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Tommy Oliver’s Master Morpher Introduced

Tommy Oliver has a brand new Morpher!

During Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel‘s special 25th anniversary episode, ‘Dimensions In Danger’, the legendary Power Ranger busted out a brand new Morpher in a fight against his evil clone. The Master Morpher allowed Tommy to transform into most of his previous Ranger forms, including the Dino Thunder Black Ranger, Zeo Red Ranger, Mighty Morphin White Ranger, and Mighty Morphin Green Ranger.

Tommy did not transform into the Turbo Red Ranger, but BOOM! Studios’ Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon graphic novel revealed that Tommy does have this capability.

So what exactly is a Master Morpher, and how did Tommy come to obtain it?

BOOM! Studios’ Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon graphic novel explains that a Crystal Frequency Transducer inside the Morpher allows it to cycle through Power Coins very quickly. This is explained in the book by Anara, a friend of JJ, Tommy’s son.

The Master Morpher appears very similar in design to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Power Morpher, as seen above. With a different colored tint, and Power Coins that resemble icons from their respective seasons, the Master Morpher allows its recipient to transform into all of their previous Power Ranger forms.

Power Rangers: Soul Of The Dragon focuses on JJ, the son of Tommy Oliver, who was briefly name-dropped during ‘Dimensions In Danger’. Released in December 2018, fans can click here for all details on Power Rangers: Soul Of The Dragon.

Is it possible for other legendary Rangers who’ve donned multiple Ranger suits to obtain their own Master Morphers, such as Katherine Hillard or Rocky DeSantos? Fans will have to stay tuned to find out.

Tommy Oliver was portrayed by Jason David Frank in ‘Dimensions In Danger’.

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43 thoughts on “Tommy Oliver’s Master Morpher Introduced

  1. The master morpher was one of my favorite moments from the anniversary episode! I can understand him not becoming red turbo since it was only temporary but still the fight between him and the robot was awesome!

  2. maybe it was created by NINJOR the original creater of the power coins.
    as stated by Kimberly I can’t believe he is the one who created the power coins. in mighty morphon power rangers episode ninja quest.

  3. Could be because the Red Turbo Ranger powers were left to EJ? Whatever the guys name is that is also the red space ranger.

      1. They should have given Kat the Pink Zeo Ranger powers as it was never destroyed or lost. The only explanation is Kat got it from Robo Cassie as the original Cassie’s Pink Turbo Ranger powers were gone.

  4. In MMPR they showed the Morphing Masters in an early episode so they could have created the Master Morpher or Tommy split his zeo crystal to re-activate his other powers. But I go with Gosei or Billy

  5. Okay New Season Idea. Power Ranger Mater Legends! Where they bring back old cast and Crew members to dawn their Original Ranger outfits again and is the main plot of the Story to reveal Every unanswered Question in Power Ranger History. -Identity of the Phantom Ranger. What Happened to Billy on Aquatar. What are the Rangers of Aquatar up to, Where is Tre of Triforia. How did Gosei and Zordon know each other. What ever happened to Dimetria and Divatox after Zordon’s Chamber was Shattered. Why the heck did Lord Zed and Rita Repulsa turn Good and Wasn’t Destroyed. What ever Happened to the Shogun Megazord. Basically What Super Megaforce should have been. Any thing Else anyone else wants Answered?

    1. What I was getting at was Every one Gets a Master Morpher andCreate The Power Ranger Corps or the Legion of Every Power Ranger Ever. Tommy is the General and main Focal point of the Story and he basically assigns other Rangers of History the Tasks, That way you can Alternate Team Members based on the Mission.

    2. Only in comics, fan videos or fanfictions. There will never be an original Power Rangers TV series, minus Hyperforce.

    1. It’ll probably be on Netflix in 6 months or so. Usually they upload the previous half-season to Netflix around the time when the new half-season begins (which will be when Beast Morphers starts now), so.

  6. That’s a green ranger legacy morpher with new stickers and a green backing.

    Shouldn’t be difficult for cos players to make one.

  7. Will Adam also have a master Morpher as well? He was the second Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, the Green ZEO Ranger and the first Green Turbo Ranger

    1. Will only be MM Black and Green Zeo. The Green Turbo Ranger powers are gone. At least the original one and the only other working one is with Robo Carlos.
      Also, those two powers of Adam’s, one is restored by the Sentinel Knight and the other was never lost or destroyed anyway so he can probably have both on.
      The Power Morpher in his pocket or so and Zeoniser around his arm.

      1. most like the robo rangers were destroyed when dark specter invaded eltar and captured zordon. the zeo powers would have been destroyed when the power chamber was destroyed. and by your explanation tommy should never have been able to use mmpr green mmpr white, and in the comic red turbo.

    2. Most likely, ALL Zeo Rangers will probably get Master Morphers (except the Trey (who never was any other Ranger), the REAL Gold Ranger, since Jason couldn’t maintain the Gold Ranger powers indefinitely without risking his life force).

