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New York Comic Con 2017 Round-Up

New York Comic Con 2017 has come to an end. And in a world where people are quick to complain, criticize, or react only when something isn’t working, it’s only right to give credit exactly where it’s due.

Power Rangers’ presence at New York Comic Con 2017 was everything it needed to be. Saban Brands nailed it.

That’s because being a Power Rangers fan this weekend was exciting, rewarding, and extraordinary. Saban Brands and all of the major partners to the Power Rangers franchise brought the heat, turning the Big Apple into a Power Rangers playground that was buzzing with thrilling news all weekend long.

In fact, Power Rangers was so ubiquitous this weekend that you actually needed a map to keep tabs on all the action. And that’s exactly how it always should be.

The convention was highlighted by the cast of Power Rangers Ninja Steel making their first public appearance since the completion of filming. All around the Javits Center, fans smiled from ear to ear as they lined up to meet the cast, who proved they’re as passionate as they are lovable, and because of that, every fan should give Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel a fair shot.

Bandai brought the fun with an exciting slate of new toys, including the first Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel toys and brand new entries to the Legacy line. Making its return was the company’s flashy interactive morphing station, which may prompt some fans to roll their eyes, but unable to dispute: the line was always wrapping, the fans were always shouting, and as a result, attendees’ attention was always on the Power Rangers.

nWay, who arguably stole the show at San Diego Comic Con in July, was outstanding once again. With a huge Megazord Mode reveal and a jam packed weekend of exciting appearances including cast from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the company helped ensure that if you walked into the Javits Center previously unaware of Power Rangers: Leagcy Wars, you didn’t walk out the same. nWay has quickly become a Power Rangers force that never disappoints when it comes to convention ceremonies.

Perhaps no one stole the show more than BOOM! Studios, who absolutely brought the house down with a panel of exciting reveals that left attendees screaming for Power Rangers’ 25th Anniversary to be here already.

New York Comic Con was a convention that, in many respects, existed to set the stage for the Power Rangers’ milestone 25th Anniversary ahead in 2018. Many fans criticized Saban Brands following Power Rangers’ presence at San Diego Comic Con in July, so it’s time to give praise for an outstanding job at New York Comic Con in October.

If New York Comic Con was the Power Rangers’ 25th Anniversary’s appetizer, then get ready for a massive entree. Because this appetizer proved the chefs might just be up to something masterful, and we should all be excited for our plate to arrive.

Here’s what went down at New York Comic Con.

(Click each headline to recap)

Super Ninja Steel Trailer – The first Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel trailer dropped, revealing original footage and the return of a familiar face.

First Super Ninja Steel Toys – Bandai unveiled the first toys coming to Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel’s toy line.

Legacy Display Helmets – A brand new line of helmets were revealed as part of Bandai’s Legacy line.

Legacy Auto Morphin Figures – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Auto Morphin figures made their first return since the 1990’s.

Legacy Wars Megazord Mode – Megazord Mode was announced for Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, and it promises to blow your mind.

Original 1969 Power Rangers – The first look at BOOM! Studios’ new, original team of Power Rangers from the year 1969 debuted.

25th Anniversary Artist Tribute – The first artwork from BOOM! Studios’ incredible 25th Anniversary Artist Tribute was displayed.

Remastered Comics – Classic Power Rangers comics from the 1990’s are making a comeback as BOOM! Studios announced plans for its remastered Archive.

XM Studios’ Red Ranger Statue – The first look at XM Studios’ Premium Collectible Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Red Ranger statue surfaced.

13 thoughts on “New York Comic Con 2017 Round-Up

  1. i’m still so happy fliphead figures are coming back. and i’m still shocked sledge is coming back. this is crazy!

  2. Sounds like the Power Rangers movie sequel isn’t happening, that’s too bad. Hopefully Super Ninja Steel delivers.

  3. I don’t know what’s more annoying: waiting for the sequel, or people who keep asking for an update on the sequel.

  4. This article is not good. The question is if Saban can put in this much effort all the time. They didn’t prove yet they can so don’t go overboard with praise

  5. I had a lot of fun following all the news. Thank you everybody. In particular I can’t wait to see Megazord mode in legacy wars. And get some of those Super Ninja Steel toys that Bandai showed had me excited too. Go Go Rangers!!

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