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Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 19 Spoilers

Power Rangers has begun its annual international run, as Australia has jumped ahead on Power Rangers Beast Morphers!

New episodes of Power Rangers Beast Morphers will return to the United States beginning on September 14, 2019 at 8:00am ET on Nickelodeon. Fans can look forward to 14 brand new episodes this fall!

Below, fans can find more from Power Rangers Beast Morphers’ 19th episode:

Episode 19 – Target Tower
US Airdate: November 30
Blaze and Scrozzle begin to execute their final plan of taking over the Morph-X tower.


The Rangers are chatting at Grid Battleforce, when Roxy’s sleeping body begins to malfunction from the sabotage Roxy and Blaze placed on her chamber in the prior episode.

Nate finds a USB connected to the chamber, but he’s unsure if he’ll be able to fix what’s happening. The only wave to save Roxy will be to wake her up immediately. Ravi becomes angry, and knows the only way to save her is to destroy Roxy’s avatar. But Commander Shaw disagrees, and asserts that it’s more important that the Rangers find and return the Mega Transporters that were stolen.

The Rangers go searching for the Mega Transporters, and it’s Ben and Betty who find them in a stray van. But the duo are attacked by Tronics.

Meanwhile, Mayor Daniels is holding a re-election campaign. But his speech is interrupted when Ben and Betty, being chased by the Tronics, go by the crowd. All five Rangers arrive to defeat the Tronics.

Ben and Betty inform the Rangers where they found the Mega Transporters. The Rangers head to the van and find them, but a Gigadrone attacks. Ravi is instructed to drive the Mega Transporters back to Grid Battleforce while the other four Rangers fight the Gigadrone.

As Ravi drives them back, he encounters Roxy’s avatar. He knows he must save Roxy, so he stops the van to fight her. He successfully defeats her, but while doing so, Blaze shows up and steals the van – along with the Mega Transporters in it. The other Rangers defeat the Gigadrone.

Ravi arrives back at Grid Battleforce, and Commander Shaw is furious her son didn’t follow orders. But luckily for him, Ben and Betty reveal that they were able to find one of the Mega Transporters in the city.

The Rangers head to the city, and find the Mega Transporter pointed at Grid Battleforce’s Morph-X tower. They figure out that Blaze is trying to transport the entire Morph-X tower to the cyber dimension.

Mayor Daniels suddenly shows up, and is furious at Devon for not answering any of his texts or calls during the attack earlier. Mayor Daniels confesses to Devon he couldn’t be more disappointed in his son, who’s become irresponsible, and still doesn’t have a job.

But their conversation is interrupted when Blaze attacks with an army of Tronics. The Tronics sidetrack the Rangers long enough for Blaze to set up the remaining Mega Transporters.

Devon reaches Blaze in time to stop him from activating the teleportation, and the two fight. But a strong hit from Blaze causes Devon to de-morph in front of his father. Blaze’s plan is then successful as he teleports both the Morph-X tower, and Devon, to the cyber dimension.

Back at Grid Battleforce, the Rangers know they have to save Devon. Nate plots to rebuild Scrozzle’s cybergate so they can go into the cyber dimension, and save their friend.

However, Roxy’s body suddenly awakens following the defeat of her avatar. She reveals to the Rangers that she knows Evox’s final plan: he’s planning to use all the Morph-X from the stolen tower to build himself a body, and destroy the world once and for all.

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