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Rejected Power Rangers Movie Zords

Saban’s Power Rangers movie is now in theaters, featuring the Power Rangers’ mighty prehistoric robots: the Zords.

Sporting a very organic, alien-like design that matches the Rangers’ suits, the five Zords each represent a different dinosaur that can combine to form the powerful Megazord. But before the re-imagined Zords came to life, Lionsgate hosted a number of conceptual artists to submit their designs for what would become the Power Rangers’ newest robotic mecha.

Last month, concept artist Mauricio Ruiz released his pitched design for the Red Ranger suit (recap here), and today, followed up the release with his designs for the Triceratops and Sabertooth Tiger Zords. Fans can check out what almost became the Blue and Yellow Ranger Zords below, via Comicbook.com.

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Ruiz’s Zords appear to be based on a much more rough, military-style design, as indicated by the tank-like features on both Zords.

Since the outset of the project’s announcement, both Lionsgate and Director Dean Israelite have remained adamant that they were looking to capture a design in Saban’s Power Rangers movie that felt organic, and “coming from within”. While the film certainly captures that tone, it perhaps explains why Ruiz’s pitched artwork never made the final cut.

Israelite also explained that the filmmakers sought to stay true to more organic-like designs for Power Rangers in order to avoid conflicting with the “sharp, angular” designs that have become closely associated with Transformers.

Despite being unable land the final on-screen product for Power Rangers, Ruiz does have experience designing similar artwork for franchises including R.I.P.D., and Monster Trucks.

Saban’s Power Rangers is in theaters now. Be sure to follow Power Rangers NOW on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.

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