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Super Ninja Steel Finale Spoilers

Power Rangers’ international spoilers have returned, as countries outside the United States have begun to blow the doors open on all of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel’s second half episodes.

Today, France aired Episode 20 of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel on Canal J, a French TV station which airs blocks of children’s programming.

France is currently scheduled to air new episodes every weekday. As always, international airing patterns tend to be much more fluid, so the schedule is subject to change at any moment.

The United States will air new episodes of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel every Saturday at 12pm ET on Nickelodeon.

Below, fans can find spoilers from Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel’s finale episode, courtesy of French fan Sungel:

Episode 20 – Reaching The Nexus
Airdate: November 10
After merging with the Ninja Nexus Prism, Madame Odius reaches her ultimate form, and presents the Rangers with their final test.


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Madame Odius infiltrates the Rangers’ base with Mick, and forces him to develop a new Power Star for her. He does so, and Odius leaves with the new Power Star, and the Ninja Nexus Prism.

This allows her to tap into her ultimate, final form.

In the meantime, the brainwashed civilians from Episode 19 (click here to recap) begin to teleport to Madame Odius’ ship, Calvin included. Sarah and Hayley know they must save Calvin, so they pretend to be brainwashed to get teleported as well.

Dane returns, but it’s revealed that he’s brainwashed and he attacks the other 3 Rangers (Brody, Levi, and Preston).

On Madame Odius’ ship, Hayley attempts to turn off the satellite that’s brainwashing people, but Calvin stops her. The two fight, and Hayley manages to destroy the satellite just in time, freeing everyone from the brain control. Hayley and Calvin are relieved, and the two get back together.

Elsewhere aboard the ship, Victor and Monty are now being asked to juggle grenades. Calvin, Sarah, and Hayley find them, and enlist Victor and Monty to get everyone back down to Earth. The duo succeeds in getting everyone back to Earth, but at the last minute, they’re ambushed by Cosmo Royale and Badonna.

Victor and Monty throw their grenades at Cosmo and Badonna, killing them and blowing up Madame Odius’ ship.

On Earth, it’s time for the final fight. Madame Odius proves to be too strong in her final form, but the Rangers remember that they’re able to fuse their Ninja Power Stars together. They do so, giving them superpowers with a glowing, aura effect around them.

With this new power, the Rangers defeat Madame Odius once and for all. Earth is saved.

Victor and Monty are congratulated for saving everyone aboard the ship. As a reward, they are given a trophy. Victor finally gets his 50th trophy.

The Rangers give their Ninja Power Stars back to the Ninja Nexus Prism, as the Prism flies off in hopes of saving another planet.

Earth is saved, and the Rangers return to a normal life of studying for school.

63 thoughts on “Super Ninja Steel Finale Spoilers

  1. Not the best but not the worst finale. At least this finale made sense where dinocharge’s did not when they altered the past. I wonder if France may air the Halloween and Christmas specials early as well. Not to mention if they take place before or after the finale

    1. The Halloween episode will take place BEFORE the finale, and I bet the Christmas episode takes place after (like the last two).

    1. This was on wiki

      Notes: The title was originally gonna be “Dracula” because Fangore (originally named Dracula) was meant to be the main villain of this episode.
      875 Special “The Poisy Show” TBA TBA December 2018 TBD
      The Legendary Rangers visit the Ninja Steel Rangers for Christmas when Koda sees Poisandra on TV as Sledge tries to find a way to return to their own dimension.

      Notes: The title was originally gonna be “Sledge’s Last Return”, “Sledge’s Last Christmas” or “Blast Christmas”. The destructions and final appearances of Sledge and his crew.

    1. Sheesh, buddy! Get a grip, will you?! It’s just a TV show. It’s not like it’s the end of the world or something. I mean, besides. Not everything from Ninja Steel and Super Ninja Steel was all bad. It’s just that the first 20 episodes of Ninja Steel aren’t really that good, except for the episodes, “Grave robber” and the Levi/Aiden arc. The rest of the episodes after regular Ninja Steel are actually pretty good, save for episode 13 – “Prepare to Fail”. That episode suck and it’s not because of Brax or the fart jokes. It’s because they didn’t even bothered to make new footage of Sarah wearing the Lion Fire armor on-screen. But every other episode of Super Ninja Steel is okay, in my opinion. Not the worst, but at least it’s better than Megaforce and Super Megaforce. Besides, I have seen better and worse seasons of Power Rangers than Ninja Steel and Super Ninja Steel. So, this really isn’t such a big deal, okay?!

      Get over it!!!

  2. So … Does Sledge actually DO something on this show? Or did Saban just lazily include him in the teaser just for the sake of getting their ratings back up? I certainly hope not because that would be really scummy.

