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Power Morphicon 2020 Officially Announced

The biggest Power Rangers convention is back in 2020!

The 7th Power Morphicon will take place on September 4-6, 2020. The convention will also be moving back to the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California – the home of the show for six years from 2010-2016.

Tickets for the event will go on sale on August 1, 2019 at 9am PT.

Click here to purchase your Power Morphicon 2020 tickets starting at 9am PT on 8/1/19!

This year, only two different full-weekend memberships will be made available: A Gold Ranger pass for $250, and a Red Ranger pass for $70. Platinum Ranger passes from previous years have been retired.

Fans can check out the full offerings of both the Gold and Red Ranger packages below.

Gold Ranger
•Full Weekend Pass (September 4th-6th, 2020)
•PMC Badge and Lanyard
•Early Registration Pick Up on September 3rd
•Early Convention Entry
•VIP Meet & Greet Tickets
•Preferred Panel Seating
•Gold Convention Pin Set
•Convention T-Shirt and Gold T-Shirts
•Convention Hoodie
•Convention Coin and Gold Coins
•Convention Print and Gold Print
•Mystery Items
•Deluxe Cloth Gift Bag
•Ability to Buy Two Power Breakfast Event Tickets (extra charge)
•Ability to Buy PMC Exclusives (extra charge)
•Entry to Gold Only Events (some events may be extra charge)

Red Ranger
•Full Weekend Pass (September 4th-6th, 2020)
•PMC Badge and Lanyard
•Early Registration Pick Up on September 3rd
•3 Mystery Pins
•Convention Print
•PMC Gift Bag
•Ability to Buy PMC Exclusives (extra charge)

Fans who wish to purchase single day tickets for Saturday or Sunday will also be able to do so.

Power Morphicon 2020 will be the convention’s first since the brand’s full move to Hasbro. Hasbro is expected to reveal new toys, new comics (in partnership with BOOM! Studios), and new info about the upcoming 2021 TV season at the show.

Power Morphicon 2020 was first announced at Power Morphicon 2018, at the conclusion of the show during its closing ceremony (click here to recap). The show will continue the biggest Power Rangers convention’s bi-annual trend.

Over 10,000 fans turned out for Power Morphicon 2018 to make the event a rousing success.

Power Morphicon first began in 2007 and has since become a bi-annual convention in Southern California featuring cast members, news, and panels from the past, present, and future of Power Rangers. Power Morphicon 2020 will feature events and surprises geared towards Power Rangers’ television show, comic books, toys, and more.

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54 thoughts on “Power Morphicon 2020 Officially Announced

  1. I hope it’s either Kyuranger or ToQger. Zyougher, Lupin Vs. Patoranger, or Ryusoulger would be nice, but not as exciting as a train or space themed season.

    1. Chicago is expansive for us outside of it since I hate paying toll, why can’t the government use the tax to fix it. I think Minneapolis, Wisconsin Dell, or even Des Moines and Detroit will be better, sorry Illinois, but mostly somewhere around Chicago

    2. Chicago is expansive for us outside of it since I hate paying toll, why can’t the government use the tax to fix it. I think Minneapolis, Wisconsin Dell, or even Des Moines and Detroit will be better, sorry Illinois, but mostly somewhere around Chicago

  2. I hope we get Kyuranger too. First female Green Ranger and first Orange Ranger in PR history. And the first kid ranger since 1997 too

  3. Espero ir por primera vez a la power morphicon en el 2020. Yo opino si a hasbro le gustaría adaptar kyuranger habria un equipo de 12 miembros si se adaptara kyuranger

  4. I Just Hope We Get To See Some New Upcoming Power Rangers Shows Very Soon 💕❣️💞💗

  5. What if Hasbro gave both Andrew Gray and his only real life love interest Christina Masterson another chance by rebuilding their true/proper generous faith, hope, love and respect and by making a 3rd season of Megaforce with lots of emotions and forgiveness for the future like 2023 (focusing on the Megaforce Rangers’ Retelling backstories and how Troy & Emma truly ended up together as a true Red & Pink Sky Love Couple some years before becoming a Married Red & Pink Sky Love Couple) and celebrating 10 years since the 1st season (based on the Angelic Goseiger), and at the same time celebrate the 30th Pearl anniversary of PR, for they would not be the same people as they were in the 2nd season of Megaforce? -sighs- So, what do any of you really think of that idea?

  6. as cool as it would be to do dinos again. I think it would be far to soon to have another dino season. Maybe use the dino series for for season 30/31 so we can hit dinos during a anniversary season. which would be in 4 years so next next series(2 years a series) but be the following one. I rather see kyu(space) or the cops/thief series used. Let alone who knows what 2020, 2021, 2022 etc….. series be. Which could be a better theme/toy sales maker. I doubt we will see tqr as trains is not that big of a market in western culture where as space, cops/thiefs, and dinos would be better sells. Though look with beast we did not expect hasbro/saban to go backwards and adapt a 5 year old series. But i still bet we will see kyu or cops/thief next, then dinos. But again what will be next few series could affect hasbro choice in things.

  7. Hasbro please adapt toQger,kyuranger,and zyougher i love those seasons of super sentai

    1. Listen, don’t force Hasbro to adapt all of the skipped sentai seasons.
      And zyuohger is not gonna happen and will fit in the American ranger franchise, because there mechas all really look like minechafts square blocks.

