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San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Round-Up

San Diego Comic-Con 2017 has reached its end. And following the feeling of rejuvenation from Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie for both casual and die-hard Power Rangers fans, leave it to Saban Brands to drop the ball.

Unfortunately, “Saban Brands dropped the ball” has become both a very familiar, and expected phrase. While DC brought their heavyweight Justice League cast to the show, and other brands such as Marvel rolled out exciting reveals ranging from new concept art to trailers, Saban Brands brought Power Rangers to the world’s most watched pop culture gathering with…a handful of toys.

There was no Power Rangers Ninja Steel cast. There was no Power Rangers Ninja Steel panel. There was no Power Rangers Ninja Steel trailer. There was no Power Rangers Ninja Steel, period.

Well, there was a dusty stack of posters sitting on the back desk of Nickelodeon’s booth.

Saban Brands’ distinct lack of any presence at San Diego Comic-Con for their own TV show was nothing short of frustrating, disastrous, embarrassing, and shocking. While thousands of fans swarmed the booths of nearly every other entertainment brand for their chance at an autograph, interview, prize, or first look, Saban Brands continued their quest to achieve an undefeated streak of dreadful, daily GIF-memes on social media.

Some fans may argue that it’s simply not fair to compare Power Rangers to superhero giants like the Justice League or Avengers. “This is Power Rangers, not DC or Marvel”, they might say. Which only further drives home the point that Saban Brands needs to get serious if they want to be taken seriously.

Perhaps Saban Brands’ master plan was to drum up excitement for the TV show’s 25th anniversary, which is rapidly approaching in 2018. If that was the case, then the blueprint needs major fine tuning as most fans confessed to having zero excitement for the milestone year, but instead irritation with Saban Brands’ continued inability to properly acknowledge or market the TV show fans have come to love over the years.

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Power Rangers is a brand that’s changed lives for almost 25 years, developing an incredibly passionate fan base that deeply wants their spandex-clad superheroes to reclaim the prime pop culture status the brand has historically proven it can achieve. But as long as disheartening performances like San Diego Comic-Con 2017 remain the normal, the Power Rangers’ fan base will continue to remain disgruntled, saddled with a feeling they’ve come to know all too well: the feeling of Saban Brands dropping the ball.

Now here’s what did happen at San Diego Comic-Con.

Saban’s Power Rangers Movie

There was nothing new for Saban’s Power Rangers movie.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel

There was nothing new for Power Rangers Ninja Steel.


(Click each headline to recap)

Legacy Zeo Golden Power Staff – The Zeo Golden Power Staff is making a comeback as the Legacy Battle Gear item of 2018. (HD Gallery)

Legacy Psycho Ranger Figures – Bandai announced that the Psycho Rangers will be taking over the next wave of Legacy Figures, in conjunction with 6th Rangers from past seasons.

Legacy Zeonizer – Power Rangers Zeo has finally arrived, with the season’s iconic Morpher taking to the Legacy line in 2018.

New Legacy Zords – A brand new line of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Zords are coming to Bandai’s Legacy line.


(Click each headline to recap)

Power Morphicon 6 Details – The dates, new location, and first details for the biggest Power Rangers party ever were finally unveiled.

Gingaman: Complete Season DVD – Shout! Factory announced its intent to release Seijuu Sentai Gingaman, the complete season, on DVD.

New Legacy Wars Characters – Brand new characters are coming to the hit Power Rangers video game from video game developer nWay.

EFX Collectibles’ Movie Red Ranger Prop – With a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Green Ranger helmet prop on display, EFX Collectibles announced the next helmet prop coming to their replica line.

PCS Toys’ New Statue & Mini-Busts – Brand new mini-busts from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Saban’s Power Rangers movie were unveiled, in addition to arguably the most elegant Power Rangers product ever to be released.

Jada Toys’ New Metal Diecast Figures – Jada Toys will continue their line of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Metal Diecase figures with the addition of a brand new character.

Imaginext’s New Mini-Figures – Imaginext is back with mini-figures based on new iconic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers characters and Zords.

9 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Round-Up

  1. I was not expecting a opening monologue like that, but I’m glad it was included. Saban Brand’s consistent ball dropping has become an expectation, and that’s now how Power Rangers fans should have to feel. Power Rangers has incredible fans who deserve better.

  2. I barely watch the show or buy any merchandise because I’ve lost all interest in the brand. For some reason I still keep up with the news loosely here. But the reason I lost all interest is because I can tell the company on top is even less interested than I am.

  3. i noticed whenever this site posts something big name sites like comicbook.com and screenrant.com get their info from here and post next. so thank you for finally calling out saban. i hope the big name sites will take this too because it’s time to light a fire. enough is enough.

  4. Spot on post. Saban Brands has been a horrible owner of Power Rangers and I don’t think any fan would contest that.

  5. At least they were self aware and gave a warning beforehand. Just for that, I’ll give them a pass. But next time… We’ll see…

  6. Saban is, at this point a bare minimum company. Some one needs to buy it back and give it the love and attention it deserves. No it doesn’t need to be dark and gritty, but more mature than the current run of fart jokes and lack of marketing….maybe one day

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