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Power Rangers Beast Morphers Finale Spoilers

Power Rangers has begun its annual international run, as Australia has jumped ahead on Power Rangers Beast Morphers!

New episodes of Power Rangers Beast Morphers will return to the United States beginning on September 14, 2019 at 8:00am ET on Nickelodeon. Fans can look forward to 14 brand new episodes this fall!

Below, fans can find more from Power Rangers Beast Morphers’ 20th episode:

Episode 20 – Evox Upgraded
US Airdate: December 7
Mayor Daniels and the Power Rangers must travel into the cyber dimension to save Devon and defeat Evox.


Click here for Episode 19 spoilers!

The Rangers work to build the cybergate so they can save Devon. Mayor Daniels arrives and is furious that the secret of his son being the Red Ranger was withheld from him. But Commander Shaw reveals to him that her son is the Blue Ranger, so she can fully relate to constantly having your child in danger.

The Rangers finish the cybergate, and Betty tests it out. She goes into the gate, but it’s still unstable, so she comes out with elastic powers.

Ravi has the idea to go through the gate with a radio transmitter, so he can then give the other Rangers the coordinates to go in with their Zords. But Commander Shaw forbids her son to go. Suddenly, Mayor Daniels grabs Ravi’s radio transmitter, and goes through himself to save his son, just before the gate closes.

Mayor Daniels sends the Rangers his coordinates. He then finds Devon and the two have a talk about Devon being the Red Ranger. Mayor Daniels apologizes for all the times he’s been hard on his son in the past.

Nate decides the other four Rangers must head to the coordinates with their Zords, but Zoey fears they don’t have enough power. Luckily, Nate reveals he’s been working on a new Ultrazord which could come in handy. The Rangers form the Ultrazord and head to Mayor Daniels’ coordinates.

In the cyber dimension, Blaze and Scrozzle realize what’s happening, and begin to upload Evox into his body, and create three Gigadrones to fight the Rangers.

The Rangers show up and defeat the Gigadrones using the Ultrazord, but Evox’s body is complete. He destroys the Zords with one blast, and then uses another strong blast to de-morph the Rangers.

Scrozzle makes Evox even bigger, and plans to teleport him to Coral Harbor to destroy the Morphin Grid. But Zoey has an idea – if the Rangers destroy the Morph-X tower that was stolen in the cyber dimension, it’ll create an explosive blast that can stop Evox from going to Coral Harbor.

Devon’s Racer Zord still works, so he uses it to go after the Morph-X tower. But he’s stopped by Blaze, who also has his own Zord now.

The two fight, while the other four Rangers attempt to find Scrozzle and stop him from teleporting Evox. Nate finds him and stops the teleportation, but Scrozzle escapes.

Devon defeats Blaze’s avatar, and destroys the Morph-X tower. The tower explodes, and the Morph-X shockwave destroys Evox. The Rangers go back through the gate to Coral Harbor.

Back at Grid Battleforce, everyone is safe, but Mayor Daniels notices he’s glowing in purple. Suddenly, Blaze’s body awakens in his chamber, and the entire team is reunited.

Grid Battleforce bestows a medal of honor on the five Rangers, Ben, and Betty. Betty’s elastic powers remain, as does Mayor Daniels’ purple glow.

The team takes a final selfie to celebrate.

107 thoughts on “Power Rangers Beast Morphers Finale Spoilers

    1. The monster that has ENTER logo printed on his head. I think hasbro will make him into something else villain, not just blaze monster form

    2. I think that as the mayor is turning purple he can be the new villan and if bety,s elastic powers remain she can be the new ranger…..

      1. It is also the possibility like in dino thunder trent’s father is the main villan this also also be show in next season. Devon and rangers will try to defeat evil daniel and save Devon’s father.

  1. We know for sure there will be something happening in the second season since neither episode 19 nor 20 had Jason and Beast X mode. Maybe in season 2 they’ll meet the creator of Evox since most computer viruses are created by people

    1. Well, I think just betty would become ranger. Because, she’s got a new power and ben is too coward to fight the monsters. I hope in season 2, betty can use that power as good as well not only doing something stupid like season 1 and have determination to be ranger.

    2. I think just betty who would become ranger. Because, she’s got a new power and ben is too coward to fight the monsters. I hope in season 2, betty can use that power as good as well not only doing something stupid like season 1.