  8. Willis James, if you’re still a superhero fan, then here’s the actual truth (in a calm and mild tone). The actual reason why I DON’T like the Gokai pirate outfits, Arsenals and helmets, is because they were like a total NIGHTMARE PRISON for the main 5-core cast group of Megaforce. But the real reason why I only LIKE the Gosei Angel outfits, Arsenals and helmets (which still has the same original colour cores and Humanoid lips on the helmets as the original Mighty Morphin hero team), is because they are like a REAL DREAM COME TRUE FREEDOM for the same main 5-core cast group of Megaforce and for Christopher Aher (who played the voice of Robo Knight). And so (in a calm and mild tone again), please…..tell…..the Hasbro Family Studios, Willis James my friend.

  9. power rangers super beast morphers march 2020
    Power Rangers Royal Force 2021
    power rangers star force 2024
    power rangers shadow justice 2025
    Power Rangers Dino Knights 2026 or 2020
    Nickelodeon Nicktoons Nicktoons Network

    1. I think you got it all wrong.
      It starts with this, in my own opinion choice (from 2013-2023, for example)

      PR Megaforce S1 – 2013,
      PR Megaforce S2 – 2014,
      PR Dino Charge – 2015,
      PR Dino Supercharge – 2016,
      PR Ninja Steel – 2017,
      PR Super Ninja Steel – 2018,
      PR Beast Morpher S1 – 2019,
      PR Beast Morpher S2 – 2020,
      PR Cosmic Surge – 2021,
      PR Dino Knight (the possible third and final season in the Dino Charge Trilogy) – 2022 &
      PR Megaforce S3 (the possible third and final season in the Megaforce Trilogy) 2023.

      So, that’s that in my own opinion.

  10. I’m really hoping they don’t skip the Train theme for the next Power Rangers show. They could make something amazing if they use their imagination to the highest level.

  11. I’m too poor to attend such an event. I don’t have a job, my girlfriend left me, and I have a 3 year old daughter, and I can’t even afford to put food on her plate. I live in a little a$$ house with my Mom and my little girl. Just trying to get by with what little money I can get.

  12. Look, I wanna talk about the next Super sentai theme. One motif I DON’T ever see, after Ryusoulger, is the magic or sports theme. But, one motif I DO wanna see for the year 2020, after Ryusoulger, is the new and next miraculous heavenly angel theme, because Goseiger was the first ever sentai season to introduce the miraculous heavenly angel motif. And I am saying 100% “YES” to the second angel sentai motif after the Grand finale of Ryusoulger, especially the return of the Main 5-core colour team such as – Red & Pink Sky element, Black & Yellow Land element, and Blue Sea element. One other thing, it will nearly be 10 years since Goseiger was aired.
    Please leave a comment, because I am honestly desperate.

      1. Don’t swearing for once in your serious life, you’re ruining and destroying the family-friendly ranger studios.

        Besides, I’m the one who cares about what the next sentai motif maybe

        1. Shut up. I’ll do what I want. You ain’t no one’s Mom around here punk. And I’m not the one who is mentally retarded. Goseiger and Megaforce, there is nothing special about those shows. NOTHING!!!!

          1. Are you threatening me? It’s Ciara Hanna and Cameron Jebo who are nothing special to each other or to the world or even to you, nothing (sighs).

          2. By the way, why do you still love and care Cameron Jebo, huh? Besides, I have no interest in his character development or his confusing acting career.

          3. And one final thing, Mr. Tzachor (who’s already outta the picture), Branson (the corrupting monstrous cruel man who has always been using and blinding some girls like Christina Masterson in the darkness) and Cameron Jebo (that crazy psycho who had almost stolen Christina Masterson from Andrew Gray on the set) are like Sodom and Gomorrah, the bad people who did serious Bad things way in the past and never changed.

      1. Listen, Cameron Jebo and his boring character Orion of Andresia are nothing special, because the Gokaiger and its gokaiger outfits, Arsenals and mechas were and still are nothing special. So try to forget Cameron Jebo and his annoying character Orion of Andresia and also his stupid false 6th Ranger pirate suit.

  13. Look everyone, lets talk and think for a moment. OK? Good. Now hasbro is asking you – which one of the previous sentai seasons would be adapted into a new PR season 2021? They ask – would it be Toqger, Zyuohger, or more accurately Kyuranger? Well, my only answer will be…..Kyuranger!

  14. My bet is on Toqger being adapted since we never have a train base team yet and a first sixth Orange ranger

    1. But, Nickelodeon had already used some of the supervillain suits from Toqger (including one that they used for the American made supervillain – Cosmo from Nickelodeon’s PR Ninja Steel & Super Ninja Steel). Remember?

  15. Power Rangers train quantum guardians
    Power Rangers beast guardians
    Power Rangers star force
    Power Rangers shadow justice
    Power Rangers Dino knights

  16. Everyone, listen up.
    Hasbro’s Power Rangers Dino Knight!

    •Tyler Navarro aka Dino Knight Red – Tyrannosaurus Rex
    •Chase Randall aka Dino Knight Black – Stegosaurus
    •Koda aka Dino Knight Blue – Styracosaurus
    •Riley Griffin aka Dino Knight Green – Sabertooth Tiger
    •Shelby Watkins-Navarro aka Dino Knight Pink – Ankylosaurus
    •Sir Ivan aka Dino Knight Gold – Mosasaurus

    So, who likes this idea?

    1. I think, the Kyuranger adaptation aka Starforce will be next and will be the first to Premiere on Discovery Family Channel in 2021. Then, the RyuSoulger adaptation aka Dino Knight in 2022. And maybe an Untitled 2021’s Sentai Season Adaptation aka PRM S3: 10 Years After in 2023.

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