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Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 4 Revealed

Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers S.P.D. are coming to Hasbro’s Lightning Collection!

The following characters will round out Wave 4 of the popular action figure series:

•Yellow Ranger (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
•Blue Ranger (Power Rangers Zeo)
•Red Ranger (Power Rangers S.P.D.)
•Blaze (Power Rangers Beast Morphers)

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Yellow Ranger will be based off of Trini, not Aisha.

Wave 4 of the Lightning Collection is currently slated for release in fall 2020, with the price per action figure increasing from $20 to $22 per toy as a result of new trade tariffs enforced on the company.

Fans can check out the first look at three of the four figures included in Wave 4 below!

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Not pictured are human heads for Rocky DeSantos, Jack Landors, and Blaze which will be included with each of the three figures seen above respectively.

Wave 4 of the toy line will still lean heavily on Hasbro’s skew towards male characters, bringing the Lightning Collection’s total to 23 male characters and 2 female characters.

The Wave 4 lineup will also continue the trend of at least one Mighty Morphin Power Rangers character per wave, one Red Ranger per wave, and one Power Rangers Beast Morphers character in three of the last four waves.

The third wave of Hasbro’s Lightning Collection, set to release in early 2020, was revealed earlier this week (click here to recap), confirmed to include:

•Red Ranger (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
•Gold Ranger (Power Rangers Dino Charge)
•Blue Ranger (Power Rangers Beast Morphers)
•Lord Drakkon (BOOM! Studios’ Comics)

Three of the characters in Wave 3 will be a part of the dino-themed teamup coming to Power Rangers Beast Morphers in 2020, with all but Lord Drakkon expected to appear on the show. The upcoming teamup is the likely reason for the third wave of Hasbro’s toy line leaning very heavily into Power Rangers’ dino-themed seasons (click here for more on the upcoming teamup episode).

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Red Ranger figure will feature a human head for Jason Scott.

The Wave 3 figures are slated to hit stores in late 2019, or early 2020.

The Power Rangers Lightning Collection is a line of action figures with an emphasis on quality. The line will span over time to include action figures based on different Power Rangers heroes and villains, each with a premium design.

Each action figure will include weapons, accessories, and swappable heads. Some figures, where necessary, could include multiple accessories or swappable heads.

Fans can click here to watch a trailer introducing Hasbro’s Power Rangers: Lightning Collection!

Action figures in the Lightning Collection line will stand at 6 inches tall, and feature 27 points of articulation. Hasbro will also be including optional special effects with each figure.

The brand new toy line will be Hasbro’s equivalent to Marvel’s Legends line, or Star Wars’ Black Series line. Many fans will liken it to Bandai America’s previous Power Rangers Legacy line.

The strategy marks a different approach from Bandai’s, the former maker of Power Rangers toys from 1993-2018. While Bandai planned its Legacy Figure waves around the release of complete seasons, Hasbro appears unafraid to jump across all 25 years of the Power Rangers timeline. Some fans may be excited to see representation from every point in Power Rangers history (with villains included), while others may grow weary of the possibility that they may never see complete teams released.

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44 thoughts on “Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 4 Revealed

  1. kinda dont like who ever posted this cry over few female characters being in the line when most teams now have 6 or 7 rangers and two being female, which btw the show was and still is aimed for boys, sure girls can watch it but they arent expecting anything from it.

    1. They’re stating facts, not crying. Your assumptions being that only girls would want female figures? I’m a guy, and I’d like more of the women. 2 out of 6 or 7 would be just under 30%, so your point there doesn’t stand up either.

    1. if they release the female figures great i will buy them but if they don’t then i don’t care there are only three female figures i really want and none of them are coming yet.

  2. The line is still pretty new and it seems that Hasbro is being cautious with packing more than one female per wave. Perhaps it has to do with the notion that the female Rangers did not sell well and shelwarmed during Bandai’s tenure. At least Hasbro is releasing them, unlike Bandai’s complete disregard of the female Rangers in the Legacy line (especially towards the end).

  3. I like this line up especially with the spd red ranger only wish he was in s.w.a.t mode they looked awesome in s.w.a.t mode

  4. More lightning collection power rangers and I hope hasbro has big plans for the characters of Tommy Kimberly Zach among others to make an appearance on beast morphers.

  5. I know we’ve seen sentai version teams order for 2017’s Kyuranger such as this:

    Core Team
    Red (Lion)
    Blue (Wolf)
    Yellow (Swordfish)
    Black (Ox)
    Green (Chameleon)

    Secondary Team
    Silver (Snake)
    Gold (Libra)
    Pink (Eagle)
    Orange (Scorpion)

    But for the possible 2021’s Ranger version teams reverse order, I ultimately like to see this:

    Main 5-Core Team
    Starforce Red (Male Human)
    Starforce Pink (Female Human; Red’s Love Interest)
    Starforce Black (Male Robot)
    Starforce Silver (Male Alien; First African-American Silver Ranger?)
    Starforce Gold (Female Robot; First African-American Gold Ranger voice by African-Kiwi actress, Zoe Robins?)

    Auxiliary Team
    Starforce Orange (Male Alien)
    Starforce Green (Female Alien)
    Starforce Yellow (Male Human; First Indian-American Yellow Ranger?)
    Starforce Blue (Male Alien)
    Starforce Purple (Male Alien Second-In-Commander)
    Starforce Ice (Male Alien Commander)
    Starforce Fire (Male Human)

    Is this a really good idea? I surely hope it sounds good to Hasbro, as well as the Discovery Family.