    1. Evox is infected Mayor Daniel! The purple light is in his hand and body. He be back next year in season 2. Super or No Super?

  2. Hey, Mark, Even Though Evox Is Definitely Gone With No Signs Of Returning, He Is Not A Waste Of A Villain And Even Though Evox Is Definitely Gone With No Signs Of Returning That Does Not Mean That Evox Is A Waste Of A Villain, Because, Like I Said Above, EVOX IS NOT A WASTE OF A VILLAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO SHUT YOUR MOUTH UP RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey hey hey, we still got December episode Special coming up at the end of this year, and that new episode is called “Scrozzle’s Revenge”. Got it?

  4. Looking at the comments, Evox is apparently gone. Okay, cool. Season over. Blaze and Roxy are normal again so now everything’s tied up. Let’s move onto something new and this time maybe the writing team can at least put some more effort into their work.

    1. Dude, what are you smoking? The writing was so much better this season compared to that of the entire Neo Saban era.

      PS: The second season has already been filmed.

      1. Then they should burn the footage they’ve recorded and the camera equipment that was used to film it all. They world would be a better place afterward.

          1. Whats my problem? This sh**head is saying ignorant and neagtive things about Power Rangers. On a Power Rangers fan site. You don’t see anything wrong with that. Man, Dave needs to be slaughtered. And dammit I wanna be the one to take my knife and do the damn thing

            1. Yeah, you really are talking like an adult. How old did you say you were again? What, 33? Pretty sure that’s someone -20 of that age if you’re saying stuff like that.

    2. the writing this season, was equivalent to my tired *ss farting out sh*t and calling it mozart. In addition to the neo saban era. the last… decade, i dont know, has been a tremendous disappointment for me as a fan of the show because it refuses to grow up. and what? because its aimed for kids? a good story is something that catters to all ages. something to entertain the young crowd while keeping the adults engaged with good writing. the last season to get even close to that was rpm 10 years ago.

        1. He’s a big f***ing loser. Listen Dave we know you hate power rangers so get the hell out of here. Go watch MCU or something more for adults and leave PR alone.

          1. Oh no, I have way too much fun constantly seeing you whine alongside me about how everybody is wrong and that Beast Morphers is god’s gift to humanity.

      1. I’m an adult and I find this show to be very engaging and surprisingly willing to take risks at it times. If anything, it’s an enormous step up from the Neo Saban era.

        1. Beast Morphers is a step up from the Neo-Saban era, except for Dino Charge, the best out of all the seasons, only for the quality to take a step back in Dino Super Charge.

  5. We still have a Halloween and Christmas special left. If Hasbro follows the trend the last three Christmas specials did then the Beast Morphers Christmas episode should take place after the season 1 finale.

  6. Evox first appeared as purple energy in Episode 1, didn’t he? Yeah, he’s definitely somehow found a way to infect Mayor Daniels. Also, I have a nasty feeling that Blaze and Roxy will be evil again next season, except this time, it’ll be the real Blaze and Roxy.

  7. I wish Blaze’s avatar wasn’t defeated. I liked him evil. Also we might find out the name for Season 2 of Beast Morphers very soon

  8. To those responding to my comments up above, I don’t care about how better the writing is in Beast Morphers compared to the last five years of Power Rangers. I expected with the turn over to Hasbro that the show would step up in the quality of its writing to something akin to Zeo, In Space, Time Force, SPD, and RPM. Then it did none of that and kept to the same tongue in cheek tone from over two decades ago. And I’m not just gonna stop watching the show because it’s hit another rough patch. I remember five years ago I promised I would never touch a Sonic game again, now I’m reviewing the whole series. Why? Because it’s that little glimmer of hope that something great can come out of this show from the ashes of mediocrity (and not just the comics). Which is all I can really do with this franchise nowadays. That and b*tch.

  9. Hey guys ignore Dave. He’s a fu***ng dumb motherf**ker who does nothing with his time expect come on this site to insult power rangers and the people who watch it. He’s probably doesn’t even have a high school diploma

    1. Neither do you since you also insult tons of people on this site you- I legitimately forgot my insult and can’t come up with another.

    1. No but I believe there needs to be a “Contact us” on this site for people to report other people who are being bullies such as Dave.