      1. This was on wiki

        Notes: The title was originally gonna be “Dracula” because Fangore (originally named Dracula) was meant to be the main villain of this episode.
        875 Special “The Poisy Show” TBA TBA December 2018 TBD
        The Legendary Rangers visit the Ninja Steel Rangers for Christmas when Koda sees Poisandra on TV as Sledge tries to find a way to return to their own dimension.

        Notes: The title was originally gonna be “Sledge’s Last Return”, “Sledge’s Last Christmas” or “Blast Christmas”. The destructions and final appearances of Sledge and his crew.

      1. They are probably just hoping that the Green Ninninger from the Ninnin Boys vs Ninnin Girls Movie gets adapted. OP said nothing about comfirmation it was actually happening.

        It probably won’t.
        It would be an interesting plot point though if she appeared after the series and like in the Sentai movie she was possessed by the spirit of Madame Odius’ counterpart. It could be a legitimately good plot for the Christmas Episode of Super Ninja Steel if they did do it.

  3. So did they just bring Sledge back in episode 1 as an excuse to continue the season because they had nothing else planned?

    1. Such a cameo is common for an anniversary season (one of the few anniversary things included). Think Marvel characters cameoing in special comic issues.

  4. I feel like victor and Monty would’ve been more enjoyable if they were clowns throughout the whole season cause that’s what they tried to be essentially. The jokes they made would’ve actually been funny if their sole existence consists on making fart jokes and juggling. They didn’t have to be in the school or be related the rangers in their human forms, maybe in ranger forms like in this episode but that would make them less annoying for me if they were clowns and not a jock and nerd dynamic

      1. Well yeah but I’m not sure the way it was handled was the right one. The dynamic, for a high school season, was a good idea but I would’ve liked to see victor show that he was “the above all” in the school. Instead of being goofy, being a jerk that has this nerd following him around expecting to have his cool rub on him. Then by the end of the series have victor not a jerk but instead someone who uses his athletic abilities to help others in a crisis like the one in the final episode. Monty would’ve learned to be more independent and at the same time, use his intelligence to guide victor to the right path so he does the more physical stuff while Monty becomes the brains of the operation. I feel like there was a lot of potential with that idea and just wasn’t well utilized.

  5. So Amikiri and Fudagaeshi and Binbogami will not be used? I know Binbogami won’t be in the christmas special because from the looks of the JDF video, the Yuki-Onno monster seems to be it instead.

    Also in the Power Rangers wiki Super Ninja Steel page, where did the names Shelldax, Snow Fight, Megamauler and Versix come from?

    And what the heck happened to Gorrox?

      1. Megamauler (Yokai Amikri) is in episode 18 and Gorrox (Yokai Shuten-douji) is in episode 19 and Snow Fight (Yuki Onna) is in Christmas special episode.

  6. Preston Tien (Peter Sudarso) will used the Lion Fire Armor to defeat Megamauler. In Penultimate Episode 19, Ninja Blaze Ultrazord will defeat Compressator. In Final Battle, Mick Kanic is about to Rebuild a Ninja Nexcus Star to let Madame Odius Show her true form I’ve got it right.

  7. i need to watch the finale of power rangers super ninja steel in december if the title is revealed so then the halloween episode title and christmas episode title the biggest power rangers event in history will the super ninja steel rangers defeat odius and save the world then a preview of power rangers beast morphers trailer will premiere after the finale on nick then power rangers super ninja steel will be available on dvd no later then february or march 2019 power rangers forever

  8. Does anyone knows whom Sarah gotten with? Did Preston and Sandy break up? I have heard that Levi and Sarah might get together, is that true or did she actually get with Preston?

    1. Hey, stop guessing. Sarah and Levi or Aiden just friends, nothing more. OK?

      Besides, It’s a shame again that Ciara Hanna’s character – Gia Moran, still never got a chance to tell her backstory, many years before she was selected to become the Megaforce Yellow Land Ranger in Super Ninja Steel. What a lazy blonde girl Ciara Hanna.

      1. No I’m not guessing I just heard through a grapevine that Levi and Sarah might get together. Will Preston and Sandy break up? Will Preston and Sarah get together?

  9. im going to watch it this saturday i love power rangers super ninja steel is one of my favorite series but this is the final episode of reaching the nexus if the power rangers will defeat odius the world is save so after the series they will air the trailer of power rangers beast morphers coming february 2019 on nick the new era of power rangers has begun a new beginning is here rangers forever please cast jessica parker kennedy for power rangers 2 as the new green ranger now she is the new hero of the cw flash tv series

    1. Yeah! But Odius is make mick a new power star. If the rangers will stop her brainwash signal? Odius will make a new nexus star as well.

  10. Odius brainwashed Brody & Aiden’s Father Dan! That meddling fox teleport them to the ship! Calvin has brainwashing and so as these people. If odius wants the rangers is to surrender is this. Give her the 6 Power Stars. Why did these rangers to stop signal before they brainwash them?

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