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Power Rangers Beast Morphers Grid Battleforce Pin Revealed

Now, you can become a Grid Battleforce cadet (sort of)!

Lineage Studios, the company behind recent Power Rangers pins spanning from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers Zeo is getting ready to tap into the newest iteration of Power Rangers – Power Rangers Beast Morphers!

The consumer goods company revealed exclusively on their Instagram page their plans to release a Grid Battleforce pin, featuring the iconic emblem of the Power Rangers Beast Morphers team.

The emblem was also used in the season’s Japanese Super Sentai counterpart, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.

The pin was revealed with the only details teased at this time:

Something beastly this way comes…stay tuned!

A release date or price have yet to be named.

Historically, Lineage Studios has released their pins online, exclusively through their website. Each pin released by Lineage Studios measures approximately 21 millimeters in height, made of die cast zinc alloy, with rubberized backings.

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    1. I know that you’re eager for Beast Morphers to return, plenty of people are. But PowerRangersNow doesn’t have an answer at the moment when it will return. It will back when it’s back.

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