    1. SHUT THE F*** UP! Venjix Will Come Back in Season 2 of Power Rangers Beast Morphers Not Super or Ultra! But Season 2 Is Gonna Be The F***ing Super Season That I’ve Ever F***ing Seen!

  10. So the mayor is glowing purple, much like being infected with a virus. I think Evox entered the storyline like that in the 1st episode, a virus that infected the ranger creation Morph-X flow. What if the Mayor is now the new Evox, and as so now has the ability to summon past help to complete his evil plans. AND guess who else has experiences as a virus, and perhaps Evox is a child program of Vengix. Motherboard then daughterboard. Vengix then Evox. And the Rangers know that when you mess with the past, the future gets more intersting when creative answers need to be found, especially inspiration from the Grad Battleforce simulation room, that may produce some real answers and results from the past, say former Red Rangers and such.

  11. I’ve genuinely enjoyed Beast Morphers. The writing has been sharper, the characters are relatable and likeable, and the villains (especially Blaze, Roxy and Scrozzle) have been some of the best the show has had in years.

    Even the comedy is better. Ben and Betty, are by no means perfect, but I enjoy them a lot more than Victor and Monty. For the most part, no-one is laughing at them, and they are brave when it counts.

    1. Yeah, Ben and Betty at least *try* to help the Rangers, even if they don’t always succeed. Victory and Monty were always just out for themselves.

  12. Power Rangers Beast Morphers overall has been somewhat of a decent improvement; still has some cracks in it’s stone. I honestly dig the first episode better than the rest. I want to see Fury Mode used more often without turning Red Beast Ranger into a grumpy Fury Gem addict. Also, I want to see the Cheetah Beast Blaster used outside of the Megazord. Also, less cheesy, immature dialogue for next season because I don’t want any brain damage. Instead, add some more fresh and uniqueness for each script to show signs of creativity. Perhaps change the “Mantis and Scarab” thing back to “Rhino and Stag Beetles”? Also, give General Burke more appearances and make him a bit more serious. I hope we stop seeing more boring generic stuff next season, I am crossing my fingers for this one to be better.

  13. Okay, I just watched the German version of the episode (don’t ask how).

    Yeah… Mayor Daniels has DEFINITELY been infected by Evox. First of all, there’s the very ominous music when his hand glows purple. Secondly, Evox is turned into purple energy when his body is destroyed. That exact same purple energy has infected the mayor.

  14. What is your problem why do you all keep dissing Power Rangers enjoying Power Rangers then dissing it again repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly I mean seriously if you’re going to get the f*** off this damn website

  15. Mayor Daniels is a ruffian for identify Devon’s Secrets. He should’ve lied to Devon. He did not know that Evil Avatars are Real.

    1. That’d be interesting, I’d jump back on just to see where that goes. That is if they don’t conclude that plot point like I think they are.

  16. I’m outta here. I can’t take all this ingorance and stupidity. You guys especially Dave are a bunch of f***ing retards. I only come to this site for news and updates. But I think I’m gonna just go to tokunation for news from now on. I’m gone. F**K all of you. Bye

  17. SHUT THE F*** UP! Venjix Will Come Back in Season 2 of Power Rangers Beast Morphers Not Super or Ultra! But Season 2 Is Gonna Be The F***ing Super Season That I’ve Ever F***ing Seen!

  18. 40% of comments: Useless drama
    40% of comments: Complaining about drama
    15% of comments: I loved this finale
    5% of comments: Normal comments

    1. There’s an idea! Maybe even Shaw and Daniels (Daniels because I see him more as a ranger) and even Betty because Ben is like comic relief to me!

  19. To be honest, I don’t think Zyuohger adaptation is gonna work out because think about it, it’s entirely like minechafts – All Minechaft Megazords, All Minechaft weapons, A Minechaft Ultrazord, and even all Minechaft Morphers. And that’s not all, the Zyuohgers (not the upcoming ranger suits) all wear these T-Shirt-Likes which they don’t look so superhero thingy, they look so casual clothes. Does anyone else wanna say something next?

  20. I think their will be a teamup with either the dino rangers or the ninja rangers.I can’t believe my name is in beast morphers.

  21. ummm so what’s going to happen in episode 10 will Sledge return in the Dino Crossover cars in the trailer I see snide and it looks like he captured a ranger?

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