through time to save the day.

The newest episode info comes from the Nick Germany Wiki and Canal J.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel stars Will Shewfelt, Chrysti Ane, Nico Greetham, Zoe Robins, Peter Sudarso, and Jordi Webber.

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  1. I will watch the new episodes of power rangers ninja steel I will look at rocking and rolling and the ranger ribbon plus episode 12-22 and a special first look at next season of power rangers go super ninja steel new weapons and new zords new battlizer and new power stars the return of the legendary rangers by 2019 after super ninja steel meet the new team of power rangers by all 14 based on kyuuranger its call power rangers astro force and super astro force in 2020 love power rangers I’m a big fan become a power ranger then power rangers sequel need to the work and cast an actress to play green ranger and battle a new villain I want power rangers 2 in theatre like march 31 2019 on my birthday thank you

      1. It’s a joke. That Eric kid comments on everything like that and normally he includes wanting Masked Rider to return in 2019.

  2. Well, looks like I was right about Episode 12 (I meant episode 12 in the above comment, I don’t know how I messed that up)

  3. Maybe the princess might full in love with one of the boys rangers! I think the episode 14 is going to be good.
    I love power rangers and princess too!

  4. Look everyone, to be honest, you all don’t know weather it’s still 2 New seasons or back to a single new season of the Untitled PR 2019 adaptation. Just let Saban Brands or better yet the Friendly Superhero Productions decide, OK?

  5. Power rangers goes wwe can wait for episode 16-20 Halloween and Christmas special plus a preview of power rangers super ninja steel if they reveal a date for season 2 with new weapons new power stars new zords plus a new power ranger better be the female green ninja steel and the sequel of the power rangers movie I want Bella throne join the power rangers movie as the green ranger and join the power rangers and save the world

  6. Um Speaking Of Power Rangers Ninja Steel Will Galvanax Be Destroyed Or Will He Be In Super Ninja Steel Like How Sledge Was In Dino Charge & Dino Supercharge At The Same Time

  7. Huh? They’re going to already face Galvanax? Guess their not using the Ninninger footage since Gekiatsu Dai-Oh hasn’t shown up yet.

  8. adaptation kyuranger in 2019-2020.but not yet called new power rangers series.wait to in December in 2018.power rangers casting thread maybe may to june, power morphicon 6.they revel new cast of power rangers.power morphicon august 16-19,2018.

  9. power morphicon 6 in august 17-19,2018.power rangers casting thread maybe feb to june. the new name of characters . in but not yet called power rangers series . maybe adaptation other car theme in 2021-2022 yes is true . power morphicon 7 in august 2020,they revel new cast of power rangers .also yet to called new power rangers series in 2021-2022. power rangers casting thread maybe feb to june . in power rangers other car theme wait to find out colors are yet.maybe red,blue,green are male rangers and pink,yellow are female rangers.who 6 ranger color is?! if adaptation kyuranger first green ranger is female.masked rider coming to u.s .a . in 2019

  10. super sentai series in 2018-2019 . car/vehicle theme for next season .super sentai in December . ,2017 to find out what ‘s the new season called .in super sentai to wait find out the colors are yet . maybe red,blue,green or white or black are male rangers and pink ,yellow or maybe blue sentai ranger is female.cool if only have two female power rangers are blue rangers first is tori and second is madsion. maybe adaptation car/vehicle theme of power rangers in 2021-2022.

    1. Isn’t the Ninja UltraZord, the combined form of the Ninja Steel Megazord, Bull Rider Megazord, and Lion Fire Fortress Zord.

  11. Next Year when the real Aiden Romero and Dane Romero comes back, they will be Red Rangers like Brody Romero. But I know the Aiden Romero and Levi Weston already kidnap by Madam Odious, but Levi barely Escape Galvanax’s Ship.

  12. I think there will be a Ranger from Samurai/SuperSamurai, Megaforce/SuperMega and Dino Charge/DinoSuper in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. I really want Lauren from Super Samurai, Gia from Megaforce and Orion from Super Megaforce

  13. After season one of power rangers ninja steel now the title for the Halloween special is grave robber if the date will reveal in October so then December one actress the one who play princess viera play by ruby love I want her to be the new power ranger green or silver on power rangers super ninja steel coming in January if the date has reveal by the end of this year if saban brand announced the new series call power rangers StarForce season 26th in 2019 then the second season in 2020 plus power rangers jungle force 2021-2022 rangers forever power rangers lives forever

  14. i would wonder who is the new main villain in power rangers super ninja steel is it madame odious, sledge, or a completely new main evil villain character with new henchmen and new galaxy warriors contestants what happened to cos mo royal e hmm?

  15. the power rangers also come back with new powers, weapons, and brand new mechanical fighting robots made from ninja steel Dane Romero seems to be taking over the role of mentor for the rangers while mick is back home
    in the lion galaxy.

  16. i have a new dinosaur themed zord that will appear in super ninja steel is the Jurassic t Rex zord and there will be a return of keeper from dinosaur charge power rangers to make this new powerful zord using ninja steel and some energy gem power as well.

  17. How was this thread posted nov 2017 and people are replying months before? I thought i was reading about super ninja steel. Lol

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