  8. yes i saw that episode on power rangers super ninja steel dimensions in danger ten legendary rangers that awesome but i like the master morpher has already debut i want that with the power coins tommy master morpher is awesome bring more legendary rangers on power rangers beast morphers with the ninja steel rangers

  9. More then likely the master morpher will be released during the san Diego comic con of 2019. This thing is getting more popular day after day since it’s debut. I’m crossing my fingers an official toy gets released to the masses. You know people are going to scalp the things.
    For right now I’m happy placing the cheap labels and 3D printed coins onto my spare legacy morpher.
    SDCC will release a morpher that features special coded coins that unlock theme songs for all five rangers Tommy turns into. I would be assuming that a button will play JDF shouting “It’s morphin time!” or the dragon flute sounds. You can probably expect a $100 or more price tag then three times as much after the SDDCC. Of course this is just speculation, but predictable.

  10. I would love it if they made a master morpher replica and it’s the first one Hasbro makes. And instead of an actual coin they put in a mini LCD screen that shows the symbols of each ranger he can morph into.. so theres no need for coins.. he disnt change them out in the episode, he just called on them and they appeared. Just think about it.. you can cycle through all of them on a mini circle LCD screen that’s animated when the morpher ejects.

  11. You know, why couldn’t Jason D. Frank just explain his character of how Tommy’s Master Morpher was created by the Megaforce Rangers’ mentor, Gosei in Super Ninja Steel?

    1. That’s up to Saban’s production crew or Hasbro, not JDF himself. But yes, Gosei could have done so. After all, the Legendary Morphers have similar concept to the Master Morpher except that the Master Morpher has his 4 Ranger forms solely belonging to him.

  12. Jason Lee Scott, Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, Tanya Sloan, Katherine “Kat” Hillard, Theodore Jay “TJ” Johnson, Carlos, Ashley and Cassie both of them should use Master Morpher

    1. Jason: He only has his Red Ranger powers. The Gold Ranger powers returned to Trey and are not fit for humans in the long run.

      Rocky: Not really needed but it will be convenient for him.

      Adam: Same reason as Rocky’s.

      Tanya: She only has her Yellow Zeo Ranger powers. The Yellow Turbo Ranger powers were given away to Ashley.

      Kat: I have no idea why they chose Pink Turbo Ranger instead of the Pink Zeo Ranger.

      T.J.: Same as Rocky’s reason, convenience.

      Carlos, Ashley and Cassie: They solely only have their Black, Yellow and Pink Space Ranger powers now. The Turbo ones are gone but their Robo counterparts still have them.

      1. the robo rangers were created to protect eltar so it should be assumed that they weredestroyed when dark specter invaded and captured zordon, technically jason should not have the red ranger powers because the dino coins were destroyed so that is a continuity error, i agree kat should have used the pink zeo powers but in my opinion anyone using the mmpr except for adam, zeo or turbo powers is a continuity error because they were all destroyed.

          1. the space powers were never destroyed they are still active but the zeo and turbo powers were destroyed when the power chamber exploded, currently there is no explanation from saban how those rangers still have the power and until there is it is just one of many continuity errors that saban and his team have made.

      2. Jason: You’re right. Besides, MMPR Red is the only suit for him.
        Rocky: MMPR Red and Zeo Blue– Just enough.
        Adam: Definitely convenient for a someone who has been a Ranger three times: MMPR Black, Zeo Green, Turbo Green.
        Tanya: If Kat could still use her Turbo powers, so should Tanya.
        Kat: Already told you. But her Master Morpher should be pink entirely, since she was ALWAYS a Pink Ranger.

        Their replacements as the Turbo Rangers: Except for T.J., I don’t think they’ll need Master Morphers (yet).

  13. Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon is better than Dimensions in Danger. PR Super Ninja Steel and it’s previous season have weak dialogues and ridiculous plots because the writers focus so much on fillers each with the same formula, gearing their butts to little kids when it has violence in it. But Soul of the Dragon, man how could I not enjoy something with writing less cheesier?

  14. Listen everyone. I seriously still want Andrew Gray and Christina Masterson back together in real life. Because I don’t want Andrew Gray trying to marry the WRONG Asian woman who is NOT Christina Masterson, and I certainly don’t want Christina Masterson trying to marry the WRONG man who is NOT Andrew Gray.

    Because as I knew a few years ago, a manipulating and corrupting man, actually a monster, named Branson really doesn’t love and care for, but always using and blinding Christina Masterson in the darkness, just like the another Asian girl (who is not Christina Masterson) who’s also always using and blinding Andrew Gray into confusion. But from my good willing angelic heart, Andrew Gray has always opened Christina Masterson up into the bright light by helping her. And now, I still want the real Andristina (Andrew Gray & Christina Masterson) Couple to get signed up for there full guest appearances sometimes for the #beastmorphers series.

  15. SPOILERS: Soul of the Dragon revealed “how” the MM works (ie- cycling/quick changing through different power coins) but WHERE DID THE NEW POWER COINS COME FROM??!!!!! WHO MADE THE MM???!!!

  16. i think billy made the master morpher but i think it was ninjor made the new power coins

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