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Early Power Rangers Movie Concept Art Released

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Early concept art of the suit designs from Saban’s Power Rangers movie have been released!

The brand new images give fans a look at the early stages of development for the suits that would eventually become Lionsgate’s re-imagined Power Rangers in the hit 2017 film.

Fans can check out the full gallery of all five Power Rangers suits below.

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The brand new photos come courtesy of Luca Nemolato, a professional Conceptual Artist and Costume Illustrator based in Italy (@lucanemolato on Instagram).

Nemolato’s suits bear strong resemblances to Lionsgate’s final product, but appear to sport a much rougher, more military-styled design, much like the rejected Zord models from artist Mauricio Ruiz released in April (recap here).

Nemolato’s suits also sport key dinosaur features that were absent from the finished product, such as T-Rex teeth on the Red Ranger’s suit, and Sabertooth Tiger ears on the Yellow Ranger’s suit.

Since the outset of the project’s announcement, both Lionsgate and Director Dean Israelite have remained adamant that they were looking to capture a design in Saban’s Power Rangers movie that felt organic, and “coming from within”.

Israelite also explained that the filmmakers sought to stay true to more organic-like designs for Power Rangers in order to avoid conflicting with the “sharp, angular” designs that have become closely associated with Transformers.  While the film certainly captures that appearance, it perhaps explains why Nemolato’s pitched artwork never made the final cut.

Fans can click here and here to check out even more rejected suits designs from the Power Rangers’ biggest silver screen re-imagining to date.

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