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Ninja Steel Ninja Master Mode Revealed

The first look at Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s Ninja Master Mode has been revealed (seen above)!

All five Ninja Steel Power Rangers will harness to powers of Ninja Master Mode in the cockpit of their Ninja Steel Megazord to fight bad guys who’ve grown giant!

In Ninja Master Mode, the Power Rangers will also have access to their powerful Ninja Master Blades, as pictured in the hands of Brody the Red Ranger (played by Will Shewfelt) above.

Ninja Master Mode was first revealed as part of Bandai’s Ninja Steel action figure toy line last December (recap here). Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting the first look at the latest incarnation of the Power Rangers’ Megazord cockpit mode.

Ninja Master Mode follows in the footsteps of previous┬áseasons’ power-up modes which were used to control the Megazord cockpits: Dino Drive Mode in Power Rangers Dino Charge, and Mega Mode in Power Rangers Samurai.

Fans can check out the debut of Ninja Master Mode on an all-new episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, airing on Nickelodeon on February 4th at 12pm.

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