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Wave Eight Power Morphicon 6 Guests Announced

The eigth wave of guests for Power Morphicon 6 have been announced!

Featuring 12 cast/crew members with previous ties to either Power Rangers or another form of American Toku (Japanese television brought overseas with an American influence), Wave 8 is the eighth wave of new guests that fans can interact with at the show – through Q&A panels, autograph signings, and photo ops.

Officially coming to Power Morphicon 6 in August 2018 are:

•Tom Wyner – Master Vile, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
•Chris Violette – Sky Tate, Power Rangers S.P.D.
•Najee De-Tiege – Kevin Baron, Power Rangers Samurai
•Chris Reid – Victor, Power Rangers Ninja Steel
•Caleb Bendit – Monty, Power Rangers Ninja Steel
•RJ Cyler – Billy Cranston, 2017 Power Rangers MovieSUNDAY ONLY
•Mark Richardson – Prop Master, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
•David Winning – Director, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
•Goni Montes – Artist, BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comics
•Matt Frank – Artist, BOOM! Studios’ Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers Comics
•Hiroshi Kanatani – Artist, Tokusatsu
Aaron Pruner – VR TroopersSATURDAY & SUNDAY ONLY

The latest list is highlighted by RJ Cyler, the first actor from Lionsgate’s Power Rangers movie to attend Power Morphicon. RJ Cyler portrayed Billy Cranston, the popular Blue Ranger from 2017’s feature film.

Chris Reid and Caleb Bendit, the duo who portray Victor and Monty on Power Rangers Ninja Steel, will also make their first convention appearance alongside the core six Rangers of Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

The Wave 8 guests announced today will join the previously announced Wave 1 guests (recap here), Wave 2 guests (recap here), Wave 3 guests (recap here), Wave 4 guests (recap here), Wave 5 guests (recap here), Wave 6 guests (recap here), Wave 7 guests (recap here), Power Rangers Ninja Steel cast, and Jason David Frank, bringing the current show total to 123 guests with many more still to come.

Power Morphicon 6 will take place from August 17-19 at its new, larger location in Anaheim, California – the Anaheim Convention Center, home to other popular events including Disney’s D23 Expo and Blizzard Entertainment’s Blizzcon.

Tickets for the event officially went on sale in August 2017, and can be purchased by clicking here.

Power Morphicon first began in 2007 and has since become a bi-annual convention in Southern California featuring cast members, news, and panels from the past, present, and future of Power Rangers. Power Morphicon 6 in will feature events and surprises geared towards Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, Saban’s Power Rangers movie, the brand’s incredible range of product offerings, and the show’s wide-spanning 25-year history.

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9 thoughts on “Wave Eight Power Morphicon 6 Guests Announced

  1. Victor and Monty? OMG This is gonna go bad. Someone will start a riot in that bi**h. Someone is gonna get arrested.

  2. I have nothing against the actors of Chris Reid and Caleb Bendit, but they’re the same people who play Victor and Monty in Super Ninja Steel, the same people who did all that disgusting farting that killed the show, why would you have them there? Get TJ Roberts from Masked Rider or another actor from Super Sentai instead, please!

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if a crazy fan punched both of them in the face and kicked their a**es. Then got kicked out on the convention by security

  4. Its no joke at all. Perhaps the actors don’t know that the characters they played are the most hated characters in the Power Rangers universe. One of them if not both of them will get themselves physically hurt at PMC. By some psycho in the fandom who may or may not have a gun.

    1. They have plenty of security thankfully. Someone tried that with JDF and the guy got caught, so it should be fine. I plan on avoiding the actors at PMC.

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