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Saban Brands To Unveil 25th Anniversary Plans at NYCC


After San Diego Comic-Con quietly came and went, attention shifted to the next biggest event of the year: New York Comic-Con in October.

To follow up a disappointing Power Rangers presence in Southern California, Saban Brands appears ready to make amends for their massive fumble when Comic-Con gets underway in the Big Apple.

In an interview with That Hashtag Show, Peter Sudarso, who plays Preston Tien the Blue Ranger on Power Rangers Ninja Steel, was asked for a timetable on when official plans for Power Rangers’ milestone 25th Anniversary may be unveiled. The actor revealed that Saban Brands plans to release their official announcement in October.

“We do have something special for the 25th anniversary. It’s related to [Power Rangers Ninja Steel], but I guess you guys will see what I mean in October. I think they’re planning on announcing something this October at New York Comic-Con.” – Peter Sudarso

Power Rangers will celebrate its iconic silver anniversary throughout 2018, where Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel will air as the current season on Nickelodeon. The celebration will culminate in August 2018 at Power Morphicon 6, the official Power Rangers convention in Anaheim, California.

Saban Brands first released a tease of things to come for Power Rangers’ 25th Anniversary at Licensing Expo 2017 in June. Among the highlights released were:

•Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel – the show’s 25th season featuring returning cast members.
•New Legacy toys from Bandai.
•New mythology stories from Boom! Studios’ comics.
•An ultimate visual history book from Insight Editions.
•Live, location-based events with details to follow.

Some of Bandai’s 25th Anniversary Legacy toys have already been revealed, including the Legacy Zeonizer (recap here), Legacy Golden Power Staff (recap here), and Legacy Psycho Ranger figures (recap here).

As fans anxiously await what the Power Rangers’ grand 25th Anniversary celebration has in store, they can begin counting down to New York Comic-Con, which kicks off on October 5.

Be sure to stay with Power Rangers NOW as we bring you all the latest Power Rangers news and surprises from New York Comic-Con.

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  1. After season one of power rangers ninja steel event first their six rangers now Brody brother aiden return should he the next power ranger as the seventh because if he help the power rangers to defeat galvanax and the galaxy warriors monsters that mean aiden will be ninja steel green power ranger if mick and redbot should create another power star and a morpher the power rangers need a new battle gear new zords and more legendary power rangers so happy 25th anniversary like august 28 2017 happy anniversary may the power protect you

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