      1. I was talking to other people, man. And when I say “other people”, that really means “other people”. So don’t tell me what I can’t say. I’m only saying something good and nice and kind and respectful and even understanding. Now please get use to it and show some respect. OK?

  6. On the back of the MMPR Yellow figure, it better say “in memory of Thuy Trang” or else I’m not buying it.

    1. You’re absolutely right, LE9 Productions, the original Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger must say “In Loving Memory of our first Asian-American Female Yellow Ranger – Thuy Trang”. We loved our beautiful Thuy Trang, and we always will.

    2. By that logic, you shouldn’t have bought EVERY MMPR Yellow Ranger made by Bandai since they never did that tribute quote.

  7. If the upcoming yellow mighty morphin includes the Trini head, the only way to get an Aisha head would be either a movie figure or a ninjetti figure. So I’d say that’s somewhat important… It’s not like black ranger where Zack gets the armoured suit and maybe Adam gets the regular suit release.
    Zack and Adam goes thru different distinct hairstyles thru the Seasons so having multiple heads of each is still possible.

    MMPR Black with shield – Zack
    MMPR Black – Zack with dreads. Or Adam.
    Ninjetti Black – Adam with headband
    Movie Black – Adam
    Zeo Green – Adam
    Turbo Green – Adam with poodle hair

    MMPR Yellow – Trini (hopefully they are cleared to produce the likeness of a deceased performer. Otherwise Aisha will appear here and we won’t get a Trini at all)
    Ninjetti Yellow – Aisha with head band
    Movie Yellow – Aisha

    So while Adam and Zack gets other figures to have their heads included, Aisha not so much (and we all want a Trini head so we are not wishing for Aisha released with the regular yellow MMPR). And I honestly don’t see the movie figures being reproduced in this line, that leaves us with ninjetti, which hasn’t been done fully articulated before, to get an Aisha likeness.

    p.s. having said all that, with unmasked heads as the key importance of this line, would Turbo blue be released as a two pack with a child body with justin’s head?

  8. If There’s Some Other Way To Bring Back Pua Magasiva Back To Life Vadim Fedorov Would Have The Idea About Reanimated His Human Heart He Doesn’t Deserve To Be Dead And I Felt Sad About Him But Even Still I Cannot Accept His Death Like This I’m To Heartbroken Right Now 😢

  9. I honestly don’t care about Toys. I just care about the TV show and I want more PR DVDs from Shout Factory. I still want to know who will have the rights to Beast Morphers and future Hasbro seasons. Is it Lionsgate or will Shout Factory start handling the Hasbro era Power Rangers shows.

  10. I wish the price didn’t increase from $20 to $22 because it might not look like that much, but it in reality it can become expensive to buy lot of figures. Hasbro might lose money because people would probably want to wait till the price drop. I wish their wasn’t this tariff thing. If Hasbro is located in China, why don’t move to a country like Singapore or Thailand where it might be cheaper than before. China might only want to have money because they like to be rich. I can’t blame them, but in a way I do in that I’m upset. Please Hasbro, don’t be like Bandai that charge insane price for not high collector quality paint.

  11. Does anyone know if Rocky aka Zero Ranger 3 Blue would every come with his own personal weapon because it look like he doesn’t, but that only one photo? I’m not upset that Tyler didn’t come with his weapon because I think they might rerelease the figure with his armor since the weapon is for that form. With Rocky, he doesn’t have any special form for his weapon.

  12. I’m upset that it over 5 year that we still don’t have any SH. Figuart for the Super Sentai ranger because I want all my Pre-Zyuranger season beside Sun Vulcan which is complete. If they are going to have any Pre-Zyu Super Sentai it probably be Fiveman. Jetman would be interesting in term it almost be first Power Rangers season. Gorenger for Hawaiian audiences remembered as Star Ranger! Bioman is how Haim Saban got inspired! Battle Fever J is based off popular Marvel!

  13. If hasbro adapt Toqger 2021 hopefully

    Rail Red is African American or Caucasian
    Rail Blue is Indian or Arabic
    Rail Yellow Caucasian Blonde usually
    Rail Green Hispanic or Latino
    Rail Pink Asian or African American

  14. Would love to see a two pack with SPD Swat Mode and the A Squad red or any color with there A squad counter part

  15. Here are the previous seasons for my pick:

    PR Megaforce Seasons 1 & 2 (2013-2014),
    PR Dino Charge & Dino Supercharge (2015-2016),
    PR Ninja Steel & Super Ninja Steel (2017-2018).

    Now, here are the present and future seasons for my pick:

    PR Beast Morpher Seasons 1 & 2 (2019-2020),
    PR Starforce (Kyuranger adaptation; 2021),
    PR Dino Knight (Ryusoulger adaptation; A possible Dino Charge sequel; 2022),
    Untitled PR’s 30th Pearl Anniversary Season (2023),
    Untitled PR’S 31st Season (2024),
    Untitled PR’S 32nd Season (2025),
    Untitled PR’S 33rd Season (2026),
    Untitled PR’S 34th Season (2027), and
    Untitled PR’S 35th Jade Anniversary Season (2028).

    What are your logical thoughts?

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